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Places of Pilgrimage — The Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, home of Meher Baba’s Samadhi or tomb-shrine in India, is at  Avatar’s Abode in Australia is at  The Meher Spiritual Center in the U.S.A. is at  The Avatar Meher Baba Heartland Center in the U.S.A. is at  Meher Mount in the U.S.A. is at  Guides to places Baba visited are at  and  A guide to pilgrimage to India is at

Baba Biographies <NEW (20 volumes) , , ,  , , , , (videos in eight languages) , and (videos in English) 

Bhau's Chat — Bhau Kalchuri, one of Baba’s mandali, has an Internet chat almost every Sunday for a few hours, starting at 4 p.m. Indian Standard Time. The chatroom is at  The webcast is at  Links to the chatroom and webcast are also at

Baba Books — The Avatar Meher Baba Trust has over thirty books by and about Meher Baba available online for downloading at  All of these books as well as any text can be converted to audio files using the free pc-compatible program TexttoWav, which is at;1 (See the bottom of this page for instructions on how to use the program.) The Avatar Meher Baba Trust Archives has digital images and typed transcriptions of correspondence to and from Baba, and digital images of hundreds of pages of diaries kept by Baba’s mandali, at  Listen to God Speaks at <NEW  Download the Divine Theme, the booklet Baba had His mandali members meditate on in 1943, at  Download Shri Meher Baba, the Perfect Master: Questions and Answers, the 1933 book published by The Circle Editorial Committee in London, at  Read Effort and Grace: Open Secrets in Meher Baba's Discourses at <NEW  Lord Meher, Baba’s biography, can be read and searched at  Baba’s Discourses can be read and searched at  Listen to Don Stevens read Discourses and Listen, Humanity at  Download audio files of Finding God in North Carolina at  Sheriar Foundation Books is at The bookstore of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California is at  Searchlight books is at  The bookstore of the Meher Baba Association in London is at  Other books may be purchased at or borrowed via an inter-library loan internet request at your local library's website. also provides buying and borrowing options for Baba books on the right after clicking on a book title<NEW  For books in India, go to or  New and used books (and other types of items) for sale on and eBay are at  and , respectively.  Information about many books and magazines is at  Hundreds of books are listed at,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=9ee7e3d3dc698a7&biw=1024&bih=580 or by searching for "Meher Baba" at and clicking on “Books” on the left.  Search settings are also on the left. Information about recently published Baba books and downloadable versions of Meher Baba and me and of The Real Treasurewhich has stories of Baba's mandali, are in the lower left corner of  The Avatar Meher Baba Bibliography is mid-way down the page at  The Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California Archive's Pamphlet Collection, which contains pictures of Baba pamphlet and book covers, etc., is at (Click on an image to enlarge it.)  The American Library of Congress's Baba book collection is at , , , ,  and 

Baba Pictures — Meher Nazar Publications' photo collection, which contains over 7,300 photos of Baba and others, is at  The MSI Collection, which contains over 2,500 pictures of Baba taken by His sister Mani, is at  Meher Baba Oceanic Archive Images are at  Sheriar Books' pictures are at  The Baba Trust's pictures of Baba are at's pictures are at  More Baba pictures may be found at,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=8d2d9cf3017c4287&biw=1024&bih=580 or by searching for "Meher Baba" at and clicking on "Images" on the left. Right click on a picture and select "Save as" to save it to your computer. 

Baba has complete versions of the movies You Alone Exist and God in Human Form, the latter film in Hindi, Telugu, English, Farsi, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Other videos are at (including videos of Amartithi and an arts festival at Meherabad) , , ,  and  Baba movies for sale in Australia are at  Movies for sale in the U.S. are at many of the websites listed above for "Baba Books."  Hundreds of YouTube videos related to Baba are at  The most recently uploaded YouTube videos related to Baba are at  Click on the black arrow facing down next to "Filter" in the top left corner to access other search settings. A playlist of recommended Baba videos on YouTube <NEW  (including ones that have a large amount of film footage of Baba in them) is at  Recommended YouTube channels <NEW  are , , and  More videos related to Baba (including all YouTube videos) can be found at,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=21a3f8b57647fe3b&biw=1280&bih=742 or by searching for "Meher Baba" at and clicking on “Videos” on the left.  Search settings are also on the left.  

