So truly real baby doll. Uppa baby 2011.

So Truly Real Baby Doll

so truly real baby doll
    baby doll
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  • Baby Doll is a 1956 black comedy /drama film directed by Elia Kazan.Variety film review; December 5, 1956, page 6.Harrison's Reports film review; December 8, 1956, page 195.
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so truly real baby doll - Tinneke Janssens
Tinneke Janssens A Lovely Gift Is Little Lauren So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Doll by Ashton Drake
Tinneke Janssens A Lovely Gift Is Little Lauren So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Doll by Ashton Drake
Exclusive Collectible Lifelike Baby Doll Lauren, the Second Early Arrivals Tinneke doll in the Quintessential Joy Collection! - Multiply your joy with the second darling collectible baby doll in the amazing Quintessential Joy Collection, "Little Lauren"! Like her sister "Grace," "Lauren" was created by renowned artist Tinneke exclusively for Ashton-Drake, and she's also a So Truly Real(TM) Early Arrivals vinyl doll! She's dressed in a dainty hospital cap, diaper, tiny little socks, and look! She's still wearing her hospital bracelet! "Little Lauren" has soft, RealTouch(TM) vinyl skin, hand-applied hair, eyelashes, and tiny finger and toenails. And guess what you'll discover when you change her diaper? Her perfect little body is anatomically correct! You'll swear you're holding a real baby! Hurry! Your blessings start multiplying right now - order today!
"Little Lauren" is dressed in a dainty hospital cap and diapers, and accessorized with sweet touches including socks, a pacifier and a hospital bracelet
Certificate of Authenticity
Measures approximately 15-1/2" long

