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Easy Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

easy baby hat knitting pattern
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easy baby hat knitting pattern - Hooked Hats:
Hooked Hats: 20 Easy Crochet Projects
Hooked Hats: 20 Easy Crochet Projects
Crocheted hats are in style on everyone from sophisticated urbanites to women of a certain age. They are seen on hip skateboarders and happy babies. No wonder the hat is such a popular crochet project. Hooked Hats presents 20 easy crochet designs bursting with color, textures, and fashion style. The projects feature a variety of yarns from bright cottons to novelty yarns and offer extras like linings, edgings, and embellishments. For the many beginners, an illustrated basics section teaches the stitches. There are rare alternative instructions for lefties and a handy ruler. Hooked Hats is part of an exciting new series of crochet project books.

78% (14)
Cabled Hat
Cabled Hat
I fell in love with this Sirdar Baby Bamboo yarn at the LYS. It is so soft and machine washable to boot! So I thought I'd buy a skein and whip up a baby hat. The pattern is from Momogus Knits and was super easy. Since the yarn is 80% bamboo, it is not very elastic. I had a lot of trouble making the first purl stitch after the cables tight enough.
White Baby Hat
White Baby Hat
This was a bit of an introduction the lace knitting for me which is kind of sad because this is actually pretty easy but it gave me some moments. The addition of the little tassel and the ribbon really finish the whole thing.

easy baby hat knitting pattern
easy baby hat knitting pattern
The Principles of Knitting
The definitive book of knitting techniquesAword-of-mouth phenomenon since its original publication, with a passionate and loyal following, The Principles of Knitting has served as a treasured resource for an entire generation of knitters. Now completely revised and updated, this long-awaited new edition contains indispensable information for every knitter, from the beginner to the most experienced, on all aspects of the craft.Written in clear, direct language, The Principles of Knitting is like having a knitting mentor by your side, ready to answer any question in a comprehensive, reasoned, and informed manner. June Hemmons Hiatt includes instructions for all facets of knitting, from the most basic skills to the most advanced techniques, and offers suggestions for best practices as well as alternatives and innovations.The Principles of Knitting provides the inspiration and instruction to help every knitter gain the knowledge and confidence needed to produce unique, beautifully crafted garments, accessories, and household items. It is the one reference guide no knitter should be without.The classic work on this timeless and important craft

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