Baba's Mandali  — Listen to audio recordings of talks given by Baba’s disciples at Meherazad’s Mandali Hall and elsewhere at , , (go to “The Sound” under “Australian Group” on the left) , and  Information about Baba's mandali is at  (click on a mandali member's name on the right for information), ,  , and  Photos of Baba's mandali are at (includes pictures of Meherabad and Meherazad)  , (includes pictures of Meherabad and Meherazad), , and (Click on the "Photos" link, which is the third one from the left in the top row, and photos of Meheru can be viewed and downloaded on the main page.) More pictures of Baba's mandali may be found at's+mandali%22&hl=en&prmd=imvnso&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=mg9nUNrOBen20gHrvIHIAg&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAQ&biw=888&bih=511 or by searching for "Meher Baba's mandali" or "Meherazad" at and selecting "Images" on the left. Right click on an image and select "Save as" to save a picture to your computer. 

Baba Music — Download music recorded at Meherabad and elsewhere at <NEW , <NEW  ,  and   Listen to the online Baba Radio station at  (It is occasionally unavailable.)  Listen to Western songs at ,  , and  <NEW   Watch movies of various performances of Baba songs at  <NEW The webpages of individual musicians are at <NEW   and in the right column under the fourth heading from the top, "Art & Music."  Listen to and read translations of the Gujarati ArtiMeher Chalisa, and other songs at  (Click on the individual song's title in the "Media" section, which is the third one from the top in the left column.) Listen to and download audio recordings of music, etc., at  Listen to and read a history of the song "The Ocean of Love" at and read one of Western Baba music at 

Baba in the News
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The Power of Baba’s Samadhi

“It [Baba's tomb] is a place of immense spiritual importance….” Baba in Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. III, Bal Natu, p. 192.

"The discourse reading was stopped, and Baba granted permission to all to visit the Dome on Meherabad Hill. Baba stated that he had confined himself in it for a period of five months or so, during which time he was on tea and water only. He added, 'The place is of great spiritual importance, and I have ordered my mandali that when I drop my body, it should be buried there.'" Bhau Kalchuri in Lord Meher, Vol. 11, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 3964. <NEW

“After his [a Perfect Master’s] death, he enjoys eternal bliss, and the power is there with him, but not the authority to use it. So wherever there is a tomb of a Master, there the power is; but it is the faith which becomes the medium and utilizes that power….” Baba in Ramjoo’s Diaries, Ramjoo Abdulla, pp. 147-148.

“Baba said it was important for anyone aspiring to have spiritual benefit to visit the Tomb time and time again to imbibe the impressions of the Impressionless One.” Eruch Jessawala in The Ancient One, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, p. 12.

"Those who are determined to bow down and worship here [at Baba's tomb] will do so, will grow more and more in Baba's Love, will try their utmost to love Baba with all their hearts and will please all others in their own joy." Baba in Let’s Go to Meherabad!, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 3.

"This place (Meherabad) is the most important. It is the best for those on the spiritual path. Despite visiting other places for work, it is best to return here." Baba in Let's Go to Meherabad!, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 145.

"Baba later remarked about Meherabad, 'This place is the most important one. It is the best place to be for those on the spiritual path. Despite visiting places for my work, it is always best to return here.'" Bhau Kalchuri in Lord Meher, Vol. 3, 1988, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 854. <NEW  

"Up until the 8th of March [1927], Baba stayed in the Jhopdi, and then He moved His living quarters back to the wooden Table. It was there at that time that He said of Meherabad, 'I will occupy this Seat for twelve hundred years!'" Bhau Kalchuri in Let's Go to Meherabad!, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 81.

"You don't realize how fortunate you are…To sit near God's feet for just one second requires great luck, but you are sitting near my feet for so many hours. Fifty years from now, lakhs [hundreds of thousands] of pilgrims will visit Meherabad. People will not be allowed to go inside the Samadhi and bow at my feet. They will have to take darshan from the door…Even if people see my Samadhi from afar, they will consider themselves fortunate. Only later will you realize how fortunate you were to be near God's feet. This opportunity of sitting near my feet won't come again in your life...." Baba to Sheela and Mehernath Kalchuri in Growing Up With God, Sheela Fenster with David Fenster, p. 132.

“Meher Baba once conveyed to His close ones, ‘This [body] is only an overcoat that I’m wearing; this is not the real Me.’ That ‘Real Me’ of the Avatar’s presence is now manifesting itself in innumerable ways through the Samadhi. There the atmosphere is permeated with His divine presence, awakening hearts to His glorious love. To enter the Samadhi is to bathe in a clear pool of purity. It not only cleanses the impurities of mind and heart, but perfumes one’s entire being with His illuminating presence. The Samadhi is where Meher Baba responds to His lovers’ longing for the Avatar’s physical company. Whenever one has the rare fortune to visit there, either physically or in one’s thoughts, it performs a wondrous sanctification of one’s mind and heart. That little room holds the key that unlocks the human heart which sincerely calls on Him, the Eternal Beloved.” Bal Natu in The Samadhi * Star of Infinity, Bal Natu, pp. 76-77.

