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IS MY CARRIER RIGHT FOR YOU? GO HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT BABYWEARING: - there are so many styles and options out there, and I know no two people are alike! What matters is that it is a carrier and it works for you. Carriers are like jeans... while Jordache may fit your butt like a glove, I might prefer Levi because it fits my waist and my underwear don't show! ...either way, they are both jeans and that's what matters. Right? :-)
ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR CARRIER, and related products:
  • SOCIALCIRCLE CARDS ORDER YOURSELF SOME "MOMMY" CALLING CARDS FROM AMANDA! - get your own personal style to match your carrier. Clip this Mommy-card holder on for a little decoration, and then when you are at the park and you meet another child's parent, give them your Mommy-card so they can email you for a playdate! So much easier than digging around for a pen and an old grocery receipt to write on! She can even customize them with a SILHOUETTE of your CHILD!
  • Travel Wipes - this site has a really nice assortment of travel wipes cases that are thin enough and flexible enough to fit into the main quilt-pocket of your carrier. This container and a few diapers will fit perfectly inside that pocket instead of having to carry the entire diaper bag around!
  • Wet-bag pattern for wipe container! If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you'll get some great ideas from this quick pattern...
  • Rearview Mirror - for more interaction when your little monkey is on your back and not your front!
  • Drink Carrier and other caribiner clip accessories - easy way to clip your own drink to the carrier too!
  • Baby legs! - want that little extra 'something' to keep baby's legs warm, but don't want the hassle of taking pants all the way on and off? These are also great on days where the weather is 'iffy' and you're not sure if it's too warm for long pants or not. Just put the baby-legs on them and then if it gets too warm, you can pull the baby-legs off without taking your little monkey all the way out of the carrier! (These are also great for long trips when you want to keep their legs warm in the car, but want to be able to take them off if they get too hot, too. No need to take them out of the carseat!)
PARTNERS AND FRIENDS: just some people I order supplies through or who I can vouch for!
A great deal of articles and websites that I've read emphasize the importance of carrying a child in a natural way that you would carry them 'without' the carrier. In other words, facing you with support under the buttocks and thighs in a "frog-like" fashion. Your carrier should hold your baby the same way your arms would. This is supposed to be best for their spine and hip development. Alongside that recommendation, is a lot of support for "baby-wearing". Numerous articles have emphasized that baby-wearing reduces colic, enhances a baby's learning about their environment, and increases their sense of security (which in turn helps prevent seperation anxiety). Below are some articles and websites that can give you more information and descriptions. More coming soon!
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