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Baby Cries While Pooping

baby cries while pooping
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baby cries while pooping - The Truth
The Truth About Poop
The Truth About Poop
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???Goodbye Scruffy???Scruffy- February 2009~ May 4, 2009 ???
???Goodbye Scruffy???Scruffy- February 2009~ May 4, 2009 ???
I made a brighter one! ???My baby scruffy is gone??? I am so devistated He was fine 2 days ago. Totally normal, he had diarrhea, but he was himself. The next day. Which was yesterday. He was BAAADDD. He could not even walk without falling over. And when he could walk he shook. I could not bear to watch it. I went to bed. He went to bed, with his butt sticking out of his little igloo. During that time he was asleep he was visited by a dear dear friend. That was Tubby. He saw a big bright light and tubby took his paw and led him up to heaven. across rainbow bridge and off he was. I brought him to the vet, i didnt know he was dead, because i hadnt expected it. When i got there he was gone, The reason was because of my ignorance. I put szarlotka in the ball for the first time and she pooped a lot, i dumped the poop out, bt there were still germs. Then i put scruffy in it too. and that is 50% of what killed him. The other 50% was because of the sudden diet change, thats what killed them all off. I feel horrible. I brought all the hammies that were left to the vet. I did not know two were dead. I only have little szarlotka and baby myshka. P.I.P. scruffy!!!! I cry all the time. Me writing that p.i.p scruffy made me cry. i miss him dearly. SOOOOO SAD. I cant believe that. I will miss so much, like me holding him in the morning. and watching him eat treats. And watching him walk on my bed and coming places with me. and taking him outside. And feeding him, and watching him bump into other hamsters cages. And while I am doing stuff on flickr, hearing his little feet always make me feel happy.ANd i will miss whenever i came near to his cage he would always climb up to the door. and i couldnt resist his face so i would take him out. and when he would try to be put back in his cage he would hold on the the door because he wanted to still be out! I hope it was because he liked playing with me because i definantly loved playing with him!!! and and i will miss a zillion other things too. i miss him sooo much!!!!!! PLEASE all pray for him to have a first few days in heaven happy! AND also, my best friends hamster mama died today. SHe called me in tears and said mama died today, and i LOVED mama too, so i started crying too and said scruffy died too. we cried together, talked about how times were so hard for hammies. SO pray for mama too. She was big fluff's mom, and big fluff, was tubby's best friend. They were like brothers. Mama escaped from her ball as usual and she always goes to this one spot so its not a problem, she always finds her. But this time, her dog was in the room. It didnt do anything, it just walked up to her and sniffed her i am guessing. But it scared her and it gave her a heart attack. P.I.P. scruffy, and mama, they crossed over together. I dont know where to end this description. I feel like if i end it i end scruffy. I let him go. I know its crazy... Well i will end it here. ???scruffy??? ???I will love you forever and ever and I can not WAIT til i get to heaven and see him again. It will be in a long time but it is so worth it in the end!!!!~??? Ya know, he really isnt dead. He is alive in heaven, he just ....moved.... moved to heaven. one day i will move there too. cant wait to see you baby!!!!!~ remember scruffy.. ???scruffy???
February 17
February 17
As it is 3:25am again, and I still have all of Act III to create in slides for the presentation, so I am going to keep this relatively stream of consciousness. When I finally spoke to Jeremy today, when we were grabbing a bite at Nick and Toni's on 67th Street (just after we saw two apartments on the Upper West Side), I could swear I heard a smile in his voice that I haven't heard in a long, long time. Newborns are interesting things, especially twins. They don't yet have the features of "babies" exactly... their heads are still smooshed a bit from their trip down the tunnel, and their interaction with the world is limited to sleeping and eating. And yet somehow, they already begin to show personality traits. This is easier to notice when there are two. And when they are not doing the same thing. Now, of course there's been development in utero, but it is sort of mystifying. Then again, it has also been demonstrated that higher order interactions can be achieved with a set of fairly low-level rules. Who knows? All that's clear to me is that it's crazy that Asia carried these two inside her for so long! She must be exhausted! I mean, I was holding the lighter one, Sawyer, for about 5 or 10 minutes. He's 5 lbs 4 ounces or so (probably a little more by this morning)... but even that got heavy after a while. Or is that just because my arms are still sore from the gym? Anyway. We went down to NYU Medical Center, waltzed to the Post Partum wing—yes, that's the actual name—and spent a half-an-hour with the two new lifeforms. It felt a little weird to leave as quickly as we did, but Julie was having a rough day emotionally, and she had a class to go to, and we had our last big meeting for the presentation tonight, and I only got four hours of sleep last night, so I think it was the right thing to do. We have a whole lifetime to get to know them... I'm really looking forward to playing guitar with them and their Uncle Jason in twelve years or so! After we got home, I somehow managed to make it to the gym, and then we proceeded to do a run-through of the meeting for four hours. I'm very happy with where we're at. At this point, I just need to finish, and hope for the best reaction. I really think I've put in the work on this one, and that we've all done our homework. We're ready. Let's see what happens on Tuesday! Finn and Sawyer sleep. They also cry, eat and poop. Not too unlike me.

baby cries while pooping
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