Baby Shower Wording Ideas

baby shower wording ideas
    baby shower
  • In some countries, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term "shower" is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is "showered" with gifts.
  • The following is a detailed account of each episode plot during the course of the six seasons of Sex and the City.
  • "The Baby Shower" is the tenth episode of the second season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, and the show's fifteenth episode overall.
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Ariana Lennae Thomson
Ariana Lennae Thomson
Arianna Lennae Thomson was delivered by C section at 8:32 last night. Weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz and 21.5 inches long, she is a miracle baby. Her birth was actually scheduled for today, but a routine check prompted the emergency C section. Her birth is like anything else in my life, unbelievable. If you are really interested in the process of induction go ahead and Google it. Yesterday Alissa was undertaking the first step in induction which is scheduled to take about 6 hours. I dropped her off and returned home to shower. When she called me to tell me that I could come in she told me that she was hungry. I offered to grab some doughnuts and decaf iced coffee. She checked with the doctor who said it was "Ok, but wait till after the tests to eat." We weren't sure about the coffee but didn't want to chance it so Al didn't touch anything. It sat for two hours until our (first) nurse came in. She was a very sweet lady, and wanting to show her compassion conceded and allowed Alissa "Two bites" of the doughnut and told her to" feel free to drink your coffee." So at approximately 11:00 AM Al took a bite of doughnut and began drinking her coffee. The sonogram tech was the opposite of the nurse, and while she may have lacked bedside manner she knew how to do her job. After a few concerning questions and about twenty sono shots she left. The nurses that came in after her started fingerprinting and bracelet-ing Al. I asked what was going on. She said not to worry about the sonogram technician's concern and that the doc would be right in. Fast forward 1 hr. The doctor comes in, sits down, and sighs. My heart beat races. She starts out "how do I explain this..." takes a deep breath and begins discussing the stages of fetal development. By this time I was horrified. Listening more to what she didn't say than what she did, we both (kind of) flipped out. The doctors vocabulary started to replace the word baby with fetus. Scary scary change. She informed us that the baby had shown some very very concerning behavior (or lack of). She advised that we have an emergency C section, and Al conceded. After the doctor tells us that we need to get the baby out "right now" we see the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist comes in to discuss the procedure, she sees the half cup of ice coffee and Dunkin box and sighs. "You haven't eaten have you?" she asks Al candidly. I intercede defensively, and honestly, that the nurse said that the drink was fine but only to take a bite of the doughnut. The woman sighed again, explaining that she cannot give an anesthetic for 8 hrs after the last bite. It can be life threatening. 8 hrs!!! I lost it. Our baby needed to get out now (!), but we can't do anything for 8 hours!! We call the Dr back in. She is very sorry for the nurse (who had left), but reassures us that she is constantly monitoring the heart beat and that we should try not to worry too much. Yeah right!! We talk and watch a little tv. Trying to get through 8 hours of a wait like that is... well super shitty (even with back to back episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond). So at 8 PM they took Al and I put on my husband scrubs. At 8:20 I was ushered into the surgery room. The room was as bright as the sun and seemed to be made of metal (except for the generic hospital tile and ceiling). They told me that there would be a curtain separating me from Al's surgery, but there was just a small towel. :( Alissa Marie Thomson is one of the strongest, bravest, and most amazing women I have ever met. She didn't budge through any of it. Perhaps she didn't notice the words the Dr's said or hear the machinery, but I doubt it. Her steadfast courage ultimately kept me calm(ish) and allowed me to try my best to "assist" her. She just smiled at me as I fumbled over a story (practically yelling) we both knew. The nurses laughed at my horrible jokes, which was nice. The conviction of a mother at that moment is indomitable. I have never been so inspired in my life. All of a sudden I heard worry in the doctors voice. Alissa's limp body was bounced on the table. I thought I was going to throw up. They told us the umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around Ariana's throat three times. At 8:32 Alissa finally cried. A cry of joy rising up and connecting with her daughters first. A uniting that was so magical and timeless, part of me will always be there... Alissa, still paralyzed from the medication, just watched as the nurses clean her. Tears of joy streaming down her face. I turned around to look and said with genuine worry, "oh my God she has black feet!" Everyone laughed as Al reminded me of the foot prints. (Reminding me of MY super power:) When they handed her to me crying I could see the mark from her umbilical cord. She looked like she had been strangled, CRAZY, but she didn't seem to notice too much. Last night