“The 100 years after the Manifestation of the Avatar is the period of encompassing the direct living and personal radiation of the Avatar.” Mani Irani in A Love So Amazing, Bili Eaton, p. 82.

“To one American, who asked if he should pray every day, Baba replied, ‘One moment in the Master’s presence is worth a hundred years of prayers.’” Bhau Kalchuri in Lord Meher, Vol. 14, 1999, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 5433.

“[I]t is said that a Sadguru’s personal company is best and even half a moment in his presence wipes out millions and billions of sanskaras.” Baba in ibid., Vol. 3, 1988, p. 1109.

"Special importance is attached to meditating in holy places where the Masters themselves have lived or meditated." Baba in "The Types of Meditation, Part I: The Nature of Meditation and its Conditions," Baba in Discourses, 1987, Meher Baba, p. 116. <NEW

“[T]he one who asks for my love will be the chosen one.” (Baba’s Samadhi is a great place to ask wholeheartedly for His love!) Baba in “What Baba Means By Real Work,” The Beloved, Naosherwan Anzar, pp. 116-17.

“You should remember that Beloved Baba’s form itself is in the Tomb. And whether you feel anything or not, His form enshrined there is like the sun that touches everything. Going to His Tomb-Shrine will help disperse the cloud-cover of your impressions so that one day you can feel the rays of love from His Divine Sun in your heart…going regularly will help you. Do not doubt this.” The Spiritual Training Programme, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 60.

“There is a spiritual intensity at Meherabad. The body of Avatar Meher Baba which is resting in the Tomb at Meherabad, is the body that housed Reality and anything that is in direct contact with Reality is naturally sanctified. So the effect of that body is that everything for miles around is sanctified…What you experience is the reflection of His presence in the atmosphere of this place….” Eruch Jessawala in The Ancient One, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, pp. 234-35.

“[Baba's samadhi] is surcharged with Baba’s divine presence. Hence this place — the Power House — has become the center through which the Avatar’s ever-living Infinite Consciousness continues to function, radiating His unconditional love and compassion to one and all who visit Him.” Bal Natu in Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. VI, Bal Natu, p. 89.

“His Tomb at Meherabad and His residence at Meherazad…are vast repositories of divine impressions whose effect on those who receive them is to awaken love for God.” Bhau Kalchuri in Glow International, February 2000, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, p. 2.

Baba's sister, Mani, stated, "Your bowing down at His feet unburdening of your self, your impressions...which get merged into the Ocean that Baba is." Mani S. Irani in the Mandali Moments: Pilgrimage video at <NEW

“The Tomb is next in importance to the proximity of the physical presence of the Avatar…. I stress one thing — never miss a chance to go to Baba’s Tomb.” Adi K. Irani in Just to Love Him, Adi K. Irani, pp. 88, 91.

“He has said just before He dropped His body, ‘Now the shop will be opened.’ / He has really opened His Wineshop in the Tomb, / and He is inviting humanity to come there to drink. / What a beautiful place His Tomb is — the Tomb is the Divine Treasure.

Oh humanity! / Don’t miss the opportunity to drink when the Wineshop is open. / The Beloved is distributing Wine ceaselessly without a break. / What a gift is given at His Tomb — the Tomb is the Divine Treasure!” Bhau Kalchuri from “The Tomb is the Divine Treasure” in Let’s Go to Meherabad!, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 144.

The Importance of Remembering Baba

“Once the aspirant has the bliss of the darshan of a Master, that sight gets carved on his mind, and even when he is unable to establish frequent personal contact, his mind turns to the Master again and again in an effort to understand His significance. This process of establishing mental contact with the Master is essentially different from merely imaginative revival of past incidents. In the ordinary play of imagination, the recall of past incidents is not necessarily animated by a definite purpose, whereas in establishing mental contact there is a definite purpose. Owing to the directive power of purpose, imagination ceases to be a mere revolving of ideas and reaches out to the Master through the inner planes and establishes contact with him. Such mental contact with the Master is often as fruitful and effective as his physical darshan. The inward repetition of such mental contacts is like constructing a channel between Master and aspirant, who becomes thereby the recipient of the grace, love and light which are constantly flowing from the Master in spite of the apparent distance between them. Thus, the help of the Master goes out not only to those who happen to be in his physical presence but also to others who establish mental contact with him. Baba in The Place of Occultism in Spiritual Life, Part II, Discourses, 1987, Meher Baba, p.188.

