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Baby First Birthday Idea

baby first birthday idea
    baby first
  • BabyFirstTV is a commercial-free premium satellite television network aimed at six-month-old to three-year-old children. It is owned 30% by Regency Enterprises. Guy Oranim and Sharon Rechter created BabyFirstTV in 2003.
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04/06/11: The Last First Birthday...
04/06/11: The Last First Birthday...
[On catch up] Nathaniel turned one today! I have NO idea where the last year has gone - I now have a five year old, a three year old and a one year old! This will be the last time I celebrate the first birthday of one of my children, as there will be no more babies for us. It's odd - bittersweet yet exciting as it means the next phase of family life is starting. Nathaniel - My beautiful blond angel;a happier and more affectionate baby I have yet to meet. He's so laid back he's practically horizontal: He has no teeth, not yet mobile but chatters away - we have Mama, Dada, hiya, Yijah (Elijah), Bub (boob!) and Boo (peekaboo). He is starting show sparks of mischief too; we could have another Sebastian on our hands - Uh-Oh! He loves to clap, and loves music and singing. He adores his big brothers and he saves his best smiles for them. His nickname is koala baby as he is soooo cuddly. He may have been a surprise, but he's certainly turned out to be a welcome one. Happy Birthday Baby!
Jumbo - Day time plane - taking you home from your night time dreams...
Jumbo - Day time plane - taking you home from your night time dreams...
The Jumbo will be a first birthday present for Red Ted's little friend Alex – which I think is an inspired idea – what better gift to give – so many other “first birthday presents” date so quickly and this will be something that the baby will be able to cherish and enjoy for many year to come! Well done mum! I think this will be a truly unique gift for your child on his special day. Alex and Red Ted look very similar - we call them the little brothers. They both have cute round faces, gorgeous hair and lovely blue eyes. Oh and they are both big! But I hasten to add that that is NOT why Alex's mum chose the Jumbo, she chose it because Alex loves planes. Especially when he sees one high up in the sky. They make him giggle and smile. I hope his painting does too! She is thinking about a blue and silver jumbo, as Alex looks so lovely in blue... Sorted! Contact me on Nursery Decor by Maggy Woodley

baby first birthday idea
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