About Babiee Shay

Her Description of her self:
I'm pretty out there, I like having fun, laughing and always doing something different. I love Animals, they are more important to me then people, simply because they need more help then we do. Also I have very good advice for people and can work with any problem. At times I have my moments (but everyone has that), and I can get mean. I enjoy music, being out handing with friends. And enjoying life. I like who I am, and proud of myself.

Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Babiee-Shay/181754748505125
Born: June 1 199*

Description Of Her Personality:
Very funny, sweet and nice, fun to talk/hang with, always happy, clever, daring, supporter, talkative, very good advise.

Single (planing on staying single)

Interested In: Guys

What other people would say about her:
"I think she is a nice girl who has a great heart"
"I think she is very funny and good friend"
"I think she is a good leader to others"

Type Of Music:
Rap/Hip Hop, Pop, and some Rock

What She Likes To Do:
Photographer, Hang with Friends, Go to the Movies, Draw, Sports, Mall, etc.

What She Doesn't Like: BUGS, school, rude/mean people, bullies, the smell of gas, winter, sea food, Fake People, Lairs, people who never stop talking, waking up early, etc.