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Best Thermometers For Babies

best thermometers for babies
  • (Thermometer (instant-read)) A thermometer that looks like a metal skewer with a temperature gauge on the end.  When inserted into a food, it will show the internal temperature in a few seconds, but it is not left in the food during cooking.
  • An instrument for measuring and indicating temperature, typically one consisting of a narrow, hermetically sealed glass tube marked with graduations and having at one end a bulb containing mercury or alcohol that expands and contracts in the tube with heating and cooling
  • (THERMOMETER) A device used to measure the brewing temperature of coffee or espresso, steamed milk being prepared for espresso-based specialty coffee drinks (espresso drinks), and whole coffee beans during the coffee roasting process.
  • (thermometer) measuring instrument for measuring temperature
    for babies
  • (For Baby (For Bobbie)) John Denver (December 31, 1943 - October 12, 1997), born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., was an American singer-songwriter, actor, activist, and poet.
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Disney Baby Lullaby: Favorite Sleepytime Songs for Baby and You
Disney Baby Lullaby: Favorite Sleepytime Songs for Baby and You
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Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 01/25/1995

Lullabies lend themselves to woozy re-creations, a sort of endless repetition that flags under the weight of the concept (putting kids to bed for their much-needed sleep) and the lack of weight accorded to the music. You might expect a Disney lullaby collection to be on a par with the most mediocre collections, but this one is really a fine set. The tunes are standard--from the famous "Brahms Lullaby" to "All the Pretty Little Horses"--but they're uniformly excellent and creative, staying within the realm of acoustic music that sounds and feels organic. These are Disney-related tunes, for the most part, so "Stay Awake" is here, as is the whimsical "Sleep, Daddy, Sleep." Musically, the set is varied, steering away from a repetition of instrumentation or delivery. That makes it easily entertaining enough for back-to-back listens, which any parent will be asked for with this collection. --Andrew Bartlett

