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popular baby toy - Skip Hop
Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, Dog
Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, Dog
Skip Hop Zoo Pack BackpackThe Zoo Pack is the little kid backpack where "fun meets function!" Whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on-the-go pack for kids on-the-go. This backpack is BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free. It features a roomy main compartment, insulated pouch for snacks, adjustable mesh bottle pocket, and padded, adjustable comfy straps.

A colorful, whimsical design and practical features make the Dog Zoo Pack a favorite of both kids and parents. Perfect for children ages three and up, this pack has a roomy main compartment, an insulated pouch for snacks, and an adjustable mesh bottle pocket. The padded shoulder straps are also adjustable, making them comfy for little shoulders.
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Dog Zoo Pack

Guardian's Guide:

Ages: 3 and up.
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty for the Original Owner

Ideal for:

Who: Kids ages 2 and up.
What: Toting toys and snacks.
Where: The playground, around town, and at the airport.

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The cute Dog Zoo Pack is and comfortable. View larger.
Cute, Comfortable, and Conscientious
What child can resist a cute and colorful dog with a button nose and floppy ears? But more than just a friendly face, this charming canine is good for both your child and the environment. The Dog Zoo Pack is made of BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free polyester.
Perfect for Toting Toys and Snacks
Your little one will be so charmed by this canine companion, he'll be excited to carry his own supplies! The Dog Zoo Pack is an ideal size for toting toys and snacks, and its large-grip zippers make it easy for small hands to open and close the pack. The mesh bottle pocket on the side adjusts with the help of a drawstring, and the insulated outside pouch is designed for snacks and goodies--and even has an extra pocket.
For further convenience, a write-on nametag inside helps you keep track of your child's favorite pack, and the lining is easy to clean--just wipe it down with a damp cloth.
About Skip Hop
Based in New York, Skip Hop prides itself on creating safe, innovative products that simplify parenting. The company uses modern design elements in its creations, so every product looks good in your house or on your shoulder. Since creating the first convertible diaper-to-stroller bag in 2003, Skip Hop has been providing today's parents with stylish yet practical toddler and baby products. A portion of all Skip Hop's profits go to charities that benefit parents and children.
What's in the Box
Dog Zoo Pack.


Your child can pick his favorite animal. View larger.

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"Motorific" Toy Race Track By IDEAL Toy Company
"Motorific" Toy Race Track By IDEAL Toy Company
Motorific is the brand name of a line of battery-operated slot car toys and related accessories marketed by the Ideal Toy Company from 1964 to the early 1970s. It differed from traditional slot car sets in that the cars were powered independently by a pair of AA batteries, rather than by an electrical connection to the track. The cars ran on slotted plastic track which was snapped together in various layouts, ranging from a simple oval to elaborate patterns, some featuring jumps and hazards ("Motorific Torture Track"). After removing the detachable slot-car pin, the cars could also be run on the floor, with the front wheels steerable into one of three set positions (left, center, right). Although some playsets were marketed to feature competitive play between two operators ("Racerific"), in truth there was little allowance for competition since there was no operator control over speed. Motorific vehicles and accessories remain popular as collectibles, particularly with baby boomer toy aficionados.
activity mat
activity mat
The perfect mat for your little one. Use on the floor, attach to the stroller or car seat and take with everywhere. Babies love colors, textures and shapes. A unique and popular shower gift. This mat has a loop on the edge that opens and snaps shut for attaching to different objects. The many ribbons attached in loops, twists and turns are tabs are for attaching toys and toy rings to the blanket (see photo 1). Blanket will come with one complimentary toy ring. These tabs are attached on the squares of fabric. Ribbon ends attach in different locations not looping together. Don't confuse these with the ribbon tags in a loop that are marketed for tactile use. The great combination of FABRIC TEXTILE textures and colors help to stimulate your baby's visual and tactile development. Visual stimulation can produce developmental advantages including enhanced curiosity, attentiveness and concentration.

popular baby toy
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