Decorating Babies Room

decorating babies room
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decorating babies room - Feathering the
Feathering the Nest: Tracy Hutson's Earth-Friendly Guide to Decorating Your Baby's Room
Feathering the Nest: Tracy Hutson's Earth-Friendly Guide to Decorating Your Baby's Room
Tracy Hutson is an acclaimed interior designer. She’s also the loving mother of two little boys. When designing their bedroom, she knew precisely what she wanted: a nursery that would be mentally stimulating yet emotionally comforting. A place that would maximize safety, shielding adventurous toddlers from harm. And a room that would be built and decorated with a healthy dose of environmental responsibility.

In Feathering the Nest, Hutson shares her passion for creating children’s spaces—putting her guiding principles into practice for four different styles of nursery design: vintage, contemporary, traditional, and international. Featuring stories and photos of actual children’s rooms from around the country, the book focuses on the essential components of nursery design, including the special touches that make a room your child’s very own. The warmth and creativity of Hutson’s approach will inspire every parent to create the ideal nest for their child.

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Baby room - Finished!!!!!
Baby room - Finished!!!!!
I bet you are all finished just in time...LOL. GOTCHA!!!! We were finished last week already. Only got around to taking some photos today. All the little animals on the wall are duplicates of the animals on the quilt set. Mommy-to-be traced them onto paper...grandad-to-be cut them out on hardboard and they were then painted by mommy-to-be again. The letters were bought at an arts and craft store and painted with the same colour as the animals. The paints were mixed by...mommy-to-be...who else:-) She really is amazing isn't she. Behind the mosquito net you will also see a touch lamp that gives just enough light. The basket in the corner is for baby clothes that are dirty....not the ones poo'd on though:-) The mirror was a gift. The compactum and the cot were absolute bargains we bought. Everything you see in the compactum were gifts. We only bought some of the nappies. Below the top changing mat of the compactum is a bath. You can see the draining hose to the right of compactum. The cross stitch in the wooden frame beside the door was also done by mommy-to-be. the walls and the skirtings were my job. That was enough thanks...we had to skim the walls THREE times to get them smooth. Some really nasty plaster work had me working with a dark cloud above my head...but the end results is this. Now...we wait :-P.
Baby's room
Baby's room
We are slowly decorating the baby's room. I bought this pennant from Etsy. I guess it's official then: her name is Olivia, Liv for short.

decorating babies room
decorating babies room
What Goes With What for Baby Rooms: Decorating Made Easy
What Goes With What for Baby Rooms is a decorating primer for parents who want to create functional, beautiful, safe, and nurturing spaces for their babies to grow up in. The book guides parents through the fundamentals of planning, budgeting, and implementing a design scheme that reflects their personal styles---formal, semiformal, or formal---with the style quiz at the beginning of the book. Then chapters cover information on color, furniture, fabric, bedding, walls, windows, flooring, accessories, nesting, organizing, and aromatherapy. WGWW for Baby Rooms takes a realistic, common sense, and playful approach to what to creating a safe, nurturing, and attractive space---on a budget.

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