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Who Need A Baby Sitter

who need a baby sitter
    baby sitter
  • babysitter: a person engaged to care for children when the parents are not home
  • Babysitting is the practice of temporarily caring for a child on behalf of the child's parents. Babysitting is commonly performed as an odd job by teenagers for extra money, stereotypically (but not necessarily) by girls.
  • Baby Sister is a 1983 television film directed by Steven Hilliard Stern. The film, which stars Phoebe Cates, Ted Wass and Pamela Bellwood, centers on a 19-year-old girl who starts an affair with her older sister's boyfriend.
who need a baby sitter - The Baby-Sitters
The Baby-Sitters Club #1: Kristy's Great Idea
The Baby-Sitters Club #1: Kristy's Great Idea
The hit series returns to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! The first three classic BSC books are back, along with a brand-new prequel, The Summer Before.

It all began with a great idea ... and the inspiring original story of the Baby-sitters Club is back! Kristy Thomas's brilliant business plan gets off to a great start with the help of Claudia Kishi (vice-president), Mary Anne Spier (secretary), and Stacey McGill (treasurer).

It all began with a great idea ... and the inspiring original story of the Baby-sitters Club is back! Kristy Thomas's brilliant business plan gets off to a great start with the help of Claudia Kishi (vice-president), Mary Anne Spier (secretary), and Stacey McGill (treasurer).

Amazon Exclusive Inteview with Author Ann M. Martin
Q: It's been a decade since the last Baby-sitters Club books came out, and 24 years since the first book was published. What was it like to come back to the BSC after so many years away?

Martin: I had a great time re-visiting the characters. It was fun to explore their lives in the prequel, “"The Summer Before," and to figure out what led the girls to form The Baby-sitters Club, something that would eventually change their lives. It was like a reunion with friends--friends who haven’t changed a bit.

Q: Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Stacey are very different characters, which is in part why the series was and is still so popular. Every reader can relate to at least one of the characters. So, we have to ask you--which character are you most like?

Martin: I am most like Mary Anne who is the shy and quiet one. Like me, Mary Anne enjoys more solitary pursuits such as reading and needlework. My favorite character, however, is Kristy. I think she's my alter ego.

Q: Were you allowed to baby-sit when you were twelve? If so, were they any funny or awful stories you'd like to share?

Martin: Yes, I did a lot of baby-sitting when I was twelve. One of the worst and also funniest things that ever happened was when I was baby-sitting for our neighbors and the kids wanted to wash their parents' car. They started the job with much enthusiasm--using Brillo pads.

Q: More than 200 BSC books were published in the eighties and nineties. Are there any that you are particularly fond of and why?

Martin: My favorite Baby-sitters Club book is "Kristy's Great Idea," which is the first book and sets the series in motion. I also like the more serious books such as "Claudia and the Sad Good-bye," which deals with the death of Claudia’s grandmother. This book was written shortly after my own grandmother died. My other favorite BSC books include “Kristy and the Secret of Susan,” in which the members of the BSC baby-sit for a child with autism, and "Jessi's Secret Language" in which the girls learn American Sign Language in order to communicate with a sitting charge with profound hearing impairment.

Q: Why do you think that the series is so well-loved and has endured over so many years?

Martin: I think the characters in the BSC books are easily relatable. The books deal with timeless topics including friendship, family, and school. Also, the books tackle serious issues including racism, bullying, kids with disabilities (physical and mental), and death of a loved one. These issues were relevant to kids in the 1980s and 1990s, and are still relevant to kids today. In addition to being relatable, these are characters readers can aspire to. The kids run a business--in this case, a baby-sitting business. They are entrepreneurial, independent, creative, and confident. And at the heart of the series is the friendship--the "glue" that binds these characters. Sure, they have fights, but they're loyal and they support one another. I think a lot of us--even adults--can relate to that.

Q: "The Summer Before" takes place during the summer before the girls enter the seventh grade--where suddenly there's a ton of pressure to fit in. The months leading up to it can be filled with anxiety, excitement, and anticipation. Do you remember how you spent the summer before seventh grade?

Martin: I was nervous that summer because in the fall I would be going to a new school – the junior high (this was in the time before middle schools). Even the words "junior high" seemed terribly grown-up. My friends and I would be attending school with eighth-graders, who were one step away from high school. I spent that summer reading, going to the community pool, taking a family trip to Cape May, New Jersey, doing some baby-sitting, and also recovering from surgery. But the knowledge that I would soon be in junior high school colored every day and every activity and did lend the summer an air of both anxiety and anticipation.

Q: Despite the fun the girls have together in "The Summer Before," they're all dealing with pretty tough problems—moving away, an absentee father, a first crush. How did you choose the issues you wanted to focus on?

