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Free Crochet Patterns For Baby Dresses

free crochet patterns for baby dresses
    for baby
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Baby pinafore dress
Baby pinafore dress
. Although I used a vintage pattern from my 30 yrs old stash of patterns there are many similar free patterns available on the net. I used 100 grams of James C Brett Marble DK left over from a crochet sweater that I made for myself, I had to eke the wool out with some plain lilac as you can also see with the tie, The shoulders are buttoned.
Dress No 3 for Gotz Sarah
Dress No 3 for Gotz Sarah
This is a crocheted dress for my Gotz Sarah doll. I have based it on a free pattern I found on Ravelry, for a Baby Sasha outfit, designed by Laurie Bolland. I made a few adjustments so that it would fit the larger Gotz doll, and I used Patons 4 Ply Cotton in Cream. I am a new crocheter so it's not perfect -don't look too closely!

free crochet patterns for baby dresses
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