78% (15)
My mother's headstone
My mother's headstone
My Sister, You know you have been a real horrible do you sleep? You say she is at peace...I say She cannot be! You didn't do what she wanted! Period. That is the long and the short of it, Shirley Deane. How could you keep this fight of ours alive...this division of her children. Her last wish was for Unity sister...but you're stubborn and cannot admit when you are wrong. She was that way too. You used to understand the problem with that kind of thinking...but you want her bad traits to be your as well? She made me EQUAL to you and Patrick. I will bitch, and moan, and from the top of the world until I die- Expose you! You owe me an apology and you owe me 12.5% of My Mother's Estate, photos, dolls, jewelry and the rest of what I did not even get to look at ever again. I will tell everyone The remember the Truth Shirley? Remember promising your little sister to love her and grow old with her...Viola's Jewelry, all the promises are broken like Our Sisterhood. You walked in her apt and said to me" What the fuck are you doing here...LEAVE!"and of course "we" know the rest of it...don't we Shirley, and Mother! You let that and mom's decision change everything between us...WHY? I know who I am, what I am. You wanna go back and throw my past in my face...write it down? I am going write a book...Yet you put others down all the time...if half of our relatives knew what you were saying about them behind their backs...for shame sister. I am ashamed of you. Sometimes I wanna beat your ass - other times I want to just hold you in my arms. What you said and did in front of Mom was unforgivable Shirley...the things you have done since...despicable. I want my share, my Inheritance. I have your Bible, Joe handed it to me, if you had not run him off, Shari and anyone else you felt like taking away from her- you would have it now...he was mink oiling it for her, and never got to give it back-because of YOU! Momma loved her Shirley...for whatever reasons she loved a lot of other people as well. You were her favorite...we all knew that. Kevin was too. Sure he hurt her...but that was her favorite son, I've heard her tell him that many times. You cannot rewrite her history, her will her children. You have disgraced us All Shirley- The Cavender Siblings..we look so dysfunctional and you relish in it!. So many know what you really have done to me...and NO ONE agrees - except your own subjects and most disagree/but cannot tell you for fear of your wrath. You can follow web-sites tell you die, I will never stop until this is made right!. You can read my story...I am publishing it, I have a contract with Random. Now you have the power to Unite Sylvia's have the Power to forgive whatever the hell it is you think I did to YOU! I did nothing, I took up for you, when Momma told me she was changing Executor's, she was scared you would sell her house, that is what you had been telling her. You did being mean to her, trying to get her to leave Yates Center...that is why she called me...we both fell right in and then you went crazy! How come none of you knew? Kevin was there 3 years...yet no one cared about him living with her, caring for her. They enabled each other at that time. Of course she was dying...she had been for years and years...she had a disease and you all acted like it just could not be, What? No way...yeah, a here is a NewsFlash Shirley..We are Next! What you did to me at her Funeral, Grandmother's Funeral as now History. You have been so mean, so unloving to me. You do not deserve me as your sister Shirley. I am very different than you. I love unconditionally, I give my heart and it stays where I left it Forever. You have hurt me more that anyone in the world! I cannot stress to you more...This whole thing since I called from her hospital room has been the worst time in my life! You have taken from me not only my birthright and my try to take my Mother...but My mother loved me...whether you like it or not Shirley...God is going to ask you one day...what you have done to your sister...? I fear you will pay dearly for this choice you have made! I pray you fix this...before YOU pass...please for your own Soul's Sake! There was/is enough to share...she wrote what she wanted, she signed it in front of YOU on your birthday! How do you explain all the lies now? We never tried to take Daddy's $$, Bruce Harrington told me about the Topeka trip! Despicable! My treatment at my mother's Funeral, horrifying, the letter, the obituary's all of them hers and Daddy's...don't you realize everyone knows about your greed? My book will make it clear...wouldn't be great if it made me $$$ :) How you treated Mom...when Rocky and could have cared less that Momma was grieving, all you thought about was bad, and what he did to you! I defended you both and hoped you would come around and you did, hell you gave me an 1/8 of really good wee
the devil wears a wig
the devil wears a wig
This is my sister. She is the shining beacon in my life. She hates this image, but it makes me smile so. When she was a baby, I remember thinking she was a lot of fun to play with, like my own personal, real-life doll. Little did we know she would remain so. Just look at this daft pose of her in a wig! But, I got her to do it & better yet, I captured it for the world to see. For, there's a little kid inside all of us. After all, who doesn't love to play & to laugh? As we grow older & more complicated, we often forget to take time to enjoy the life we're so busy living. Come to think about it, not much has changed, because, growing up, we shared a lot of chicanery. And the first one I remember, happened in NY, so this image is special to me. It was in Hudson NY & our Mum had this hanging baby swing attached to the door frame in our kitchen. She utilized it as a hands-free apparatus, whilst cooking by putting my sister inside. This way, my sister would be in the kitchen, but the swing enabled our Mum to actually cook, unimpeded. In turn, I was left to my own devices. My goodness, did my sister love that swing! It had heavy adjustable elastic strands, allowing the child sitting within to bounce up-and-down, whilst simultaneously building leg strength. Oh how it made her giggle and smile, in turn me (and anyone within earshot). Her smile & laugh were infectious & remain so, today. I was three & only now realize quite a mischievous toddler, because whenever our Mum would exit stage left, I siezed the opportunity to snap that swing (with baby inside) as far back as a three-year-old could, and let loose. In it, she was like a human sling-shot. Now, any parent out there - including ours - is most likely gasping in horror, at this thought. But not Kelly. Even as an infant she was fearless. Or, perhaps she just instinctively knew her big sister was there as her personal protector & would never hurt her? For whatever reason, rather than scream and cry, she would just laugh harder - ecstatic & elated by the motion and attention. This was the first time I consciously remember realizing one's actions had direct causal reactions on & could elicit a response, in others. It was profound. This little infant sister was the first person in my life that I recall, to teach me about pure joy. In this particular instance - fortunately - my actions caused no harm. I've since found out from a mate whose just had her second child, these swings have gone out of production, due to their being considered "dangerous". Suppose I can see why, but she sure loved the thing. I think I might try & design a new version - one considered more "safe", for this overprotective society in which we now live. For, we can delay experiences, but sooner or later, they're going to happen. The good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes, our actions cause joy. Sometimes, they cause pain, sadness, hurt, or anger. I am so grateful for sharing all of these firsts, with my sister. For, they were lessons which helped to prepared me for life's journey. Without her, I would be lost. Without her, the ups, the downs, the sadness and the joys we experienced together would never have been. I am truly blessed, for I am a better person because of and for, her. I love you little sister - happy new year! photography: a.golden, eyewash design: 01 Jan. 2005, NYC (Toshiba mobile phone image)

so truly real baby doll
so truly real baby doll
So Truly Real Baby Doll Accessories: Stroller by The Ashton-Drake Galleries
So Truly Real(R) Baby Doll Accessories Introduce Your Little One to the World! Exclusive Stroller for 10" Dolls on the Go! - Your baby doll will be the hit of the day when you go for a walk with this specially designed stroller! This So Truly Real(R) baby doll accessory is custom-designed to fit all of our collectible 10" dolls, and has all the handy features you could ever want, from the bright blue and white finish to the comfortably curved handles and fold-up frame. Just imagine your little one snuggled into the pastel quilted fabric sling seat, gazing out as the world goes by. Don't wait to introduce your little sweetheart to the world in this adorable stroller. The fabric sling even has the So Truly Real(R) logo, your assurance that it's an authentic accessory created for your collectible So Truly Real 10" baby doll. It also makes a great gift for doll collectors, but hurry! Strong demand is expected. Order now!
A must-have accessory for your So Truly Real baby dolls, or a special gift for doll collectors
Certificate of Authenticity
Measures 19.5" H; 49.5 cm H

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