“Love for the Sadguru or Perfect Master is particularly important because it invites contact with the Sadguru. Through such contact the aspirant receives from the Sadguru impressions which have the special potency of undoing other past impressions, thus completely transforming the tenor of his life.” Baba in “The Removal of Sanskaras, Part III: The Wiping Out of Sanskaras,” Discourses, Meher Baba, 1987, p. 57.

“God is absolutely independent. The only way to approach Him is through love, constant repetition of His Name, and invocation of His Mercy.” Baba in Lord Meher, Vol. 18, 2000, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 5986.

“The company of a real saint, the service of humanity and the repetition of God’s name — these are the highest possible yoga and religious practice.” Baba in The Silent Word, Francis Brabazon, p. 278.

“I am in everybody’s heart, but I am sleeping there. It is my old, old habit. In order to awaken Me, you should always call out to Me and say ‘Baba, Baba, Baba’ continuously. Then I who am sleeping in your heart will not find any pleasure in remaining asleep. Let alone sleep, I shall not find time even to doze. I shall then slowly be awakened in your heart by hearing your constant calls. Once I am awake in your heart, you too will awake and remain awake forever. Therefore, repeat My name constantly and awaken Me in your heart so that you become awake for all time.” Baba in The Ancient One, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, p. 173.

“I want every lover of mine to repeat my name with every breath. The repetition should be continuous and such that even in sound sleep it should continue like your breathing. Then there is some possibility of experiencing a glimpse of me. Never worry about thoughts while repeating my name. Do not check them because when you repeat my name, the thoughts will not create binding for you — good or bad.” Baba in Lord Meher, Vol. 13, 1998, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 4818.

“God is present right here and now, in you all and in me. So let us take his name sincerely and wholeheartedly so that He Who is within us is touched. Do not speak aloud when the names are repeated. Only repeat silently and think that He is within us and hears us all.” Baba in ibid., Vol. 11, p. 3946.

“If you stop worrying, God has to begin to worry for you! Remember Him wholeheartedly; leave your troubles to Him. Then you will be free to remain cheerful.” Baba in ibid., Vol. 10, p. 3562.

“I am God, 100% so!...[T]hink only of me and constantly repeat my name.” Baba in ibid., Vol. 18, 2000, p. 6097.

"My name is greater than even Me!" Baba as quoted by Meherwan Jessawala. <NEW

“Repeat my name every second, every moment! If it becomes so natural in your subconscious, automatically it will come out during moments of difficulty to help and save you.” Baba in ibid., Vol. 18, 2000, pp. 6130-31.

“[W]hen you feel angry or have lustful thoughts, remember Baba at once. Let my name serve as a net around you so that your thoughts, like mosquitoes, may keep buzzing around you and yet not sting you…You can also entrust your mind to me by remembering me or repeating my name in your heart as often as you can. Remember me so often that your mind is at a loss to find other thoughts to feed on.” Baba in Listen Humanity, ed. Don E. Stevens, 1982, pp. 44-45.

“I say with my Divine Authority to each and all that whosoever takes my name at the time of breathing his last comes to me [gains liberation or infinite and eternal bliss]; so do not forget to remember me in your last moments. Unless you start remembering me from now on, it will be difficult to remember me when your end approaches. You should start practising from now on. Even if you take my name only once every day, you will not forget to remember me in your dying moments.” Baba in “My Wish,” Lord Meher, Vol. 15, 1999, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 5418. The source for the meaning of the phrase “comes to me” is Baba in ibid., pp. 5444-45.

"Some persons may be so constituted that they can readily take to the second stage of Bhakti Yoga, without having passed through the first stage. But whether the devotee has or has not passed through the first stage, in the beginning of the second stage, he has to make vigorous efforts in thinking about the Almighty as much as possible. The efforts must be continued until he becomes above efforts; and he becomes above efforts only when worship from the heart becomes his second nature. He who can naturally worship from the heart without finding it necessary to make artificial efforts, may justifiably be said to have attained to higher Bhakti.

