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BabyaOne View

A compact and easy to image viewer & manager

BabyaOne Photo

Easy to use image editing application

Graphics Software


Cover Flow

Graphics design & photo editing suite 


Smart CAD design software

Babya PhotoPro

Professional image creation & editing

Babya PhotoPro Art Collection

200 images to inspire your creative side

Babya bPicture

See photos in a completely different way 

Babya Photo Workshop X4

Quick photo retouching

Music Production

Babya Logic 2010

A complete music studio for Windows

Babya Web services

BabyaOne Mobile 

Babya apps for iPhone & iPod touch

App store downloads:

BabyaOne iPhone App Essentials

Web based:

Digital Media


Professional video capture software

Babya bTunes

A music player that's unobtrusive and easy to use. 

Babya Media  Desktop

Experience YouTube in a whole new way

 Babya HD-DVD Designer

Easily author content for HD-DVD

Enterprise Software:

Virtual Application Platinum

Innovative application virtualization solution

Productivity Software

  Babya System

A new way to organize  and use your Windows desktop with the popular Babya desktop replacement.

Babya bSuite 2010

The ultimate digital media & office suite

Babya bSuite 2008

Babya's digital media suite (previous version)

bCal 5

Organize your daily life with style

Photo Party

Use your Mac's iSight to create "photo parties"


A smart notetaker 



System activity meter widget for Mac OS X