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Bust It Baby Official

bust it baby official
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    bust it
  • "Bust It Baby" is a single by Plies released on January 25, 2008. It is the first single from Plies' second album, Definition of Real. This was featured as a bonus track on his album, while "Bust It Baby Pt. 2" is the official track on the album. It features Ne-Yo.
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bust it baby official - Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Prima Official Game Guide
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Prima Official Game Guide
Large map Poster inside
Labeled with important locations, major roads, and hold capitals

A Champion for Skyrim
Multiple character builds based on hundreds of hours of playtesting reveal exactly what Skills, Perks, equipment, and other items to pick, and how to advance through the game, no matter the type of character you want to be.

All Collectibles Gathered
If you’re searching Skyrim for Skill Books, Unique Items and Weapons, every single Shout, Dragon Priest Masks, Treasure Maps, Unusual Gems, or even Captured Critters, we show you where every rare item is.

The Atlas of Skyrim
A comprehensive tour of every single location, from the vast Hold Cities to the smallest woodland den. Every major exploration point receives a walkthrough flagging important items, with detailed maps throughout.

Prowess in Combat
Every weapon, piece of equipment, and spell is detailed so you know which blade, bow, or incantation to crush your enemies with. Every type of combat is tactically analyzed, so you can better any foe in battle.

Trainers and Traders
Skyrim is full of merchants to barter with, and trainers to further
increase your Skill, Crafting, and Bartering proficiencies. Every alchemist, blacksmith, innkeeper, trainer, Khajiit caravan, and other vendor revealed.

Followers and Friends
Build your friendships across Skyrim and locate every Follower with information inside this guide. Become a Thane. Own property. Marry your favorite Housecarl. Details inside.

