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Stork Baby Boutique

stork baby boutique
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  • large mostly Old World wading birds typically having white-and-black plumage
  • Stork is a 1971 Australian comedy film directed by Tim Burstall. Stork is based on the play 'The Coming of Stork' by David Williamson. Bruce Spence and Jacki Weaver make their feature film debuts in Stork, being honoured at the 1972 Australian Film Awards, where they shared the acting prize.
  • The white stork as the pretended bringer of babies
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stork baby boutique - Emily Diaper
Emily Diaper Bag (Black)
Emily Diaper Bag (Black)
The Storksak Emily Nylon Diaper Bag As worn by Angelina Jolie, this bag is fashionable, fully functional and trendy. This is the perfect bag for casual or formal settings. Made from durable satin, and trimmed with gold hardware and tasseled zip pulls. With an adjustable shoulder strap, two outer zip pockets, built-in insulated side bottle pockets to keep bottles perfectly upright. Also featuring a inner zippered detachable pouch perfect for make-up or other small items and includes a padded changing mat. Details: * Adjustable shoulder strap, gold hardware and contrast stitching * Dual side zip thermo-insulated bottle pockets: keeps fluids warm/cool for up to 4 hours (time will vary depending on external temperature) * Two front zipped pockets * Padded changing mat, detachable zippered pouch, mobile pocket * Multi inner pockets to store all yours and your child's items * Wipe clean exterior and wipe-clean lining * Dimensions: H-12.5" x W-15.5" x D-6" Care instructions: Wipe-clean with a damp cloth and some mild detergent, however this will not eliminate all stains that may occur. Interiors may also be wipe-cleaned in the same way. Please allow your bag fully dry before re-packing it.

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Baby Card
Baby Card
Inque Boutique Swirl Stamps, Silver Inkpad, Anita's Outline Stickers (Stork & Baby), Sakura Souffle - White, Sakura Tiara - Silver, Sakura Tiara - Orange, Silver Foil paper
Baby Card
Baby Card
Inque Boutique Swirl Stamps Silver Inkpad Anita's Outline Stickers (Stork & Baby) Sakura Souffle - White Sakura Tiara - Silver Sakura Tiara - Orange Silver Foil paper

stork baby boutique
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