Baby scrapbook pictures - Baby in bed.

Baby Scrapbook Pictures

baby scrapbook pictures
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baby scrapbook pictures - Carter's Scrapbook
Carter's Scrapbook Complete Kit, Meadowlark
Carter's Scrapbook Complete Kit, Meadowlark
Assemble a wonderful keepsake scrapbook in a snap. The scrapbook complete sets by C.R Gibson feature predesigned pages that you can add extra 3-D embellishments and captions (included.) The Meadowlark design by Carters for C.R. Gibson features a retro look with flowers, butterflies and birds in pinks and greens with blue and yellow accents. A perfect gift for a busy mom, a mom who is new to scrapbooking or a mom wants to make a scrapbook keepsake but doesn't know where to begin - the predesigned pages make scrapbooking quick, fun and easy.

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Who Needs Pixie Dust?
Who Needs Pixie Dust?
I've always loved this picture of Edina! credits: chalkdust-- truetype font efarn-sloppyjoe alpha kclark-irregularsticker alpha klund-pdwordart glitterandsparklespray (unsure of maker) chriscrap-wings asum_feltheart1_wubulous AmiCollofello-loopstitch Asum-pp1-favoritething asum_pp11_childrensday abv_SYTYCDweek4_bestdad3
Baby Scrapbook Page 1
Baby Scrapbook Page 1
I found a packet of my baby pictures, bought an 8x8 scrapbook at Tuesday Mornings with my brother's discount and began with my sonogram things have changed since 1981 huh?

baby scrapbook pictures
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