Baby Nursery Wall Colors - Arabic Baby Girls Name.

Baby Nursery Wall Colors

baby nursery wall colors
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Evan's Nursery
Evan's Nursery
I wanted to keep my son's nursery modern and not too babyish or themed, so he could easily grow into it. I found the Dwell Studio Alphabet crib sheets and adored the blue and brown color combination, so opted to incorporate the colors into the decor (they were also the colors of my shower and the birth announcements, so it's been the "theme" of my experience so far). However, I also wanted to mix in some brighter colors, so I chose orange as the main accent color (I'm also adding a bit of lime green). You can see the orange in the pictures (Avalisa) and the Wise Old Owl Mobile (Modern Nursery). Silver and metal accents are also present around the room, particularly in the contemporary light fixture (Sputnik from Inmod) and wall letters and numbers (Anthropologie). To keep the room from being too dark, I added a white bookcase (Target), white shelves (Container Store), a white cat nightlight (Offi), and a white end table/storage unit (Boom Design). I also put a lambskin rug (Costco) in front of the crib (Munire). I made the window valance from the crib bumper, which would otherwise go unused. The glider is the Monte Luca. Some of the pictures here were taken before he came home from the hospital, and others were taken more recently, so the pictures differ a bit here and there.
nursery wall-painted squares, green & tan
nursery wall-painted squares, green & tan
My friend is having a baby girl!!! I’m helping in the process of getting the nursery room ready. (Moms-to-be can't paint) At first we decided to do checker-board squares..but after all of the tape was on the wall like a grid, it looked more interesting to shift some of the boxes. There are 3 shades of green (asparagus, citrus lime, and jalapeno) and 1 tan-ivory. It was agreed that baby girls can have more colors than just pink everywhere. The crib will be white; the crib quilts will be yellow with white. So basically the room is yellow, green, & white.

baby nursery wall colors
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