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Eco Baby Products

eco baby products
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Green Tots(tm) Organic Baby Bundle
Green Tots(tm) Organic Baby Bundle Introducing Green-Tots(tm), Turtle Park Tots Organic Collection! Good for the earth, good for your baby! (tm) This Green-Tots(tm) Baby Bundle is a perfect gift for every green tot. The bundle includes an organic Change-Me-Anywhere(tm) Changing Pad, Eat Baby! Baby/Toddler Bib, Messy Baby! Burp Cloth and Clean Baby! Wash Cloth. All items are made with coordinating beautiful Harmony Arts organic twill fabric. The organic Change-Me-Anywhere(tm) Changing Pad and Messy Baby! Burp Cloth are backed with super soft Michael Miller organic cotton fleece. The Eat Baby! Baby/Toddler Bib and Clean Baby! Wash Cloth are backed with super absorbent Michael Miller organic cotton terry cloth. All fabrics are washed with fragrance-free detergent and all items are made in a smoke-free and pet-free environment. Care Instructions: machine wash cold/tumble dry low. Fabrics are not pretreated to prevent shrinking. Every effort has been made to preshrink these items before making them. Product Information: Change-Me-Anywhere(tm) Changing Pad: -super soft for baby, stylish for momma -100% organic cotton -generously sized: 17.5in X 30.5in when unfolded -easy to store: 6in X 10in when folded -Velcro closure -super durable and easy to clean -top-stitched for extra durability Eat Baby! Baby/Toddler Bib: -100% organic cotton -Bib portion measures 8in X 7in -total product measures 11in X 8in -Velcro closure -super durable and easy to clean -top-stitched for extra durability Messy Baby! Burp Cloth: -100% organic cotton -measures 14.5in x 7in -super soft -top-stitched for extra durability Clean Baby! Wash Cloth: -100% organic cotton -measures 6in X 6in -super soft and absorbent -top-stitched for extra durability
Organic Baby Powder Botanical soothing from Touch of Nature series
Organic Baby Powder Botanical soothing from Touch of Nature series
Give your baby the care that Mother Nature would. This product unlike the most is made from 100% certified organic ingredients and is 100% Natural in origin. Created from the finest organic ingredients this silky powder will sooth baby's irritated skin, absorbing extra moisture and adding the angel-soft feel. Absolutely adorable mellow herbal scent is free of any fragrances or strong aromas and will make not only your baby calm, but you will be delighted too! :-) It is gentle and safe for babies and those individuals who have the most sensitive skin! This powder is probably one of the best powders you've ever seen, don't cheat your baby with commercial and harmful talc bases that may be potentially dangerous to your baby's health. You will never know how the true perfection feels like until you try this unique powder, the perfection your baby fully deserves. We made it from certified organic botanicals that were freshly grounded and finely sifted: Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Oats with addition of certified organic corn starch, arrowroot and orrisroot powders. These all together provide friendly healing aid for diaper rash and act as antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and sedative botanical helper.

eco baby products
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