About Babya
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About Babya

Babya is an award-winning developer of digital media software for Mac and Windows 

 Babya was founded by A.A. Fussy in April 2000.

Awards we've won

Babya's software has won many awards over the past several years, including 5 stars (Babya bSuite, 2005), a Softpedia Pick and 100% clean award (2006) and has been featured in magazines such as PC Utilities and PC Format.

The Babya group of companies:

  • Babya
  • Babya iT Services (incorporating Baby A Software Development and Babya Service)

Press Releases

January 2010:

November 2009:


October 2009

August 2009

Babya unveils BabyaSound M10 (includes FAQ about transition to this from Piano Studio)

Babya hosts "Big night at Babya" event 

November 2008

Babya to ship "e" next month

October 2008

BabyaOne Vault announced

Babya announces Babya Photo Workshop X4, Cover Flow 2, Cover Fusion & PhotoPro 4.0

August 2008 

Babya forms Babya International

June 2008

Unique Mac software creates "photo parties"

Mobile Me to be Google enabled

Mobile Me service launches

Babya ships bCal 5

May 2008

Babya introduces application virtualization software

BabyaOne Photo now shipping

Babya ships application virtualization software

BabyaOne Photo announced

Logic 2009 product line announced

Cover Flow now shipping

April 2008

Babya announces Cover Flow 2009

Babya introduces BabyaArt collections

March 2008:

Babya PhotoPro 3 with Z-Scape

Babya ships BabyaOne View

BabyaOne brand announcement

October 2007

A statement from Babya about our video conversion and video downloader software

September 2007

Babya ships Logic Express & Pro 3

August 2007

Babya Expo:

Babya unveils PhotoPro 2
Babya to support OpenDocument format

Babya Unveils Babya HD-DVD Designer

June 2007

Babya offers portable office suite

Babya ships innovative icon and cursor creation software

Babya Film Central now shipping

Babya Enhances Babya bCal with PDF and Windows Vista support

New Babya bPicture Offers a Different Dimension for Photos


May 2007

Babya unveils Babya PhotoPro

Babya Releases BabyaTV



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