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This page has been created to help you acquaint yourself with our speakers' research that is relevant to the conference.  For copyright reasons, we cannot post a PDF of any paper.  Therefore, you may only be able to read the entire copy of a paper if you or your university subscribes to the journal.  Although, some papers below are available to anyone, and all of the abstracts of each paper below are visible to anyone.  These links should be working, and were successfully accessed as recently as March 14, 2011.  Please contact Quayshawn Spencer if you have any problem accessing a link.  Asterisks flag the most cited papers from each author out of the papers listed below.  
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TitleURLJournal or BookAuthor
Human Races: A Genetic and Evolutionary Perspective* Click Here American Anthropologist Alan Templeton 
Advocacy for the Multiregional Hypothesis Click Here Current Anthropology Alan Templeton 
The Genetic and Evolutionary Significance of Human Races Click Here Race and Intelligence: Separating Science from Myth by Jefferson Fish Alan Templeton 
Human Races in the Context of Recent Human Evolution: A Molecular Genetic Perspective Click Here Genetic Nature/Culture by Goodman, Heath, and Lindee Alan Templeton 
Attitudinal barriers to delivery of race-targeted pharmacogenomics among informed lay persons Click Here Genetics in Medicine Alan Templeton (with C. Condit, B. Bates, J. Bevan, and T. Harris) 
Race and Genomics Click Here New England Journal of Medicine Alan Templeton (with Scott Williams) 
The Biological Reification of Race Click Here The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Lisa Gannett 
Questions asked and unasked: How by worrying less about the 'really real' philosophers of science might better contribute to debates about genetics and race Click Here Synthese Lisa Gannett 
Racism and Human Genome Diversity Research: The Ethical Limits of "Population Thinking"* Click Here Philosophy of Science Lisa Gannett 
Group Categories in Pharmacogenetics Research Click Here Philosophy of Science Lisa Gannett 
On the Concept of Biological Race and Its Applicability to Humans* Click Here Philosophy of Science Massimo Pigliucci (with Jonathan Kaplan) 
Showing 11 items