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Sleep Safe Video Baby Monitor

sleep safe video baby monitor
    baby monitor
  • A baby monitor, also known as a baby alarm, is a radio system used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. The transmitter, equipped with a microphone, is placed near to the child and the receiver equipped with a speaker, is carried by, or near to, the person caring for the infant.
  • The older analog 900 MHz monitors have been thought to be safer than the newer DECT baby monitors. View Google Images
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sleep safe video baby monitor - Levana Safe
Levana Safe N' See Advanced 3.5" Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom and Remote Controlled (LV-TW502) & One Bonus Safe N'See Additional Camera (LV-TW501-C)
Levana Safe N' See Advanced 3.5" Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom and Remote Controlled (LV-TW502) & One Bonus Safe N'See Additional Camera (LV-TW501-C)
ClearVu® Digital Wireless Technology ClearVu® technology ensures outstanding image and sound clarity so that you can watch and listen to your child up to 500ft away.
Large LCD for Superior Viewing Quality Imagine what you will catch your baby doing on this bright, clear, large 3.5" LCD screen. With an LCD of this size you will be able to set the monitor down and still see your baby clearly from anywhere in the room you are in!
Temperature Monitoring to Ensure Safety Many studies indicate that your baby's room should be between 68-70° F (20-21° C). This system is equipped with temperature monitoring so you can monitor the temperature in your baby's room and know that they are always safe and comfortable.
Five Soothing Lullabies Choose from five different lullabies to sooth your baby to sleep. Turn lullabies on and off as well as change the song being played all from the parent unit with the simple push of a button. Choose from Rock-a-Bye Baby, Hush Little Baby, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Sleep Baby Sleep and Twinkle Twinkle.
Night Vision The built-in night vision allows you to see your child, even in complete darkness up to 10ft away. When the lights go down the system automatically adjusts to the level of light.
Voice Activated Control Conserve battery power and sleep well at night with VOX activation. VOX allows you to turn off the monitor while your child is safe and sound. It will only turn on when they make noise. You have the ability to adjust the level of sound needed in order for your monitor to turn on.
This bundle includes a Levana Safe N' See Advanced 3.5" Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom and Remote Controlled Lullabies (LV-TW502) & One Bonus Levana Safe N'See Additional Camera (LV-TW501-C)

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Baby Monitor
Baby Monitor
This video monitor is the best thing we have purchased - HANDS DOWN. Being a first time parent, when you first put your little baby down, alone, in his own room, far far away from you (in your little townhouse, ahem!) it makes it easier to leave him sleeping and also to let him cry a little when you can SEE HIM WITH THE NIGHT VISION CAMERA. Best baby item EVAH. And also the St.Ives hand lotion, excellent for super dry mom-skin.
Baby Monitor Test Subject
Baby Monitor Test Subject
Our first born won't be here for four more months, so in the meantime the cats are getting to field test our baby gadgets, like this baby monitor and the 1.4 50 mm Canon lens that we got to take baby portraits.

sleep safe video baby monitor
sleep safe video baby monitor
Levana LV-TW502 Safe N' See Advanced 3.5-Inch Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom and Remote Controlled Lullabies
Introducing Safe N'See Advanced, Levana's unique wireless video baby monitor with 100% secure Clearvu digital technology. See and hear your baby with unbelievable precision up to 500 ft away1 on this large and 3.5" display. Temperature monitoring will help you ensure baby is comfortable and safe. Talk to baby intercom will allow you to communicate to and from the nursery to soothe your baby or to call your partner for extra supplies. Automatic night vision will allow you to see your baby up to 10 ft away2 in complete darkness. Turn on the soothing nightlight and the five selectable lullabies from the parent unit and help baby fall back to sleep remotely. Add up to three additional cameras and monitor more than one room as you family, or your child grows. The camera can be wall mounted and can also be powered by batteries if you chose. The Safe N'See Advanced system features sound activated control, helping you to conserve battery life and allowing you to adjust the level of sound required to activate the monitor. You will be able to confidently do more knowing your baby is safe. because you love.

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