Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Marian Engineering College, Trivandrum - 695582

Ph: +91-471-2707111 (O)
Email: baburaj.cs@marian.ac.in

Date of Joining MEC: 16 November 2016
Professional Experience: Total 25 Years 

Educational Profile
  • Ph.D (2009)
    • Computer Science and  Engineering
    • Anna University
  • M.E. (2002)
    • Computer Science & Engineering 
    • Madurai Kamaraj University
    • First Class with Distnction
  • B.E. (1992)
    • Computer  Engineering 
    • Madurai Kamaraj University
    • First Class

Courses handled
Times taken
Network SecurityPG
Computer NetwoksPG6
Computer ProgrammingUG
Object Oriented TechniquesUG5
Data Structures & AlgorithmUG
Software Engineering & Project ManagementUG1
Mobile ComputingUG
Cryptography and Network Security

Research Interest
  • Mobile Networks
  • Network Security
Projects / Ph.D Thesis Guided
  • A.S.Radhamony - “Investigations on Optimized Resource Scheduling Algorithms for Multicore Processors in Cloud Computing Applications” in M.S. University, Thirunelveli. September 2015.
  •  N.R.Rammohan - “Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Cloud Environment with workload Sceduler” in M.S. University, Thirunelveli. May 2016.
  •  S.Sreether - “Power and Transfigure Path Efficiency of Service Discovery Techniques for Context Specific Data Delivery in Wireless Networks” in M.S. University, Thirunelveli. July 2016.
  • J.Virgil Rethna Jeni “Experimental Study of Robust Cluster Routing Protocols for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks” M.S. University, Thirunelveli, August 2016.
  • K Sreekumar  “Enhancing Privacy preservation in Wireless Sensor Networks” Anna University, Chennai. April 2017.
  • Antony Visuvasa Rani “An Intelligent Security Architecture for Cloud based Health care Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks” Anna University, Chennai. June 2017.

Significant Publications
    A.Selvareegan and E.Baburaj (2017) “Polynomial and multivariate mapping-based triple-key approach for secure key distribution in wireless sensor networks”,        
                    International   Journal of Computers and Electrical Engineering, Elsevier Publications Vol 59, PP 274-290.

q  A.V Rani and E. Baburaj (2017) “Secure and intelligent architecture for cloud based healthcare applications in wireless body sensor networks” International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Inderscience Publishers

q  R.V.Labisha and E.Baburaj (2017)” Efficient Approach to maximize the WSN lifetime using WOSNP, EEWR,ERNR and CSDP methods”, IET networks.

q  K.Ramanan and Baburaj.E (2017) ” An Energy Efficient Fast and Secure Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nano science Volume 14, Number 1,  pp. 780-788(9).

q  R.A.Isabel and E.Baburaj(2017) “Multi-Agent Based Maxmin Markov Probability For Qos Aware Routing In Wban,” Biomedical Research, Vol 28, No 9 PP 4261-4269.

q  R.A.Isabel and E.Baburaj(2017) “Binomial Probability Distribution With Qos Support For Health Monitoring In Wireless Body Area Network Communication,” Biomedical Research, Vol 28, No 8, PP 3721-3726.

q  S. Prince Mary and E.Baburaj (2016), “A novel framework for an efficient online recommendation system using constraint based web usage mining techniques”, Biomedical Research, Vol 27 No 2, PP S92-98.

q  P.M.Sivaraja and E.Baburaj (2016),”Optimal parameter selection for QR code based Image Steganography via variable step size Firefly algorithm and Lifting Wavelet Transform”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nano science Vol 13, No 11, pp. 8742-8759.

q   A.V. Rani and E.Baburaj (2016),” Energy Efficient Data Collection and Secure Storage in Body Sensor Network”,

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q  R.A.Isabel and E.Baburaj (2016) “Markov Chain Based QoS Support for Wireless Body Area Network Communication in Health Monitoring Services, World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology,(WASET) Volume 10, No.10, 2016, Page: 1811-1816.

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