Baby Boy Shower Decor

baby boy shower decor
    baby boy
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baby boy shower decor - Elegant Baby
Elegant Baby Bath Squirtie Toys, Boats
Elegant Baby Bath Squirtie Toys, Boats
Elegant Baby Boat Party Squirties
Prepare to set sail with these nautical tub toys from Elegant Baby. Brightly colored boats and subs are a great teaching opportunity, not to mention making bath time fun. Captain’s orders are to hoist anchor and take these bath squirt toys out for a cruise! Parents will love the nontoxic paint and phthalate-free PVC, because it’s totally safe for kids. Packaged in a vinyl zip bag with drainage holes for neat and easy storage and cleanup, it makes a fantastic baby shower or birthday gift.
Product measures: 2.5" x 2" x 2.5"
Recommended Ages: 6 months & up

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Boy's Baby Shower!
Boy's Baby Shower!
My grandmother asked me to make this for a coworker who was having a baby shower... The only think I knew was that it was a boy and needed to be for 20 people. I had seen the baby sneakers before and knew that is exactly what I wanted to do! I didn't know the baby's name either so I went with 'It's a Boy', which coincidentally was all over the room in their decor (score!!). My favorite of the weekend!
Train Baby Shower Cake
Train Baby Shower Cake
For a little boy yet to born. Moist chocolate cake, decadent chocolate mousse layered with raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream coat and vanilla fondant covering. All decor fondant and a touch of buttercream. Got the order yesterday and was pleased the way it turned out.

baby boy shower decor
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