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Baby In The Womb At 13 Weeks

baby in the womb at 13 weeks
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baby in the womb at 13 weeks - Watch Me
Watch Me Grow: A Unique, 3-Dimensional Week-by-Week Look at Your Baby's Behavior and Development in the Womb
Watch Me Grow: A Unique, 3-Dimensional Week-by-Week Look at Your Baby's Behavior and Development in the Womb
For years, parents-to-be have squinted at fuzzy ultrasound photos, desperately trying to make out the head, or is that the foot? Now, new technology in the form of 3- and 4-D ultrasound scans have given prospective parents a clear "window into the womb." These amazingly detailed images allow parents to see their baby's organs and structures in development AND allow them to marvel at what their baby is doing. Guided by the expert hand of a pioneer obstetrician in the field, now everyone can be thrilled by the wonders of creation.

What the Book Offers:
*An astonishing series of pictures that demonstrates fetal behavior
*A week-by-week look at how babies develop in the uterus, narrated from the perspective of the baby
*Special Feature sidebars that answer important questions such as "How soon will I know whether my baby is boy or a girl?," "What can my baby do, and when?"

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My Little Man
My Little Man
So, we made the mistake over the Thanksgiving weekend of watching a news story about the amazing rescue of the miners in Chile. All fine and dandy except, my darling Lisa just happened to be 26 1/2 weeks pregnant. Little Trajan here heard the story in the womb and got some ideas of his own, surprising us by demanding to climb out of his own 'mine' about 13 weeks before he was expected. Tipping the scales at a whopping 940 Grams, including the rather stylish toque he's wearing, Trajan is on the scene early and won't be coming home for at least a few months but he's healthy and already breathing room air without any oxygen. The plastic bag is there to keep him warm, this having been taken mere moments after he was born. He's comfortably situated in the NICU where he's charming the hell out of any nurse that passes within 10 feet (and no longer adorned in the plastic bag!). Mom is doing well and resting in hospital. Dad has come home to 'get some sleep' but that seems a pretty remote possibility at the moment. A most unexpected turn of events but, we were anxious to meet the little guy anyways. For those of you wondering about the name, sheesh, don't you people study your history in school anymore? Trajan is named for Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus who was the Roman emperor from 98 to 117 C.E. Considered by Gibbon to be the second of the 5 good emperors, he crushed the Dacians and ruled over the absolute apex of Roman power. Every emperor after him ruled a slightly smaller and less secure empire and, after Trajan, the Roman Senate honoured each new emperor with the prayer: felicior Augusto, melior Traiano which translates roughly to 'May he be luckier than Augustus and better than Trajan' Of course, no one will remember that old Roman once our little Trajan is done...
Megan and I went to the sonogram facility to do some detailed measurements of the baby. They use the measurement method to detect whether or not the baby has Down Syndrome. Our little guy got a clean bill of health and everything is developing normally. Dates have varied depending on where we've gone, but at this point it is on or around November 5th. This most recent scan showed the baby to be around 13 weeks old. From crown to butt, the size right now is roughly 9 centimeters. I asked if they could record video for the patients. During the scanning, the nurse and doctor were taking short clips and running through them to get accurate measurements. But, the RN told me the hospital doesn't permit them to give any video to the parents. On the machine, there is a CD writer to burn the videos. Videos would have been awesome because during the scans, the baby was bouncing all over the place and stretching the legs. Really incredible to see. In this picture, the baby had sort of dozed off in the womb for a couple minutes so there was time to line up for a nice picture.

baby in the womb at 13 weeks
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