Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Dosage

hawaiian baby woodrose dosage
    baby woodrose
  • Baby Woodrose is a rock band formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2001. They take their name from the Argyreia nervosa, a plant commonly known as Hawaiian baby woodrose, which can be used for hallucinogenic effects.
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  • Dosage is the fourth studio album by Atlanta-based American alternative rock band Collective Soul. The album was released in February 1999 and peaked at #21 in Billboard's albums chart (see 1999 in music).
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  • dose: the quantity of an active agent (substance or radiation) taken in or absorbed at any one time
hawaiian baby woodrose dosage - Dosage V
Dosage V
Dosage V
Dosage V combines gorgeous cinematography from Emmy Award-winning cameramen Josh and Brett Lowell with a progressive soundtrack and tight editing to transport the viewer to Yosemite, China, Arkansas, Spain, Colorado, and New England to witness the year's most outstanding climbing accomplishments. Highlights include: Beth Rodden's first ascent of Meltdown (5.14c), one of the hardest traditional routes in the world; Chris Sharma's next-level sport climbing projects in Catalunya, Spain; And young-guns Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson pushing the limits of bouldering in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.Dosage V because it includes footage of Beth Rodden working on a 75 foot seam up a slightly overhanging wall next to a thundering waterfall. After forty days of effort, Beth made the route's first ascent, naming it Meltdown and calling it the hardest climb she's ever done.

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Baby Woodrose
Baby Woodrose
is the name of a hardrock band from Denmark. They were excellent, but had a hard time with all the cameramen filming the set, and the majority of the audience had apparently come for the main act, which was very different in style - - -
Rivea / Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Rivea / Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Rivea Corymbosa (left) growing along side Argyreia Nervosa (right)

hawaiian baby woodrose dosage
hawaiian baby woodrose dosage
Great collection at a great price.

At heart a safe if emotive and catchy middle-of-the-road rock band, Collective Soul up the prescription on Dosage, turning in an 11-song collection that stretches previous aural boundaries with mixed results. The Southern-bred quintet is literary in its lyrical leanings and thoughtful in its deft and dynamic pop-rock songcraft. Programming and keyboards are now part of the group's arsenal. Dosage's production, meanwhile, is handled by singer-guitarist Ed Roland and is exceedingly lively and crisp. The collection is more loose, experimental and modern--and less classic-rock-leaning--than Collective Soul's two previous albums. There's nothing quite in the vein of "Shine" or "Precious Declaration," two memorable, high-impact singles from the band's first two sets, though "Generate," "Heavy," and "Crown" are standouts. Ultimately, Dosage is a cohesive collection of strong songs and a smart step up for the band. It just may insure survival for a group where others of a similar musical ilk--such as Brother Cane and Cry of Love--have floundered. --Katherine Turman

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