Butterfly Baby Nursery

butterfly baby nursery
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butterfly baby nursery - Carter's Butterfly
Carter's Butterfly Flowers Hamper, Pink/Choc, 17 X 16 X 27"
Carter's Butterfly Flowers Hamper, Pink/Choc, 17  X 16 X 27"
Carter's Butterfly Flowers- HAMPERThe Butterfly Flowers Hamper measures 16.5" wide x 27" tall x 15.5" deep, when assembled. Mesh bag inside hamper is removable for easy loading and storage of laundry.The solid brown, brown print and pink lining is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.The pink satin and velour fabric is 100% polyester.Care instructions: wash before use, machine wash cold with like colors in gentle cycle, do NOT bleach, tumble dry low and remove promptly, and cool iron on reverse side when needed. The wooden frame can be wiped clean as needed.

88% (8)
Butterfly Baby Paper Mobile - Colorful
Butterfly Baby Paper Mobile - Colorful
This mobile is the reason I began creating paper mobiles! This is a smaller version of the butterflies I created for my daughter's first birthday party. You can hang them anywhere!! Use them for butterfly themed birthday parties, weddings or place it above a crib for your baby to enjoy!
Baby's Butterfly
Baby's Butterfly
Jon's Grandma is an awesome artist and she painted this butterfly to go in the baby's room. I can't wait to see it on the wall! If you haven't noticed, this baby is loved absolutely.

butterfly baby nursery
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