Martin: One of my favorite things about writing a series was that the characters themselves generated plot ideas for later books. One of the themes that developed as the series progressed was that of Kristy's relationship with her father. It was an idea I enjoyed exploring, and when I had the opportunity to write the prequel I realized that this summer would be a charged time for Kristy, and that I could introduce the issues she had with her father here; then they could unfold in the later books. The same applied to Stacey. Her reasons for moving to Stoneybrook had been revealed in later books, but I realized that during this particular summer the reader could actually watch the events take place. The other issues – a first crush, wanting more independence yet still feeling like a kid--are themes that I felt would resonate with most "tween" readers.

Q: Even though the books have been out of print for ten years there are still some very devoted fans. Surely you must have received a ton of letters about the series over the years. Are there any that stick out in your mind?

Martin: The most memorable are stories of girls who have written to me and told me that I’ve made an impact on their lives, that The Baby-sitters Club books have turned them into readers. Some have also said that the BSC books made them aspire to become writers. I’ve also heard from a lot of the original fans who grew up to become teachers, librarians, editors, journalists, entrepreneurs, etc. To know that this series inspired a generation of readers and writers is very humbling.

Q: There’s been a lot of speculation in the blogosphere about where Claudia, Kristy, Mary Ann, and Stacey would be now, in 2010, had they grown up. Do you have any thoughts on what path each would have taken?

Martin: I understand the fascination of the older BSC fans who would like to know what happened with the characters when they got older. It’s thrilling to realize that after all these years the fans remain passionate about the books and the characters in The Baby-sitters Club. I can see Kristy running a business--I can also see her being in politics. I think Mary Anne became a teacher. I imagine Stacey went into fashion--not as a designer, but maybe on the business side. And Claudia became an artist. I think fans can fill in for the rest of the characters!

The hit series returns to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! The first three classic BSC books are back, along with a brand-new prequel, The Summer Before.

It all began with a great idea ... and the inspiring original story of the Baby-sitters Club is back! Kristy Thomas's brilliant business plan gets off to a great start with the help of Claudia Kishi (vice-president), Mary Anne Spier (secretary), and Stacey McGill (treasurer).

