Organic Baby Dresses - Lactose Free Baby Milk.

Organic Baby Dresses

organic baby dresses
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organic baby dresses - Dress Me
Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon
Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon
Organic Teething Bonbon® Certified organic cotton and naturally antibacterial lamb's wool make our Organic Teething Bonbons® the gentle and safe solution for baby's teething pain. 1) Dip the ends in water. 2) Leave the center stuffing dry. 3) Toss in the freezer 'till needed. The cool, firm teether knots naturally soothe tender gums, while the lamb's wool stuffing keeps little hands warm. Great as baby's first toothbrush too. Easy care - machine wash & dry. Each Organic Teething Bonbon® is handmade one at a time in our Canadian, west coast studio from organic and sustainable materials. The cotton shell is 100% certified organic USA cotton embroidered with one of a kind free form stitching. The center of the Teething Bonbon® is stuffed with Canadian lamb's woo Washing Instructions: Machine wash & dry! Size: Approx 7" long. Materials: Proudly made in Canada from North American sourced materials. Ages Newborn and up. Uniquely embroidered, each Teething Bonbon® is one of a kind - stitch lines and placement vary. 'Cherry', 'Mint' and 'Caramel' refer to the decorative stitch color. Our organic cotton knot teethers, Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbons®, are not flavored!

78% (8)
organic merino wool blanket
organic merino wool blanket
For the last several months we've been working on creating our very own collection of organic baby and toddler clothing and accessories. Coming from our family's Nordic roots, "Lille Snuske" Collection is inspired by Scandinavian art and history bits. Made entirely with soft brushed organic cotton and merino wool this line will include kimonos, pants, shirts, dresses and blankets in several beautiful colors. Available this Fall.
Handamde organic cotton dress
Handamde organic cotton dress
This lovely dress is a perfect gift for a first birthday. Little girl can wear it alone in the summer (organic cotton is very soft and kind to the baby skin)or she can wear it over the shirt. The dress fastens with two buttons at the shoulders.

organic baby dresses
organic baby dresses
Dress Me Up Organic Terry Hooded Towel (Blue Tree Ring)
Organic Terry Hooded Towel. There are many cute things about young children that warm our hearts. One of the things that warms my heart is seeing my young ones wrapped up in a hooded towel after a bath. This towel was designed to help make sure that your child is warm, cute and cuddly while wrapped in the finest quality 100% GOTS certified organic cotton terry. The towel is bound by a 100% organic cotton twill tape that gives it a really clean and durable finish.
Each Organic Terry Hooded Towel is hand made in Canada from one layer of plush 100% certified organic cotton terry, and finely finished with a one-of-a-kind tree ring hood lined with the terrycloth. Washing Instructions: Machine wash & dry. Size: Approx 27" X 36" each. Proudly hand made in Canada from beautiful organic cotton.

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