Scrapbooking For Baby Boy

scrapbooking for baby boy
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Baby Boy digital scrapbooking page
Baby Boy digital scrapbooking page
This is Rohan only a few days old, he still has his umbilical cord stub. I had been giving him a bath and Daddy placed his hand on him and I couldn't resist taking a photo of the moment, his hands are enormous on Rohans chest. Well while posing and Hubby leaning in closer for me to take a picture I captured Rohan christening Daddy, you can't see it in this small preview but he is LOL. I enjoyed making this page, I've seen lots of pages in this style in online galleries around the net and thought I must give it ago, so for my first go at a page like this I'm happy. I don't think I have it grungy enough like they do in the galleries but I'm happy how it turned out. Now I need to make a matching page for the book because of the boldness of the colours in this page it's not blending with the other pages I've made so far which have been in softer baby blue tones. made using kits
vintage birthday 011
vintage birthday 011
an ann griffin birthday cake handmade with a vintage feel. This is part of my vintage inspired scrapbooking set for little boys.

scrapbooking for baby boy
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