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Take another look at Logic

Babya Logic 2010  is a new  version of Babya's complete music studio.

Babya Logic  2010 has a refreshed UI-with a metallic color scheme. And it's less complicated to learn and use -now ideal for everyone.

 Plus it now supports Windows 7.


Quick starts with a efficient workflow:

Babya Logic   Express & Pro 2010 include a "Welcome to Babya Logic" window for quick access to the main interface:

In addition, Logic Pro uses a single window workspace.


Babya Logic-metallic look

Babya Logic  2010 has a refreshed UI-with a metallic color scheme. 



















Favorite synths

Babya Logic  2010  comes with over 20 familiar software synths and effects from previous versions plus introduces the ES10 & StarrySynth  synths.

The ES10 and StarrySynth are versatile effects:as a separate program and as a  VSTI, producing any kind of sound you need.

ES10 screenshot:


Other synths include:

  • BabyaZone DJ synth (Logic 2009)
  • BabyaSound M10 (2010 editions)
  • Babya Piano Studio
  • EM1:music synthesis studio, with a piano roll view
  • Babya ES2,ESM, EXM
  • VST Host-to host VSTI's

Works with others

Babya Logic Express &  Pro can export to  MIDI for use in Apple's  Logic Studio and other applications.

Improve compositions by training

A new feature is Logic Trainer: which was primarily designed as a simple tool for improving pitch recognition abilities and disabilities.  After doing a bit of training, you are able to make more advanced compositions with accurate timing and tempo.

It generates random notes to simulate real time ear training sessions wherein one musician plays a note on a piano while the other individual tries to figure out mentally what key was sounded.

The controls are quite easy to manipulate after you spend some time tinkering with them.

We still don't know if it will work wonders (on your hearing) so try it yourself and rejoice if it does.

Tips on how to use it effectively can be found via the tool tips and training methods and techniques from other sources may be helpful as well.

As of this Aural chord analysis is possible to 3 notes and unisons are considered as one note.


New features of Logic Express and Pro for 2008

  • StarrySynth:with amplitude,ADSR,pitchbend
  • Babya ES10:Babya's ESE even better with more controllable settings
  • Vista support
  • Metallic look UI
  • Guitar Amp 3 with a lyrics viewer
  • Babya Logic Trainer
  • Sound library:high quality sounds, in MP3 & AIFF.

Logic Basics:

Babya Logic Basics is a simple version of Logic Pro-featuring the  MIDI sequencer part only.

It's ideal for those new to music making.

Projects created with this version can be opened in Logic Express & Pro (also free downloads).



Babya Logic Basics

Babya Logic Express

Babya Logic Pro


For Logic Express Pro 1.x/2.x users:


User manuals:

Note: some of the manuals cover Babya Logic 2 and 3.

Logic Basics

Logic Express & Logic Pro