Baby Room Wall Designs

baby room wall designs
    baby room
  • Powdery lilac blend.
  • nursery: a child's room for a baby
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baby's room...
baby's room...
This shot is from the corner where the crib would be. As you can see it's kind of a small room, but will be plenty big for what we want to do. But because the trim, closet door and door to the room are white, would it be too much white? Thus the decals I suppose...
Interiors | Baby Room | Hi Octane Design
Interiors | Baby Room | Hi Octane Design
Holly had a strong design vision in mind. As her design consultant, I helped her choose paint finishes, and which walls had damask wall paper. I also created the baby quilt and recovered her rocker into a more contemporary print of her choice.

baby room wall designs
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