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Donkey/Ass...Khota?????(male) Khoti????? (female)....Gadha????/ Gadhi????(In picture is a Zebra though;-))
Donkey/Ass...Khota?????(male) Khoti?????  (female)....Gadha????/ Gadhi????(In picture is a Zebra though;-))
Accidentally I delete this line before that above image is a Zebra painted by Dr. Daniel Bobay I just post this image with the story of donkey since I don't have any donkey picture in my any album:(( And how can one forget Donkey which is symbol for democratic party. So no chance to think it is a donkey not Zebra :D English/ .............. Punjabi /........................Urdu Donkey/Ass...Khota?????(male) Khoti?????(female)....Gadha????/ Gadhi???? When I was a kid in our city population was not that much as much now. And yes we spend our child hood playing in desert now there are house and houses no signs of that desert we had in out child hood all around our house and there was 6 or 7 houses together in neighborhood then other "Muhala" neighborhood on or two block from our lane and very peaceful. A man named Hafeez people called him "phiju" (his nick name) he had a khoti every early in the morning he went to nearest village to work in the field sitting on his khoti and every evening came back having grass or some time other items on khoti's back. Some time he walks with khoti some time with other stuff he liked to ride on her. Every day they both travel on same track. One day we were surprised seeng that khoti was coming back without Phiju but on the same track she did not se here and there just what she had done every day she pass through our street. And after 5 or 6 minutes we saw phiju also safe and sound coming from west side of the street. We asked him where were you been? We thought something happened to you? He just laughed and then I said you were not scared she can be lost??? He said she can't Who wants my khoti? and left. But we thought how come even he was not with her she just follow the track. And when Ishtiyaq uncle asked him he told him that every morning and evening when I be ready to go to fields and coming back I touched (kick) her back with my stick this is a sign (ishara) like an order for her to go. And even if I am not with her from first few days she has learn that she needs to walk on this track or trail and she is following that. Well phiju is not in this world any more may he rest in peace. I remember he had only one eye so people called him Phiju Kana kana mean one eyed person( That's rude but at that time they didn't care) His wife was so pretty and we ( all the kids) were astonished what a luck he has but they were divorced after a short while with a boy she was from Karachi and she marries a person in Karachi and her in-laws burned her alive but there was no case though:( Other khota then that I remember that cartoon, A khota is running (donky dont give that maza {taste} what khota gave here:p) A khota is running having a barbarian type rider on his back and that rider has a hanging gajar(carrot) in front of khota's eyes and that khota is running to get that. ( if I am not mistaking that called jackass???)Yes! when our society(society is that rider) is asking a mother just forget the contact with the kids. I am saying HEY I AM NOT A DONKEY?ASS I AM ZEBRA. I wont be just on the line you are asking me to follow I have my brain and heart to think and act. Yelling at her to have a job pay him thinking Poor divorced SATAY HOME MOTHERS AND HOUSE WIVES are working like a cow or khota in hope of one day having her kids with her and that day will not come. Yeah that thing that teller also understands that happened to her, when she asked me to raise my voice for those women being told that one day your kids will be with you and just get a job make your career and getting a job is not guarntee to get more time with kids or change to custody and visitation yeah that time can be reduced as in my case. My son Muawiz said, "mama we will not be kids anymore when we will 18, I want to be with you now as a kid mom:((( Yes sir we are taking away childhood of divorced mother's kids and blaming her she is not a fit mother to have kids for 50% time ?what I am saying they are using her kids against her saying hey you will get them if have a job an I am saying give her respect without her job don't try to control her as blackmailing using her kids. If I am a credible voter without a job, then I am not a credible party in family court divorce proceeding unless I have a job:D. Where our representatives need my vote they just love to get vote from a jobless mother but as she enters in a court room why don't have a job yet no credibility cool sadi vari aai tey khugo ro piya;-)) I want respect for a stay home mother even she doesn't have a job. Or don't allow a house wife if she doesn't have a job to become a mother unless she is able to get a job and ready to leave her child with baby sitter. So in the event of divorce nor child neither mother can feel there is any change in their life style. What a mind set when asking a mother to get a job saying that running two house holds is not possible or in the best interest of children aqal non hath pao mery law mak
Dedicated to President Obama & Governor Elect Brown
Dedicated to President Obama & Governor Elect Brown
..With an appeal that please not to allow any mother to give birth a baby unless she has a job and agreed to provide business and have her child in a day care center. I am seeing many mothers after becoming a mother tend to leave their jobs. Even if not stays home more then three months and that effects their ability to earn and make negative effects on treasure. Otherwise if these foolish mothers just come back to work next day of delivery this deficit to our budget never ever happens. Many might have say oh motherhood is something precious and a mother's love insist her to leave every thing for her child (Except boy friend in some cases). However, firstly I hav eheard but never believe then I have been through all of this and realized no those were not just emty threats or stories this is happening in California, golden state of America. What I have heard while I was going through abuse and said i will file for divorce and people said, 'If you are thinking without a job you can get your kids here, it's wrong. The people telling you this they are absolutely wrong judge will not write in her or his decision that this is the reason but it will happen." Yeah that happened to me and i have seen that people were right on other place if once he gets the custody court will try to make each and every effort to save his money. Yeah as long as was about my money I was able to save they don't or damn care but when it comes to him. Peaks of support from judges I have seen. That's the reason making this VOTER Mother to request to my president and governor make this law if a DIVORCED mother forced to get a job and if she did not gets a job in given time without seeing that how difficult is living for her judges can impute income and ORDERED her to pay support to HER abuser just because they gave him the kids then why A MARRIED MOTHER is not FORCED to gets a job? I know at first this law was to force those nikhato fathers and husbands even they have strength and body that can work more then a woman they like to stay home beats their wife and if tired wife asks for divorce judges understand her sufferings and asked him to gets a job and pay her for child support. because this was so common, man gets second marriage or just a girlfriend and likes to spend his money on new wife or girlfriend and a mother who gave birth his children only she needs to take care of them an this kind of situations when mother went out for job that effect the children in negative way in most cases. So our law makers made that law to force a father to do his duties because a mother had her babay for 7 to 9 months in her womb and after a great deal of pain she delivers that baby. Husband or father did not take any part in that so he is responsible for all the financial responsibilities. Now a model Islamic society says yes if there is divorce, he is not responsible for any kind of support to her if she wants kids she is responsible for all the expenses bt how she will take care of them if she had a job? so she has to give them to father and make her life. With full cleverness, Muslim law makers who must be MAN always made this illusion's that this is benefits the woman but that was for men's protection in all the ways a real threat for a married mother to stay with the man she or he doesn't like each other but she will lost the contact with kids any ways. Here in West they(men) played again very well. using Equal right and responsibilities doctrine. If divorce mother should be forced to gets a job as father. Judge of higher court who has made this decision first did not even thought about discrimination to stay home mothers. As lon as they are married, Not having a job? it's ok. But as soon as she filed for Divorce and she is divorced finally. MuHahahaha GO GET A JOB! no job no kids. yeah for a father we are saying "Even if he is a murder, you can not deny his rights as a father." for a jobless mother even keeping just for three hours will make so had, Not only abusive husband now judges will play with her mind and brain too. You know this is the nature of most human beings, when they see some one gets nervous or not able to defend him or herself on certain things they likes to play with that person. And I have seen that personally. yeah in criminal court a prostitute's sex history should not be discussed if she files for rape case but a mother can be manipulated by her EX-Husband and even having a lawyer can not make a difference for her if judges are on other side because that side has kid's custody. At first you might have feel there is not strings between all this talking I am doing but there is:D;--)) Believe me. NOW I am requesting our governments to allocate some funds for a research to invent a chip as soon as a girl born put that chip in her body so in future unless she agrees to provide business to DAy cares and baby sitters do not allow her to have a baby. My sister was saying no chip should be impla

who need a baby sitter
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