Baby nap schedule. What does my baby look like at 26 weeks.

Baby Nap Schedule

baby nap schedule
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baby nap schedule - Take a
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365 - Day 83 - Mommy Guilt
365 - Day 83 - Mommy Guilt
So why do a smell like maple? Well...let's start from the beginning. All through my pregnancy, I wanted to breastfeed Anson - I KNEW I would breastfeed him. In the hospital, when he was crying on and on...and on after his circumcision, I cried, because my breasts hurt so bad from nursing - the nurse offered to take him to the nursery and give him a pacifier - I cried more...feeling like a failure. ...I didn't let them take him to the nursery...I kept on nursing...sleep deprived and crying, I kept it up. It did get better after a few weeks there was no more pain and we had a good schedule. Now, Anson is almost 10 months old. I planned on nursing for one year. But now he does bottles and breast. I want him to be back to exclusively breast. I started giving him bottles when I would go out with my sister to eat - and leave him with Mark. It was laziness really - I had a pump, and for the first 5 months or so I pumped ALL of the time - at once point I had 30+ ounces saved. But then, I got lazy. Fenugreek is an herb that is supposed to increase milk supply. Because I have been lazy, I just don't have enough milk to breastfeed exclusively anymore. I breastfeed at night, and in the morning, sometimes before his naps - but I know the bulk of his nourishment now doesn't come from me. And this makes me sad. I've been taking it for more than 48 hours now. 3 pills 3 times a day - HUGE pills. Hoping, hoping I would wake up in the middle of the night with engorged breasts, it hasn't happened. All I get is the side effect of smelling like maple....they say it takes 24 to 72 hours for it to kick I have one more day - I'm giving it one more day to work. Then, I guess I just have to accept it. Anson won't be exclusively breastfed ever again. I never thought it would make me so extremely sad, but it does.
Day Twenty Eight
Day Twenty Eight
Sigh, more grumble cakes for the baby. She has lately been doing this "let's get up at 6 and play". Typically she has been waking up at 4 and I would crawl into bed with her until 7 or 8 o'clock. The last two days I actually got to hear Brandi's alarm go off. However she woke up much earlier and I think it's because of the sun coming up and beaming into her room in the morning. Because she woke up so early her food schedule got all wacky. She ended up eating at like 6:30 which meant she went for her nap before 8. We ended up going for a walk afterwards as well. It was kind of weird that while we were outside she was a perfect lady, but at home she was a huge Crankypants. We went to Movies for Mommies today. It was "I Love You Man". The movie was ok, but Isobel wasn't too keen on it. She was so over tired. I took her outside to the foyer where she calmed down a little bit...until people started coming out to change babies and such. She would get so excited and kick her little legs and do her arm flapping. One of the mothers brought her baby out to feed her and was getting all prepared Isobel got really happy to see the bottle and then got really sad when the other baby got it. I called Brandi and she was on her way in from work so I ran her around the block and through the Reinhardt's that was near the theater. Gaming was cancelled tonight so we ended up watching the end of True Blood. I've been enjoying the series but I think the finale was a little shakey. Lots of weird shit going on and characters totally deviating from what I thought they should be. I'll probably watch more but...there were aspects that frustrated me. People who I really liked are no longer on the show it looks like. Ah well.

baby nap schedule
baby nap schedule
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