Let it be noted that it is not necessary for a man to stop carrying out his worldly duties an obligations, to achieve or to practice this higher Bhakti. He may conduct his business or follow his profession, he may lead the family life and look after his necessary external requirements; but amidst all his worldly engagement he should ever be alert on the Lord. The more he can remember the object of the heart-worship, along with the routine work of his everyday life, the better for him. Besides reiterating the name of the Almighty in the ordinary manner, the seeker of the subjective, spiritual sidelight in the second, more advanced stage of Bhakti Yoga should make it a rule to retire into a dark room all alone for about a couple of hours every night. During this period of retirement he must try to avoid all thoughts save that of "I want you, O Lord," and repeat continuously any one of the names of the Almighty which he has adopted for the purpose of Nam-Samaran.

This is the best course open for those who neither feel satisfied with objective worship, nor can afford to renounce all for God. If sincerely followed, this intermediate practice is bound to bear fruit sooner or later and provide the aspirant with the subjective "glimpses" of the great Reality in some way or another. For instance, one may be able to see or hear without using the gross organs of sight and sound; or perhaps even get established on the Path itself." Baba in The Path of Love, 1986, Meher Baba, pp. 62-63.

Baba instructed some people to repeat His name in this way: “You must repeat audibly the name of Avatar Meher Baba in the form of “BABA” by uttering “BA” with each breath in and again “BA” with each breath out — without a break throughout the waking state during day and night for the seven days.” Baba in Lord Meher, Vol. 13, 1999, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 4684.

“Here I am reminded of an incident in the late sixties when Meher Baba Himself demonstrated silently to one of His lovers how to repeat ‘BA . . . BA’ as one inhales and exhales. But this has to be done, he especially mentioned, in a very easy and delightful manner. BABA, the unique Divine Name!” Bal Natu in Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. I, Bal Natu, p. 340.

"Day and night you breathe, but do you ever think of it? Even at night when you sleep and when it is not possible to think of it, your breathing goes on for twenty-four hours, continuously and naturally. Do the japa in a similar manner; do it in such a way that it goes on spontaneously all the time – while eating, drinking, sitting, walking, talking – so that in the course of time, it becomes a natural habit.

To form this habit, first you have to repeat the one name of God most dear to you for half an hour daily, increasing the time gradually until the mental repetition becomes a natural habit, and you keep repeating it for twenty-four hours. God has hundreds and thousands of names. Select an easy one and with every inhalation, repeat it. While doing it, no special sitting or standing posture is required.

This habit will make you repeat God's name always – while eating, working, urinating, defecating and so on. If at all you forget to take His name, take it at once as soon as you remember. Do this, thinking that it is a duty given to you. Don't worry if you ever forget to take His name. If your thoughts begin to flow into a different channel, stop them and go on repeating His name. When it becomes a firm habit with you, even while thinking other thoughts, the repetition will be uppermost and you will not even be conscious that you are doing it – exactly in the same way in which you are unconscious of your breathing.

Do not do it like pranayama, by taking one chosen name when you inhale and the same name when you exhale. Not like that, but do the repetition as I have explained in a natural way. Take any name – mine or any one – but have nothing to do with breathing.

Such a repetition will benefit you greatly, and there is not the least harm. If you go on repeating my name with love, you may possibly become God. Again have nothing to do with pranayama; follow the method I have shown you. It would have been different had you decided yourself how to take God's name. But now that I have instructed you, you have to act accordingly." Baba in "My Wish," Lord Meher, Vol. 12, 1999, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 4177. <NEW

"To one devotee who regularly worshiped Baba's picture, Baba stated, 'Continue with the puja (worship) of my picture wholeheartedly until you can do it in your own heart. Love Baba more and more until you see me within you.'" Bhau Kalchuri in Lord Meher, Volume 17, Bhau Kalchuri, 1999, p. 5737.

“He [Baba] asked them [the Westerners at the 1954 Meherabad Sahavas] to think exclusively of Him for half an hour every day, for seven days. He added, ‘If you find you cannot do that, then just look at My picture and mentally repeat ‘Ba-ba.’ If your thoughts bother you, don’t be concerned; let them come and go, but try your best to keep Baba’s figure clearly in your mind’s eye.’” Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. VI, Bal Natu, p. 120.

“While we sat side by side, I would look up to catch a glimpse of the tip of his [Sheriar’s, Baba’s father’s] tongue moving up and down as he silently repeated God’s name, ‘Yezdan, Yezdan.’” (Sometimes our mind needs to follow our lips’ silent action of repeating God’s name.) Mani Irani in God Brother, Mani Irani, p. 57.

“Let the name of the Lord alone be on your lips….” Baba in The God-Man, Charles Purdom, p. 50.

