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Cena Kids T Shirts

cena kids t shirts
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cena kids t shirts - World Wrestling
World Wrestling Entertainment Deluxe Child's Muscle Chest Costume, John Cena Costume
World Wrestling Entertainment Deluxe Child's Muscle Chest Costume, John Cena Costume
You'll be ready to rumble as the nine-time world champion John Cena. Costume includes muscle chest shirt, pants, wristbands and hat. Available in children's Small (size 4 to 6), Medium (size 8 to 10), and Large (size 12). Rubie's Costume Company has been making costumes for more than 60 years. We partner with the best movie studios and television productions to bring you the most popular and the widest breadth of characters. Look for Rubie's costumes for kids of all ages, as well as wigs, masks, accessories, everyday dress-up, pet-costumes, seasonal decor and theatrical make-up.

Features include:

•Officially licensed WWE Costume
•Costume features muscle chest shirt
•Also includes elastic waist pants, wristbands, and hat
•Check out all of the WWE costumes - one for you, one for your friend
•Rubies brings fun to dress-up with costumes and accessories kids play with all year long

83% (19)
Wrestling Collection (28th of Sept. '08)
Wrestling Collection (28th of Sept. '08)
...i forgot things again D: i got a DX Triple H figurine that stands behind Shawn Michaels. There's a few other trading cards but i don't have top loaders for them. The countless videos, some new WWE magazines and my DX pyjamas, lol. Oh and posters...lots, lol.
Don't we all need just one?
Don't we all need just one?
Yes, that's John Cena. My wife hates the shirt and my kids think it's cool. I like to wear it because it's AWESOME! :-)

cena kids t shirts