Hot Toys Loose Parts

hot toys loose parts
    loose parts
  • Materials that can be used flexibly for play - they can be moved around, manipulated, used as props or to change the environment
  • Loose Parts is a daily single panel comic strip drawn by Dave Blazek since 2001. It is similar in tone to The Far Side, drawn by Gary Larson, involving Theatre of the Absurd-style themes. Loose Parts is syndicated by Tribune Media Services and appears in newspapers across the country and overseas.
    hot toys
  • Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing, and manufacturing highly detailed collectible merchandise to worldwide markets.

HT Blues
HT Blues
Had some fun swapping parts between my 1/6 scale figures and some appropriate props from some other toys. Used the Bruce Wayne head from the Hot Toys The Dark Knight Batman on the Volks Neo-Guy body. The shirt and pants are from the Hot Toys Ranger but the boots are from some cheap action figure that I bought just for the clothing. I find that the Neo-Guy base body can be posed more extremely than the Hot Toys True Type body that came with the Ranger, though the joints are much looser. Took me a while to find a good location for the pose and settled with the window ledge. Had to do a monochrome treatment as the skin tone between the head and the body were quite obvious in color.
Smart man
Smart man
I've had my Hot Toys TrueType's for a year or something and never knew what to do with them. My male's left leg broke at the knee a month after owning him and his right leg/knee is horribly floppy. The female had loose joints too, her 'ankle' area (where TT male is massaging) was so loose I could flick it and it would spin around and her knees would lock forward making her difficult to stand. In both cases, a dab of superglue helped (for the most part) and now they can rejoin the dolly denizens back on the shelf.

hot toys loose parts
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