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Season2: Eps 19 - Sin in the City 7 (photo story)
Season2: Eps 19 - Sin in the City 7 (photo story)
Candy: *clenches fists* "Don't you dare! Don't you dare put this on me! You can't just waltz in and expect me to come to heel. I'm not one of your slut bunnies." Danny (amusedly): "Slut bunnies. Damn I missed you, Sprout. Didn't you miss me?" Candy: "No." Danny (softly): "Liar." Candy: "Well, so are you! You didn't have time to miss me, Danny! You were too busy screwing your way through Europe. You are such a himbo!" Danny: "Those were just warm up acts, darlin'. Somethin' to do while I waited for the real show to begin." Candy: "I hope you don't mean me!" Danny: "I do. You're the only show in town for me. Known it for years. I was just waitin' for you to play catch up." Candy (hotly): "Talk's cheap and easy, kinda like you." Danny: "I'll prove it's true if you let me." Candy: *disbelieving snort* "Why did you wait so long to tell me about all of this?" Danny: "The timing always sucked." Candy: "Right." Fashion Credits Candy Jeans: Mattel - Best Model's - South Beach Barbie - Removed front pockets. Bra: Fashion Royalty - Model Behavior - Power Couple Erin Shirt: Mattel - Fashion Fever Fashion Pack - Toys 'R' Us Exclusive Hat: Cangaway - Etsy Shop Belt: Cangaway - Etsy Shop Sneakers: Mattel - Hard Rock Barbie Necklace: Me Danny Jeans: Mattel - James Dean Doll - Ripped, customized, and distressed by me. Shirt: Kelsie of Mutant Goldfish Designs Army Coat: Mattel - Elvis: The Army Years Skull Belt: Me Boots: Fashion Royalty - Homme/Nu.Face - Rock Ringmaster Lukas Necklace: Charm is from Fashion Royalty High and Mighty Darius; chain is from Fashion Royalty Euphoric Pierre
NYC DAY 2: face time 095/365
NYC DAY 2: face time 095/365
Don't think we've ever walked so much in my life! encountered an over friendly greeter at Starbucks (yes, a greeter with a full radio mic!!??!!), walked down Broadway, saw the flat iron building and union square park, bought a fully poseable sherlock holmes doll at Forbidden Planet, Rosie and I bought customised converse at their store (they have a bar at the back of the shop where you can choose designs), watched Rosie spend a fortune on cool t-shirts at Yellow Rat Basterd, explored Soho and Greenwich Village, saw where Carrie lives in Sex and the City (Perry St), bought lovely cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker St, had lunch at Tea & Sympathy (cheese and onion pastie, mash and beans and YORKSHIRE TEA!!!!), bought cheap tickets from the TKTs place in Times Square for Daniel Radcliffe in How to Suceed... saw the actor David Thewlis come out of a hotel, walked back to the hotel for a cuppa. Tonight it's the show and then maybe up the empire state building before bedtime. Tomorrow it's some culture...

customized t shirts for cheap