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Baby Bike Chair

baby bike chair
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baby bike chair - Wallmonkeys Peel
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Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Baby in Bicycle Chair - 24"H x 16"W Removable Graphic
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the Little Store at night
the Little Store at night
This is the little store. Almost every neighborhood has them, a little store with mostly candy and soda, beer and porn. When I was in high school I would come here and buy my candy bar-chips-and coke for lunch. When I was at home with the baby brother and sister I used to place their tiny hands in mine and we would walk there for some candy, or popsicles, or soda. It was a great excuse to grab them and get out of the house when the parents started to fight. I would grab spare change from night stands and bathroom counters, fill my pockets, and playfully say to them "Lets go to the little store!" they would stop what they were doing, grab my hands happily and we would be off. Down sidewalks, past the old lady who was always amazed that my baby brother looked so much like me (I think she suspected he was mine, I was 16 he was 2, but I had not even had my first boyfriend or kiss yet sigh) We would cross the street so we did not pass by the black dog behind the chain length fence who would bark and growl and scare them so much. Past the phone booth where people called their dealers and met them in the parking lot to buy some weed to go with the brown bag of cheetos, soda, candy, and porn they had just bought. Into the sloped front door where a lovely older asian lady would greet us with a giant smile and ask us how we were doing. she knew us well, we were in a lot. She still works the counter even now, 25 years later, still asks how my family is doing. Still smiles that beautiful smile. We would use every penny I had snatched. Buying all we could with what we had. I would take that brown bag of goodies and let them choose which one they wanted to walk with and head home. If there was still chaos inside we would sit in the yard (weather permitting). We would sit and eat that entire bag of candy. Giggling and talking about whatever children and teenagers talk about together. This is her chair, out in the dark, for her to sit in when the store gets too hot, or when she wants a different scenery than the shelves of junk food or the tiny TV she had behind the counter. This is where she sits and watches traffic pass, where kids ride by on bikes, where the trains pass across the street and rattle her whole store.
Office Chair Downhill 171
Office Chair Downhill 171
Josh picked up a healthy lead, but it turns out that tiller steering and a single left rear brake caused some high-speed instability. Good thing he was wearing that helmet.

baby bike chair
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