“[I]t is possible for everyone, belonging to any creed and to any station in life, to practice Bhakti Yoga or the true art of worship in its first stage. The act of worship should spring from the heart. Let it be borne in mind that worship from the heart presupposes great efforts. It cannot be evoked with a mere wish. If one decides upon practicing true Bhakti, one has to make heroic efforts in order to achieve fixity of mind, for contrary thoughts are very likely to disturb one’s mind. It is because the average person’s frame of mind is averse to remaining unchanged for any considerable period of time, that repeated efforts to evoke deep devotion are essential….” Baba in The Path of Love, 1986, Meher Baba, p. 61.

“By thinking continually, you become what you think of deeply. The mind makes one become what one thinks of deeply. When you meditate, you try to forget everything, even yourself. In loving, you forget everything and self, but you remember the Beloved!” Baba in Mehera-Meher, Vol. II, David Fenster, p. 98.

"You don't realize that I am taking half of your current suffering. Just think if you had to suffer it all. You have to suffer, but God is helping you in this way. Half of it comes to me because you take my name, you believe in me, you love me…." Baba to Sheela Kalchuri in Growing Up With God, p. 388.

“Think always of Me, whatever you may be doing, then gradually you will realize that it is I doing everything through you.” Baba in The Samadhi * Star of Infinity, Bal Natu, p. 96.

“The best course for My lover is to remember Me wholeheartedly as much as one can…and leave the rest to Me.” Baba in Lord Meher, Vol. 16, 1999, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 5703.

“The remedy for all ills is to remember Me constantly and wholeheartedly.” Baba in ibid., Vol. 20, 2001, p. 6488.

“I want you to make Me your constant Companion.” “Think of Me more than you think of your own self.” “The more you think of Me, the more you will realize My Love for you.” “Your duty is to keep Me constantly with you throughout your thoughts, speech, and actions.” Baba in Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. IV, Bal Natu, p. 181.

On remembering Baba through repeating His prayers: "Soon after finishing this work, Baba would come to the main hall, where Eruch would recite the Parvardigar and Repentance prayers...Baba remarked, 'My participation in these prayers has great significance and by it the prayers are being invested with added power, which people will feel when reciting them and be benefited.'" The same perhaps holds true for Baba's "Beloved God Prayer." ("Beloved God, help us all to love you more and more, and more and more, and still yet more, until we become worthy of union with you; and help us all to hold fast to Baba's daaman until the very end.") Bhau Kalchuri in Lord Meher, Vol. 20, 2001, p. 6588.

On remembering Baba through reading His words: "He [Baba] said, 'As Baba works on these words that He gives out, He attaches to each word a spiritual energy of great quantity, great proportion -- and the individual who takes the trouble, even without understanding, to read Baba's words, taps into this gift of spiritual energy which the Avatar has attached to His own words.'

"Then he looked at me [Don Stevens] and said, 'It is your responsibility, Don, to impress upon the people that you are around that Baba has done this, and this spiritual gift that Baba has attached to His words will help them enormously in their own spiritual ongoing.'" Don Stevens in Meher Baba Association Newsletter, November 1997, p. 6, as found at<NEW

On remembering Baba through reading His words: “You must understand that whenever Baba gives out words for his lovers to use and read, he attaches a spiritual energy to them — something like an atomic spiritual bomb! This is especially true in God Speaks. Then, when one reads those words, even if he does not understand even one word of what he reads, a part of the spiritual energy will be absorbed by that person. And this energy will be very important for that person in his spiritual progress.” Baba in Lord Meher, Vol. 19, 2001, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 6289.

"One day during a darshan programme in North India, Meher Baba said, 'I have come once again in your midst as the same Ancient One. Time and again, I come in your midst with the same message, 'Love Me, love God.'"

Then someone from the crowd called out, 'Baba, how shall we love you?'

Baba replied, 'When you got married, did you ask Me how you should love your wife? You saw her and you fell in love with her, but when you see Me you really do not see Me as I truly am for this body is only a coat that I put on. When you see Me as I really am, then you will fall in love with Me.'

Baba continued, 'The question then is: 'How will you be able to see Me as I really am?' In the world, men and women fall in love with one another but in order for this experience to happen, the man or woman must first see the other. Don't you believe that?'

'Yes!' the man answered.

'What happens after that,' explained Baba, 'is that the mind goes crazy with the desire to please each other. Each one wants to put the best front forward in order to please the other for the entire world now revolves around the person you love. This in turn means that you remember your beloved all the time, you think only of possessing the one you love and you think of ways and means of being with that person all the time.

