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Large Baby Born

large baby born
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large baby born - BABYBJÖRN Potty
BABYBJÖRN Potty Chair, Blue
BABYBJÖRN Potty Chair, Blue
Baby Bjorn Potty Chair The Baby Bjorn Potty gives the child a chance to learn to use the bathroom like an adult while using an ergonomically designed chair. The potty features a design which allows for softer forms and more leg room for the child. One of the most important things in picking out a potty chair is picking out one that is comfortable for the child. Potty training is a difficult task in itself. The last thing a child needs is a toilet trainer which isn't comfortable. This potty chair allows the child to get closer to the inside of the potty. It features sturdy armrests and a backrest to get the child comfortable and acclimated to the potty chair from Baby Bjorn. The inner potty is removable for easy clean up. The Baby Bjorn Potty Chair will quickly become a favorite chair of the child's, where they will be happy to sit as long as necessary

Featuring a kid-friendly design, the BABYBJORN Potty Chair (Blue) is the perfect start to your little one's diaper-free life. With its soft shape, arm rests, and high back support, this potty provides a comfortable seat with plenty of leg room. Parents will appreciate that the inner potty is easy to remove, empty, and clean, while kids will enjoy the bright rainbow colors the potty comes in.
Potty Chair

At a Glance:
Ages: 1+
Warranty: 2-Year Express Warranty
Ideal for:
Who: Parents, grandparents, and childcare providers.
What: Helping kids become potty-trained.
Where: Bathroom, car, and babysitter's house.
Related Accessories:

Safe Step

product shot

The high back seat and arm rests provide kids with a comfortable seat with plenty of leg room.

(Shown here in Blue.)
Chair Provides Comfort and Security for Potty-training Kids
With a smart design that allows for comfortable seating, the Potty Chair makes the potty-training process a hassle-free experience for kids and parents alike. The potty's chair has sturdy armrests and a high backrest--both ideal for children to sit as long as they need to.
Plus, the seat's soft shapes provide ample leg room for little ones. This allows them to get closer to the inner potty, which results in fewer accidents and more confident potty-users--not to mention quicker clean-ups for parents and caregivers.
Prevents Messes with Built-in Splash Guard
Made of durable, PVC- and BPA-free plastic, the Potty Chair has several features that help make potty-training a positive experience for your little one. An integrated splash guard helps minimize unnecessary messes and prevents pinching of little legs, while a non-skid bottom keeps the chair from moving around on slippery bathroom floors. Also, the inner potty sits firmly within the chair, making for little wiggle room and helping prevent leaks and spills.
Cleans Easily and Comes in Fun Colors
Given that potty-training can often take weeks or months for children to master, it helps when they like the chair they are using. The Potty Chair comes in a wonderful assortment of bright hues, including Red, Blue, White, Green, Pink, and Yellow, each with the BABYBJORN teddy bear logo on the front. This allows you to let your child pick a potty in his, or her, favorite color, so they'll continue to be excited about using it.
In addition, the potty is made of recyclable plastic, which is easy to clean by simply removing the inner potty and rinsing it with hot water.
About BABYBJORN: Quality, Safety, and Style
A family owned company headquartered in Sweden, BABYBJORN has been producing innovative childcare products since 1961. Today, BABYBJORN works with an international network of pediatricians to develop products that reflect its core philosophy of quality, safety, and style.
BABYBJORN ensures the quality of each of its products--in terms of both durability and environmental impact--by scrupulously overseeing every stage of the design and manufacturing process. Safety is also guaranteed through rigorous screening by industrial designers, testing institutes, and medical experts. This exacting attention to detail has earned BABYBJORN international recognition for its success in creating products that balance usability with style.
What's in the Box
BABYBJORN Potty Chair.

(Shown here in White.)

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Baby Spiders being born!!!!!!!...........7-11-08
Baby Spiders being born!!!!!!!...........7-11-08
Long story short, this is the close up of the huge web in the second photo, that is a copy of a previous photo of the web, soaked with rain!! When I checked the close up on my computer, I noticed the baby spiders being born!!!!!!!!!! If you look close in the LARGE view, you can see one coming out of the egg sack!!! Isn't this cool? EXPLORED TODAY..........7-12-08 THANK YOU, MORE TIMES THAN I CAN SAY! THIS IS DUE TO ALL OF YOU!!
Baby Giant Eland-Neville-0010
Baby Giant Eland-Neville-0010
The world’s largest antelope, Eastern and Western giant eland inhabit only a small fraction of their former range in Africa’s west and central woodlands. Eastern giant eland, the species that lives at the Houston Zoo are classified by conservation organizations as threatened.

large baby born
large baby born
Cupid Cow: The story of a baby bull born on Valentines Day
Abbie Murphy is thrilled when a baby bull comes into her life. This is no ordinary bull. This bull was born with two hearts - one of them on his forehead. Trouble starts on the Murphy farm when the rare bull goes missing. Abbie and her family must find the Cupid Cow and bring him back home. A lovable tale with real life photos, Abbie and Cupid are sure to capture YOUR heart! Erin L George is a writer from Southern New Hampshire. An award winning writer, she's also author of Maxine the Rainbow Cow and Maxine and Ben. The Cupid Cow is a real life steer born with a heart-shaped marking on his head who lives in her backyard. George is the editor and writer of several poetry anthologies. More of her work can be found at

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