Free crochet baby booties. Who is the original gerber baby. Moses basket baby

Free Crochet Baby Booties

free crochet baby booties
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Baby blanket, one skein in!
Baby blanket, one skein in!
It's just Walmart yarn, but it's soft enough to work with and be nice for a baby afghan. I am using a pattern I found on a free crochet site-- I just glanced it at briefly. It's three double crochets, skip three chains, then three double crochets. From the third row til it is done, you repeat with 3DC in the spaces. I realized that I am probably doing half DCs, but it doesn't matter. It's slow going because I am using a size E hook-- tiny! But I find baby afghans made with larger hooks to be a little overwhelming. This is for my neighbor's new boy. I will use a solid blue yarn for the border-- you can't tell from this photo very well that this is a variegated blue and white yarn. I'm going to make booties too! Go me!
Hand knitted baby booties - FREE SHIPPING
Hand knitted baby booties - FREE SHIPPING
These animal style baby booties are simply adorable!!! Make happy your baby! Buy our knitted cozy boots animal style on adjustable crochet chain. The booties are easily tied by cinching the chain in a bow after on baby's foot. Made with acrylic yarn so are easy to care in warm water by machine washing , but I always recommend hand washing knit items and drying them flat. Foot measures from back of heel to tip of toes approx.4",but they do have some stretch to them. You can bay it

free crochet baby booties
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