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Baby Bedding Jungle Theme

baby bedding jungle theme
  • Straw or similar material for animals to sleep on
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baby bedding jungle theme - Jungle Time
Jungle Time Baby Bedding 9pc Crib Set by JoJo Designs
Jungle Time Baby Bedding 9pc Crib Set by JoJo Designs
The 9pc. Jungle Time baby boys bedding collection by JoJo Designs will create a playful setting for your little jungle adventurer. Jump into the jungle with this adorable crib bedding set featuring detailed monkeys, lions, giraffes, crocodiles and elephant jungle themed appliques and embroidery works. This set uses a fresh color palette including green, blue, orange, brown, yellow, red, and ivory. It combines cotton, microsuede, corduroy, chambray, denim, and plush minky fabrics. It also boasts a multi colored jungle animal print, a tonal leaf print, and a mini hatch print. This great combination of various colors and textures will enhance this jungle theme for your child's bedroom. This set will fit all standard cribs and toddler beds and is machine washable for easy care and repeated use.

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my xmas gift to charlie
my xmas gift to charlie
jungle print from charlie said he was tired of his sesame street sheets and "baby-ish" things, so for christmas i redecorated his room in a jungle theme. i did it all with the help of m while he was away visiting his family in tennessee with his mom for christmas. the animal prints on the wall are just 5/$1 pieces of felt. i found the rug stashed under his bed which was given to m years ago from a friend. the bedding's from target and kmart. the faux plants, hobby lobby 50% off and the print from
Jungle Nursery~~~time: about 5.5 hours
Jungle Nursery~~~time: about 5.5 hours
This is the cutest mural I've done! My friends were expecting a baby, and didn't know what the sex was going to be, so they wanted to go with a neutral theme. After purchasing some jungle bedding and rugs, I knew exactly what to do in the room! I inteded to only use a couple colors in this room, but after looking at the rug, we happened to have all the colors needed to match it! I'm looking forward to doing more baby/children's rooms!

baby bedding jungle theme
baby bedding jungle theme
NoJo Jungle Babies Switch Plate Cover
Nojo NoJo Jungle Babies Switch Plate CoverNoJo Jungle Babies Switch Plate Cover - Babies will go wild for NoJo Jungle Babies switch plate cover fits onto a standard single switch. Easy to install and made of durable resin. Wipes clean with a damp cloth. Full line of matching nursery bedding and room d?cor is available.Features include: -Babies will go wild for NoJo Jungle Babies switch plate cover fits onto a standard single switch and easy to install-Made of durable resin and wipes clean with a damp cloth-Full line of matching nursery bedding and room decor available

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