Massive and Complete Index

88% (7)
It Was Supposed to be Pure
It Was Supposed to be Pure
They knew that the water was deadly. And they still let mothers come home from the hospital with their newborn babies and mix that water with formula. They let school children drink it. They knew exactly what they were doing. It was their 'dirty little secret.' They knew that a cancer causing chemical called vinyl chloride had contaminated the well because the Environmental Protection Agency had told them that in a letter 1986. I knew there was deadlier stuff in the water before I'd even seen that letter. That letter was the 'smoking gun' that I held in my hands. I couldn't believe that we'd found it. My hands were trembling as I read it. We also had the letter that they wrote back to the EPA that year... the one where they said they weren't going to use that well anymore. I had those fuckers. And I had 'em good. They were right in the 'crosshairs' now. Justice was a comin'. And it looked like justice would be comin' on an express train. It was just a matter of figuring out who I could get to pull the trigger. I'd sent 'em a letter... the one the judge would 'compliment' me on later... after he had to black out the entire body of that letter to not 'inflame' the jury... when we all had to go back into his chambers he'd said something like 'Mr. Minder... in all my life as a judge I have never seen a more obnoxious letter written to a public official.' It was hard for me to hide my pride right at that moment. I didn't really want His Honor to see me beaming. I think the judge was referring to the part where I told the Chief of Police that 'I've got your nuts in a nutcracker and I'm gonna keep on squeezing them unless you do the right thing.' I think I mighta said something about them 'popping' too. It's too bad the jury couldn't have read that. I think they would have got a kick out of it. Trials are such serious business. The jury really looked like they needed something to wake them up. Freakin' letter nearly got me charged with 'witness tampering' and blackmail... even I knew it was pretty close to the edge of reason. It's just that I've always been one to 'push it' you know? I'd always found that when you're tormenting your adversary that getting them to visualize what ultimately was gonna happen to them long before it happened would kinda fuck with their heads. Two books really helped me to defeat these guys... Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' and the US Army Special Forces 'Guide to Psychological Operations.' Sun Tzu was the master of 'the nutcracker.' I just never figured when I wrote the damn letter that the 'nutcracker' was gonna be about sixteen federal agents storming the place. Since then I've learned a little about taking down corrupt politicians... it's a lot like playing pool... it's all about the angles. And you gotta have balls. Lots of them. There's no telling how many documents they'd shredded in the days and nights before the feds raided the place and walked away with sixteen big boxes of their records. Somehow I'd figured that they'd been tipped off... they knew that the raid was coming. I was tipped off and I don't even throw big fundraising dinners for the Attorney General. That's how I got to be leaning on the side of my pickup truck smoking a cigarette across the street from the water department when the raid went down. I wanted them to see me see them get their asses handed to them on a platter. I was there to see the 'perp walk' and I'd even brought my camera. The feds brought a bunch of guys in those blue windbreakers that said 'Federal Agent' or 'FBI' or 'EPA' on them. I think they wear them so they don't shoot each other. They also brought a Blackhawk helicopter. I think that was just for 'effect.' Nothing says you're about to get your ass kicked like a Blackhawk helicopter hovering over your office really low... and that cool helicopter goin' 'thumpety thump thump' overhead just added so much atmosphere to the whole shebang. It was a little 'shock and awe.' It felt really good to watch. I mean... I had a score to settle... I'd told them that... I told them that if they didn't do right that I would take them down. I told 'em that I'd 'make it my hobby.' I taunted them with it. This was personal. They fucked with the wrong guy's family. And there I was... leanin' on my truck smokin' that cigarette right in front of their office when it was 'showtime.' I felt like such a badass. And man... that helicopter was so cool. It was like a bonus just for me I thought... because I love that shit. What a show! I didn't know until the news reporters pulled up that I'd just witnessed history. A television reporter told me that this was the first time that the EPA had ever executed a search warrant on another government office. But then the whole scandal was one of epic proportions. This was the biggest intentional poisoning of people ever perpetrated in the United States. That whole 'indian blanket smallpox genocide episode' doesn't count bec
Pike's Peak 1
Pike's Peak 1
Pikes Peak is not a volcano and has never been one. The granite rock of which the mountain is made was once hot molten rock located as deep as 20 miles beneath the earth's surface. The molten rock hardened and cooled below the earth's surface as much as one billion years ago. Great forces within the earth's crust pushed the rocks upward through a process called uplifting which created a dome-shaped mountain covered with a thick layer of soil and softer rock. Erosion and weathering loosened the softer layers and carried them away. After hundreds of thousands of years of erosion and weathering, a tall granite mountain lay exposed like a large piece of stone waiting for the sculptor to shape it. Anyone seeing this ancient mountain would not have recognized it as the mountain we know today as Pikes Peak. It took the movement of huge glaciers that once existed on the peak to sculpt the mountain. The glaciers lasted about one million years and that ice age ended around 11,000 years ago. Acting like a giant cookie cutter, the powerful bodies of ice gouged out the rock and left deep, straight-walled basins like the Bottomless Pit with its sharp drop of 1700 feet. The u-shaped canyons that lead down Pikes Peak were carved by the following "rivers of ice". Other v-shaped valleys owe their existence to ordinary streams. Time Line of Pikes Peak 1803Pikes Peak area obtained in the Louisiana Purchase 1806President Jefferson dispatched Zebulon Montgomery Pike to determine the Louisiana Purchase's southwestern borders. Pike set out to climb the peak on November 24. 1806 from the Pueblo area, but was forced back by a blizzard. 1820The first recorded ascent was by Dr. Edwin James, doctor, botanist and historian, and two others from an expedition led by Major Stephen H. Long on July 14, 1820. Major Long gave the doctor's name to the mountain, but Pikes Peak soon became the official name, as shown by military maps of 1835. 1850'sPikes Peak was a symbol to the gold seekers heading west. "Pikes Peak or Bust" became their slogan. 1858The first woman to climb Pikes Peak was Mrs. Julia Archibald Holmes. She made the ascent with the Lawrence party and stayed on top for two days. Mrs. Holmes is also known as the "Bloomer Girl" because of the bloomers she wore while climbing the mountain. 1860Work began on the Ute Pass wagon road, the first road past Pikes Peak. U.S. Hwy. 24 now follows part of this route. 1871The settlement of Colorado Springs began. 1873The Signal Corps of the U.S. Army built a weather station on the summit. This was manned year round until 1889 by a lone enlisted man who was replaced periodically after a short tour of duty. One Sergeant John O'Keefe gained national notoriety through his tall tales about duty on the Peak. The most famous story was about the death of his baby daughter, Erin from an attack by "mountain rats". There was no truth to any of his stories, but they were published all over the country. 1886 - 88The carriage road to the summit was built. 1889 - 90The Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railroad was built. 1892President Harrison established the Pikes Peak Timberland Reserve. Later it became part of the Pike National Forest. 1901The first automobile to reach the summit (on August 12th) was a two cylinder Locomobile Steamer driven by C.A. Yont and W.B. Felker. 1914The improvement of the trail up the east face of Pikes Peak was undertaken by Fred Barr and his father. It was completed in December of 1918 and is known as Barr Trail. 1915Spencer Penrose and his associates conceived the idea of an automobile highway to the summit over the route of the carriage road. This project started early in 1915. The highway cost $500,000. 1916The first Pikes Peak Hill Climb race was held August 10 - 12 to commemorate the opening of the Pikes Peak Highway. It is the second oldest auto race in the United States (the Indy 500 being the oldest) There are 156 curves on the 12.5 mile course. 1916 - 36The highway was operated as a toll road at $2.00 per person for twenty years. Because of the tremendous cost of snow removal and maintenance, a profit was never realized. It was turned back to the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1936. For the next twelve years the road was operated as a free highway but due to the lack of funds, it so deteriorated as to be threatened with complete abandonment. 1948The Pikes Peak Highway was then set up as a toll road under a permit from the Department of Agriculture. Since June 7, 1948 it has been operated successfully by the City of Colorado Springs.

bust it baby official
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