181. Learn to swim
181. Learn to swim
Well my day was... better, yeah, better. Last night after my 365 was up I had a bit of a uh break down? for lack of a better word. It was the kind of situation where I started crying, really crying, n I wasnt exactly sure why. Its been so long since my eyes have actually let me cry that way. I cried hard for awhile, stress is weighing pretty heavy on me. I fought back as hard as I could but the panic attack took over. If it hadnt been after midnight I would have called my mama.. I just needed to talk to someone. I think what eventually made me stop was I got a couple very nice texts from my Ryan. Sleep didnt come too easily but it came. I had a bad dream, it didnt contain monsters n no one died or even got hurt. It started out an ordinary dream n ended with me panicing myself awake. Ugh. I hate having a fragile female mind... I dont understand how so many men, n women for that matter, put up with chicks. We are insane. I feel bad for lying to Ryan, he asked me if I was crazy.. I think at the drive in.. because he didnt want to end up dating another crazy, I told him I wasnt crazy.. n as time goes on I feel like I lied.. Sorry Ryan, I surely didnt mean to lie lol. Anyway. I woke up just minutes before Ryan texted me. We had a conversation that made me feel light years better. It was a great way to start my day. It was the kind of text conversation where after I sent almost every text I held my breath n was nervous to read his reply but everything went well. Im happy about it n feeling so much better. Hes so great at making me feel better. Hes the most amazing man on the planet, honest. I wouldnt lie to u, what reason would there be for that? Im not even sure who u are at any given moment lol. Does anyone else find it odd how I sit here n write to u? Who ever u are, even if ur nobody? I find it odd but Im ok with odd. Anyway. I read, played some Rag Doll Kung Fu n some Soul Calibur, n hung out a little with Adrian. Lol he texted Ryan today, twice. It was cute :) He didnt quite understand the text concept but I wouldnt expect him to, hes just a baby lol. Oh n he called me a butterface! He looked right at me and said "Your a butterface!" meanie.. lol. I cleaned my room, I showered, lotioned, went thru my purse, ect. That was about it. So Im reading Strangers. N Im about 200 pages in n I really have no idea whats going on lol. I hate that about Dean Koontz. But by the mid to end of the book Im thankful for all the back story on the characters cause Im attached lol. But weirdly, Im missing the nonprefessional writing style of Feed. It was an easier read, Dean Koontz uses too many words I dont know. Soooo guess what? Cmon, guess. Yes, just guess. Pleassse just play along! Ok ok. Have u guessed yet? I cant tell from here... Im gonna assume ur silence means yes u have humored me. Are u ready for me to tell u? To give away my big nonsecret that has me so excited? I hope so cause here we go. My Ryan will be here tomorrow :) At this time tomorrow Ill be next to him! Hugging him, kissing him, just simply seeing him will be spectacular! The hours are going to pass like days until he gets here but when he does all the wait will be worth it. I miss him like mad, absolutly madly! Its hard to sleep without him. Im still trying to decide if I should bring my laptop when I go stay over at his house. Its either I leave it here n wrap up my 365s like I normally do or I bring it with n have extra baggage to deal with n my 365 write ups take away time with him. Hm. But anyway. I might explode with excitment by tomorrow so if I do, it was a real pleasure knowing u.. or if I dont know u it was nice that u got to know a bit of me :D Sticky note. IT SERIOUSLY FEELS LIKE IV DONE THIS BEFORE!!! I skimmed thru my photos n it didnt pop out at me but if it is a repeat I am terribly sorry.. 181 days in n its getting rather difficult to decide what I have n havent done. But yeah, I cant swim. Only doggie paddle. I didnt actually learn to go under water til I was about 11 n I have to plug my nose so really swimming has just proven too difficult. The picture was kind of spur of the moment, I more or less just wanted to show off my leggings :) Arent they cool? One day I will wear them out, preferably around Chiara just cause I like to make her feel awkward with my weirdness n she gets entertainingly angry if people stare lol I should wear them out with my tutu!! Yes! Well goodnight, be well :) Sorry I wrote so much about basically nothing!

baby shower wording ideas
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