Baby Keepsakes Boxes

baby keepsakes boxes
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baby keepsakes boxes - My First
My First Five Years Keepsake Box: A Baby Record Book Keepsake Edition
My First Five Years Keepsake Box: A Baby Record Book Keepsake Edition
Featuring brand new Anne Geddes images, this special edition of My First Five Years comes in its very own Keepsake Box. The My First Five Years Keepsake Box opens to reveal the baby record book plus a photo frame ready for baby’s first photo on the inside box cover. An elegant ribbon eases the book from the box to uncover a pull out drawer making this Anne Geddes Keepsake Box the perfect place to store not only this cherished book but also special mementos from early childhood. The book itself is graced throughout with Anne Geddes’ unique and breathtaking baby and nature imagery from her latest large format gift book Beginnings, in addition to brand new interior images. It is the ideal place to store all the precious moments in a child’s first five years.

From ?Before I Arrived’, through ?The World When I Arrived’, ?My First Birthday’ all the way to ?School’ My First Five Years has ample space and prompts to document the all too fleeting first five years of life. It contains extras such as space for ultrasound scan and other special photos, an envelope for mementos, plus, the addition of a stunning pull out height chart. To date sales of My First Five Years around the world total in excess of 4.3 million copies and this edition beautifully produced in sturdy hardcover will surely become a family keepsake to save treasured childhood memories for posterity.

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Baby Keepsake Gift Boxes
Baby Keepsake Gift Boxes
Babies are a precious gift and what better gifts to give them than a New Baby Keepsake Gift Box to forever hold their special memories? The boxes are wonderful for holding all of your special items such as birth certificates, announcements, cards, and pictures.
baby keepsake box
baby keepsake box
This is a gift for my sis-in-law Contents: Notepad with photo slot two small trinket boxes two keepsake envelopes letter from me (letter K pictures can be replaced by photos)

baby keepsakes boxes
baby keepsakes boxes
Disney Winnie the Pooh: Baby's First Five Years (Keepsake Record Book and Storage Box for Baby Girl)
This is a beautifully illustrated Keepsake Record Book filled with Winnie the Pooh art and guided pages that help you store and record precious memories which you and your baby will treasure for many years. The die-cut cover allows you to personalize the book with your baby's photo, and every page tracks your thoughts, events, precious memories, and has space for photos to go along with your entries.
The beautiful storage box has special slots where you can store things like: hospital band, ultrasound picture, a favorite stuffed animal, baby booties, rattle and more, as well as the record book itself .

This is a great gift idea for new or expecting parents of a baby girl.

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