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Riding Toys For 2 Year Olds

riding toys for 2 year olds
    2 year
  • Year 2 (II) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
  • An electoral district of Canada
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Airfix Toys - (H0/00) 1:72 Scale Wagon Train Set
Airfix Toys - (H0/00) 1:72 Scale Wagon Train Set
The set was first issued in 1962 by Airfix and there has been three issues in total. This one, the third version, was released in 1999 by Airfix, then owned by Humbrol. The company is now in the hands of Hornby - a well-known maker of trains and slot car racing sets I've looked at many modelling sites, with their discussions and reviews about this kit, but not one of them brought up the fact that it was named after a Western TV series, that ran for nine years, eight seasons and 284 episodes. The artwork in this box version, for instance - especially the horse rider - has been changed, because the '62 box artwork showed the main actor of the TV show riding the horse. Oddly enough, on the original '62 box, there was no indication to show that the set were based on the TV series. Anyway, I'm glad Airfix re-released this set, because it's been such a long time. The first issue sets are now going for some ridiculous prices at the moment. I'll always like this set, especially the figures because I think they have great character - and of course, it takes me right back to my childhood. Wagon Train TV series information: Wagon Train was an American Western series that ran on NBC from 1957–1962 and then on ABC from 1962–1965 (the network also aired daytime repeats, as Major Adams, Trailmaster and Trailmaster [post-1961 Ward Bond episodes] from January 1963 through September 1965). The show debuted at no.15 in the Nielsen ratings, rose to no. 2 in the next three seasons and peaked at no. 1 in the 1961–1962 television season. After moving to ABC in the autumn of 1962, the ratings began to decline and Wagon Train did not again make the Top 20 listing. The series initially stars veteran movie supporting actor Ward Bond as the wagon master, later replaced upon his death by John McIntire and Robert Horton as the scout, subsequently replaced by lookalike Robert Fuller a year after Horton had decided to leave the series. The series was inspired by the 1950 film Wagon Master directed by John Ford and starring Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr. and Ward Bond and hearkens back to early widescreen wagon train epic The Big Trail (1930) starring John Wayne and featuring Ward Bond in his first major screen appearance playing a supporting role. Horton's buckskin outfit as the scout on the television series resembles Wayne's, who also played the wagon train's scout in the earlier film.
"I'm too old for this sh*t" : grumpy Mr.beaver
"I'm too old for this sh*t" : grumpy Mr.beaver
(this is a rant, you don't have to read this, really) here the story : a stoned gang-banger came with an urges to have an evening joyride in his dad new pick-up. so he "borrow" the ride and go to show his fellow gang-banger his new toy. after the enjoyable test-drive he decide to park his totally awesome ride in a my front yard, destroying my wall in process. after I and the whole neighborhood have rescue him, we find some amazing facts: - our gang-banger is 15 (3 years early for driving license in Thailand) - his ride is too awesome for any kind of insurance, what so ever. - and he is too cool to wear any stinking seat-belt. - his dad teach him to drive in public road forever, so everything should be fine (our hero said this while paramedic put a collar on him) normally I would like to show the photo of the event (life give you a lemon, make a lemonade right?) but due to his parent difficulties of understanding the idea of responsibility and compensation. me and other people who partake in our gang-banger late-night adventure may have to take up some legal action, so I can't post any photo of the event until they not consider evidence anymore sigh... I'm not the fan of lethal weapon but some how at the age of 21 I find this me perfectly : "I'm too old for this sh*t" non grumpy stream will resume shortly... strobist info : on-board camera flash fill-in trough a diffuser and a white cardboard as a reflector above the diffuser bounce the light to my face, 1 Yongnuo YN-460 ( 1/2 power ) bounce from ceiling, trig wirelessly with CTR-301P (slave mode).

riding toys for 2 year olds
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