'But in loving Me, it is just the opposite. Whereas in your world you can see and fall in love, you cannot see Me as I really am. So in order to love Me, you must start with remembering Me all the time, then you will see Me as I really am and only then will you truly fall in love with Me.'

'Then how can we remember You, Baba' asked the man.

'Now that you have seen Me in this coat, this form, keep My photographs or whatever will remind you of Me and help you to continue remembering Me. Keep My picture in your house and in your toilet also, so that even there you can remember Me all the time. Before you start your day, remember Me.

'Remembering Me now becomes a mechanical process but mind wants variety. So you can then read all the books that have been published and read the magazines too which narrate My life and My work. This is another way of remembering Me.

'But still the mind craves for something different and prompts the seeker to go on a pilgrimage to all the places where the Master has visited and spent time. The pilgrim is happy in the thought that he is able to spend time at all those places which have been blessed by the Master's presence, and thus he remembers the Master more and more as he goes from place to place.

'Next, the seeker meets people who lived with the Master or spent time with Him and he craves to know all about the Master. Soon the mind gives place to the heart and as the heart begins to yearn for the Master a faint trace of love for Him is born.

'This is a message to the seeker to love Me and the creation serves as that constant reminder to remember Me. Then his mind satiated with all the memories of the Master, the seeker goes back to the routine of his daily life with a heart awakened to love for the Master and each day and in every act the seeker finds some trace of the Master and thoughts of Him fill his waking hours.

'Just as you see this creation around you to help you to think of God, similarly every act of yours will help you to think of Me. Likewise, when the heart opens more and more by remembering Me, eventually the heart will glorify the Master in anything and in everything. Finally a stage will come when you will be overwhelmed by the glory of the Master that is the time when I will give you the gift of Love.

'And what is that gift? That gift is the moment when you see Me as I really am. You see My effulgence, you see Me and you stop seeing anything else. That is the experience of the sixth plane of consciousness and when you see Me as I really am, then for the first time you fall in love with Me. At last you begin your life of love for which you were created, and the more you love the more you will want to please Me, just as when a man falls in love with a woman he makes every effort to please her in more intensive ways.

'Eventually a momentous event takes place. Seeing the lover love the Beloved to such a degree, the Beloved falls in love with the lover and the lover is raised to the pedestal of the Beloved while the Beloved comes down to the level of the lover. The mind is annihilated, the lover and Beloved are merged in each other and that union is God-Realization." Eruch Jessawala in The Ancient One, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, pp. 97-99. <NEW

The Opportunity to Serve Baba

To serve the Master is to serve your own self in every other self. The Master dwells in universal consciousness and wills universal spiritual well-being. To serve the Master is therefore to participate in his cause, which is to serve all life. While sharing in the work of the Master, the disciple may be required to be in touch with the world; but, though moving in the world in accordance with the work which is in store for him, he is in inward contact with the Master as Infinite Being. Therefore, by sharing in the work of the Master the disciple comes closer to him and becomes an integral part of his consciousness. Serving the Master is the quickest means of realising him.

The service which the disciple can offer the Master is not only linked with the universal cause of humanity but is one of the most potent means of bringing the disciple nearer his spiritual goal. 

When the disciple’s service is spontaneous, whole-hearted, selfless and unconditional it brings him more spiritual benefit than can ever come by any other means.   Baba in “True Discipleship,” Discourses, 1987, Meher Baba, p. 150. <NEW (two paragraphs)

God as God alone is not consciously man, and man as man alone is not consciously God. Only the God-Man is consciously both God and man; so the God-Man is both Lord and the servant of the universe. Lord, in the state of helping all souls progress toward Reality. Servant, as consciously bearing the burden of all. To serve him who serves all is serving the universe.

Selfless service and love are twin divine qualities. Only the one who loves can serve. Serve your beloved God-Man and you are serving your own Self in every other self. This service which the Master exacts is for your own spiritual benefit. However, your service must be spontaneous, willing, wholehearted, unconditional and not expecting any reward.

Service to the Master is an ordeal which tries the body, mind and spirit. The body suffers, the mind is tormented, but the spirit of the selfless servant of the Master experiences the bliss of true satisfaction.  Baba in Lord Meher, Vol. 14, 1999, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 4990.

“When you help others, God knows instantly and is pleased. No amount of prayer or meditation can do what helping others can do.” Baba in Lord Meher, Vol. 14, 1999, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 4990.

