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So Truly Real Baby

so truly real baby
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so truly real baby - Denise Farmer
Denise Farmer Cherish Collectible Lifelike Vinyl Baby Doll: So Truly Real by Ashton Drake
Denise Farmer Cherish Collectible Lifelike Vinyl Baby Doll: So Truly Real by Ashton Drake
Name Her Yourself! Newborn Baby Girl Doll is a Collectible Masterpiece of Realism by Doll Artist Denise Farmer! - Experience an astounding level of realism with this collectible So Truly Real(R) newborn baby girl doll! Echoing the heavenly beauty of a real live newborn, this breathtaking collectible lifelike baby doll is a marvel, from her exquisite face to her delicate wisps of hair, her supple fingers, and even her tiny, wrinkled feet. Still slightly flushed from the miracle of birth, she snuggles happily in your arms and waits for you to give her a name. Then all you have to do is - cherish her!Exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries by renowned Master Doll Artist Denise Farmer, Cherish is a remarkable edition to the world-famous So Truly Real(R) vinyl baby dolls. Hand-applied hair, wispy eyelashes and tiny hand-painted fingernails and toenails complete the illusion of life. Cherish arrives in a footed sleeper with a matching cap, and even comes with a FREE pacifier and a hospital bracelet you can personalize when you choose her name! Don't wait, intense demand is expected - order now!
*These dolls are not toys; they are fine collectibles to be enjoyed by adult collectors.

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Where to start? This is my son, Lee, with his wife and daughters. I am so lucky to be a part of this family. I was only married to Lee's mother a short time and we have been divorced for over 10 years. I became an instant father when I married, because Lee, and his sister, were from their mother's previous marriage. Contact after the divorce was sporadic and I didn't ask for visits very often. I was aftraid of rocking the boat, because, technically, I was only the EX-Stepfather. Mostly visits were when it was convenient for my ex or she got tired of the kids nagging her to let them see me. I still feel bad for not being more agreessive in seeing the kids. Yet Lee, being the wonderful man he is, allows me this fault and still includes me in his life. I am so lucky I cannot express it accurately. He is a Navy Corpsman assigned to a Marine Recon Battalion. He has served a tour in Iraq and wants to go back. He feels like he has to be there to protect his men and help the Iraqi people transition to a democracy. Typical Lee, always putting others ahead of himself. He's a man who is working his way towards becoming an M.D. He has been on this path since he was 6 years old. He could leave the service and get work as an R.N. (Registered Nurse). make a lot more than what he earns now and still have time to study to be a doctor. But he wants to learn more from the service before he continues on his path to becoming a doctor. He wants to be a Recon Corpsman. I had to admit I had never heard of it. My father had been a Marine, but that term never came up. Lee told me that there are only 63 recon corpsmen in the Marines. I think there are about 300,000 Marines. So it's a very small group. They get Special Forces training and advanced field surgery training. Saving lifes in the field that normally require a hospital to save the wounded person. He is an amazing man. I am humbled to be a part of his life. I need to mention that his reason, when he was 6, for becoming a doctor was it was the best way he could help the most people. We had been shopping and there was a homeless man outside the store. Tattered clothes, no shoes, no begging, no words. Just hanging out in the sun because there wasn't anything to do. Lee's mother and I went over and gave what we had to the man and told him we hoped it would help, at least for one day. He was grateful and surprised. He wasn't asking for money or even at the door, just nearby, bored, complacent with his lot in life. Lee started asking questions. Whay didn't he have shoes. Why were his clothes so worn out. Why didn't more people give him money and why didn't we give more. After doing my best to explain the possibilities for being homeless, Lee realized that to make a real difference by donating money, it would take a lot of money. Money that most people didn't have. That is when he said he wanted to be a doctor. Because then he could help make sure they were healthy by donating his time to the homeless. And it would enable him to help, significantly, more lives than he could by donating money. 6 years old and he made that leap, his mind was that sharp and ordered. I knew then that he would grow to be an exceptional man. And he sure has and I am truly blessed to be in this man's, my son's, world. Thank you Lee. I love you. UPDATE: December 2007, Lee was accepted into the Recon Corpsman program a while back and is currently in training. Maybe after his training is complete I can convince him NOT to re-enlist. I want him helping people in a hospital in the USA. One where he won't get shot at, also. :-) 2nd Update. Lee Graduated Recon Corpsman School and went on to further studies. He is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in August 2010.
Please Cut To The Chase...Lisa
Please Cut To The Chase...Lisa
I'm an Irish gal by blood thanks to my late Father, Jack Kelly. I've been told the Irishman can't just share a few facts, they have to tell a story. goes..... My daughter and her husband have been married for two years as of June 9 of this year. She just turned 25 on August 13 and he turned 26 in May. She is holding her Yorkiepoo, Zoey and her husband is holding Max, a Yorkie that was purchased so Zoey would not be lonely when they are at work. Max is also going to be Zoey's "husband" and soon they will be breeding when Max is old enough... to have sweet little puppies. I guess that when my Grand-Pups Zoey and Max have puppies......I will have Great-Grand-Pups. Right ?? Well guess what....??? I am going to be a "real" Grandma. I got a call that on May 11, 2009 my first Grandchild...a real due to be born. On or around Mother's Day. They are THRILLED !!! I am too...but I am asking for prayer from ALL of my wonderful flickr friends to pray each and every single day that my baby and her baby get through this with no problems and all ends with a healthy Mama and healthy new baby. She's got a couple of health issues that concern me.... I am just asking God to please be with her each and every single day and let this be a wonderful experience for them both. As of right now, she tells me the baby is the size of a sesame week, the baby grows to the size of a lentil. She is so amazingly happy....I've got to stop worrying. : ) I call the baby the little button or the little peanut. Now my days of saving "everything" will pay off. My kids crib ( still like new ) is in the attic, along with everything else. Being a pack rat and a tagged "hoarder" sometimes does might be a good thing. She and Zoey....her little dog that is always stuck to her like glue will "probably" be pregnant together. P.S. She worked out a plan so she would drive to see her brother to tell him the news and I would be on "his" cellphone talking with him when she approached him to tell him. She called me to hurry and call him right before she arrived. I got to hear the sheer GLEE in his voice when she told him he was going to become an Uncle. It truly was priceless...... God has blessed me with great kids and a terrific family.

so truly real baby
so truly real baby
Tiny Miracles Linda Webb Emmy Lifelike Baby Doll: So Truly Real by Ashton Drake
Tiny Miracles(TM) Collectible Lifelike Baby Girl Doll! Realistic Newborn by Artist Linda Webb is JUST 10 INCHES LONG! - A baby's world is filled with peace and contentment, especially when she is being tenderly held and protected by those who love her! Now, you can cuddle one of the tiniest miracles ever in your own hands in a captivating collectible lifelike baby girl doll, the first So Truly Real(R) doll ever created in a truly amazing 10-inch size!You're sure to be awestruck by the wonder of this realistic newborn baby girl doll, available exclusively from Ashton-Drake. Renowned Master Doll Artist Linda Webb's brilliant sculpt has been exactingly reproduced in a collectible doll that has RealTouch(TM) vinyl skin, micro-rooted hair, wispy eyelashes and hand-painted fingernails and toenails. Heavy demand is expected, and you won't want to miss the chance to cradle this cutie. Order now!
This collectible vinyl doll arrives in a simple and sweet traveling outfit, a white footed sleeper paired with a classic pink baby sweater, and wears a tiny diaper underneath
Certificate of Authenticity
Measures just 10" L; 25.4 cm L

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