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"Best Cat Ever....Died"...Yep, that was Willie
"Best Cat Ever....Died"...Yep, that was Willie
I am sure you all recognize Marcus. He was about a year old in this photograph that his Mommy took. He is now 2. This "was" Willie. Willie died sometime in the middle of the night....early Saturday morning January 5. He was my brother's cat, Marcus' best kitty friend and the "first pet" my brother's wife, Kelly, ever had. Kelly was not fond of animals, since her entire life her family had been "pet-less".... I guess a hard thing when she met my brother John and he had six cats....all indoor. Willie must have known Kelly was having a hard time with now having "pets"...but loved John enough to try her best. Willie became "Kelly's cat".....he would not leave her alone...always seeking her attention... and she loved him equally as much. I remember fondly when I was called over the day Kelly bought a special toy....for Willie. I had to see his new trick. She kept it in the buffet drawer and Willie knew when she was going to take it out and have special play time. They both loved playing. He was also her "lap kitty".... Well....New Year's Eve I got a call from next door. My brother told me that they felt something was wrong with Willie. He seemed to be having a hard time breathing and every now and again he would let out a strange meow. I did not hear it until I called back to check on him. I said "John...that's a pain cry"....a cry I'd never heard from any of my cats before...but you could just hear pain in his meow. John had opened a can of cat food and Willie was always the "first" to push everyone aside when he'd hear that electric can opener....knowing that great stinky canned cat food was going to be presented before the cats. When he opened a can New Year's Eve...Willie just would lay on the register on the floor with heat coming out. Willie never even attempted to move....let alone run for the food. THAT was the first sign. That is what prompted John to call me....that Willie didn't RUN to food. Willie was simply not himself. The next day came...New Year's Day. Kelly called me and said Willie had thrown up and it was not a hair ball. It was actual "vomit"...she said John cleaned it up. It wasn't a nice hair ball. They knew he wasn't feeling well. They thought after he got sick, he was starting to feel better...but still not eating. No more pain crying... The next morning at 7:00 am...I got a phone call from my brother. He asked if I could quickly go over and be with the baby so Kelly could go pick him up. He had just been in a car accident on his way to work. He was only about 7 minutes from home... HE IS FINE...CAR IS NOT !!! Darn icy roads at 6:30 am... I dashed next door to watch Marcus and Kelly left. First time I'd been by Willie since they called New Year's Eve. I honestly was afraid to come check him because I didn't want Savior to get sick or catch anything. Kelly had not been gone long and Marcus and I walked by the kitchen. He pointed to Willie and said "help".....We saw Willie was laying in a pile of blood. I knew it was by his hind quarters...but did not touch him and took baby back to living room. When you have an all black long haired cat..laying on an all white kitchen bright red piles of notice rather quickly. I IMMEDIATELY called my brother and told him what we'd just discovered. I said as soon as you get home, he has to go to the was an emergency. I called the vet and filled them in. The minute Kelly and John walked int he door...Kelly mopped up the blood, John got the pet carrier and believe it or not...Willie climbed in. When they arrived at the vet, Kelly said as soon as they inserted the thermometer rectally, Willie urinated blood all over the exam table. She said it was more than on the kitchen floor. They admitted Willie that Wednesday..January 2 morning. They continually called to check on Willie...still not eating but being treated. Friday late afternoon, my brother called and the vet said he was passing clots of blood and asked permission to do an x-ray to check for a tumor. He was being treated for a urinary tract infection. Saturday morning at 8:00 am...Kelly called me sobbing her eyes out. She had just been called that Willie has passed away. The words that came out of her mouth "The Best Cat In The World....Has Died"....she was so so sad. There is a beautiful set of trees in their backyard. It looks like the perfect spot to put up a hammock to rest on a nice sunny summer afternoon. That is where Willie will be buried tomorrow the Spring, Kelly plans on putting in a beautiful flower garden on Willie's grave. The lady who was not fond of animals.....was certainly shown that a little guy who wanted lots of attention...loved a cozy spot all curled up on your lap and always made everyone laugh with his comedy here, there and everywhere all over the
Cry baby cry...
Cry baby cry...
Kasihan my baby... Lately, cuaca makin panas, setelah 2-3minggu asyik hujan, kini Jepun dah beralih ke musim panas sepenuhnya. Based on weather forecast, minggu ni hingga minggu depan setiap hari panas, dengan suhu tertinggi hingga 31 darjah celcius dan kelembapan mencecah 90%, haiyooo, panas panas. Bunyi cengkerik pun dah memenuhi setiap ceruk kehidupan, dah rasa macam duk dalam hutan, hehe... Rafiqh, ?????(sabar yer)... Last monday, dari pagi Rafiqh buat perangai. Asyik nak berdukung, tak nak duduk dalam walker. Aktif lagi nak bermain, tapi mood tak baik jer. At first I thought he was feeling hot and uncomfortable. So in the afternoon, I bagi laa mandi lagi. Lepas bangun tidur petang tu pun mandi lagi, bersiap2 nak ke klinik, cause he had an appointment with the paed, Dr. Yoshimoto. As usual, the nurse asked me to measure Rafiqh's temperature. The thermometer reading was 37.5 degree celcius, which mean he had a fever. Haiyooo, how could I didn't realized it at all? Even though it just slight fever, but since it was the first time for Rafiqh to deal with fever, he became soo cranky, poor my baby... After all, he had his 3rd DPT jab and did his 7months check up as well. The paed said, Rafiqh's development was in great condition. He has achieved all the skills/ability that the baby in his age should has. Alhamdulillah... At home, he still played actively, he just refused to be in his walker. He slept soundly that night, fuhhh lega... And in the morning, Alhamdulillah sihat seperti sediakala... Cabaran paling besar dalam musim panas ni of course laa all about how to deal with baby's condition. I will try my best to ease his uncomfort. Dulu I bagi dia mandi twice a day (morning and evening), but now kena add another one session in the afternoon. Let him play with water, and he enjoys it so much. I let him drinks lots of water. Sekejap2 I bagi air, supaya kulit dia tak kering... Susah juga nak bagi Rafiqh minum air masak sebab dia memang tak suka, apatah lagi dia bukan bottle-feeding so tak pandai hisap botol, bagi cawan/sippy-cup pun tak jalan, so I try to use straw, nampak menarik macam toy so he will open his mouth happily... Selain air masak, bagi juga jus such as apple, peach and plum. Bila cuaca panas, baby senang dapat ruam. So, to prevent it from become worst, I put baby powder/bedak sejuk all over his body at least 3times a day. So far, it works... Baju pun kerap berganti bila dia berpeluh dan tak selesa, I salin the new one, tak apa laa basuh banyak sikit as long as Rafiqh rasa selesa... Siang hari I tak bagi dia tidur with air-cond, tak nak biasakan, nanti manja sangat pulak. I just put him in the living room, on the fan and cooler-air cleaner, tutup curtain bagi gelap, dia boleh tidur macam biasa - pagi, tengahari dan petang. Only at night we use the air-cond, but it's not for the whole night, hanya sejam awal masa Rafiqh nak tidur, then on balik pukul 1 pagi sebab masa tu tak tahu kenapa panas sangat, and the last one after subuh, itupun dalam sejam jer, selalunya tak sampai sejam pun... Harapnya Rafiqh mampu bertahan, 3bulan jer sayang oiii... Gambatte!

best thermometers for babies
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