“With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, try to help and serve others.” Baba in “My Wish,” Lord Meher, Vol. 15, 1999, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 5342.

In those who contact him he awakens a love that consumes all selfish desires in the flame of the one desire to serve him. Those who consecrate their lives to him gradually become identified with him in consciousness. Little by little, their humanity is absorbed into his divinity and they become free.” Baba in “The Avatar,” Discourses, 1987, Meher Baba, p. 269.

“[T]here is no gift greater than the gift of spiritual freedom, and there is no task more important than the task of helping others to achieve spiritual freedom. Those who have understood the supreme importance of spiritual freedom have not only to strive for it for themselves, but also to share the God-given duty of helping others to win it.” Baba in “Work for the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity,” ibid., p. 342.

“On the path, the most important condition of discipleship is readiness to work for the spiritual cause of bringing humanity closer and closer to the realization of God.” Baba in “The Task for Spiritual Workers,” ibid., p. 344.

"Selfishness in thought, emotion and action must be completely driven out so that there may be an unretarded release of unimpeachable Divine Love. Not by seeking individual happiness or safety, but by again and again offering one's life in the service of others is it possible to rise to the unsurpassed completeness of realized Truth. God is not to be sought by running away from life but by establishing unity with the One in the many. Purity, Love and Service are the watch-words of spiritual life." Baba in "The Religion of Life" in The Awakener, Vol. 16, No. 2, p. 37. <NEW

“[I] allow you to work for Me so that you have the opportunity to use your talents and capacities selflessly and to draw closer to Me. You should never think that in your work for Me you are benefiting others, for by being instrumental in bringing others to Me you are benefiting yourself….The way of My Work is the way of effacement, which is the way of strength, not of weakness and through it you become mature in My love. At this stage you cannot know what real love is, but through working for Me as you should work for Me, you will arrive at that ripeness where, in a moment, I can give you That for which you have been millions of years seeking.” Baba in “My Dear Workers,” Lord Meher, Vol. 18, 2000, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 6019.

"[I]f you are prepared to share my Universal Work, the work which falls as your share must be done whole-heartedly and honestly. That work is to spread my Message of Love in every corner of the world…without any distinction as to religion, caste, creed, sect or sex. My Message always has been and always will be of Love Divine — let the world know it. I entrust this share of the Universal work to my real workers who genuinely desire to serve in the Divine Cause." Baba in “What Baba Means By Real Work,” The Beloved, Naosherwan Anzar, pp. 116-17.

“[W]ork for Me in such a way that you feel hungry for Me.” Baba in Sweet Reminiscences, Balagopala Raju, p. 37.

Usually, rivers flow into the ocean. But the rivers are now drying up. It is time for the Ocean to flood the rivers!

I may be anything, but when you work wholeheartedly, God, Who is everywhere and knows everything, gives you rewards from Him without your asking. Even if I am the Devil, God will reward you according to your work!

God is free, independent; and to know Him, we must work wholeheartedly and with no reservations. One who is free does not like any reservations. If you work for Him honestly, with an open heart, God helps....  Baba in Lord Meher, Vol. 11, Bhau Kalchuri, p. 4199. <NEW (three paragraphs)

“Spare no pains to help others. Seek no other reward than the gift of Divine Love. Yearn for this gift sincerely and intensely, and I promise in the name of My Divine Honesty, that I will give you much more than you yearn for.” Baba in “Meher Baba’s Call,” Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. VI, Bal Natu, p. 102.

“Through the untiring activities of spiritual workers humanity shall be initiated into a new life of abiding peace and dynamic harmony, unconquerable faith and unfading bliss, immortal sweetness and incorruptible purity.” Baba in “The Task for Spiritual Workers,” Discourses, 1987, Meher Baba, p. 349.

The Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust holds the copyright to all of the quotations above, except for the quotation from Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. I, whose copyright is held by Sufism Reoriented, the quotation from The Samadhi * Star of Infinity, whose copyright is held by The Sheriar Foundation, the quotation from The Awakener, whose copyright is held by The Universal Spiritual League in America, the quotations from Mehera-Meher and Growing up With God, whose copyright is held by David Fenster (the latter also by Sheela Kalchuri Fenster), the quotation from Sweet Reminiscences, whose copyright is held by Balagopala Raju, the excerpt from "The Tomb is the Divine Treasure" in Let's Go to Meherabad!, whose copyright is held by Bhau Kalchuri, and the quotations from The Ancient One and Glow International, whose copyright is held by Naosherwan Anzar.

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