New Additions to Avatar Meher Baba Websites

12.6.2018 A link to What's New at Sheriar Books, a webpage that lists 17 new books, booklets, and magazines, was added to "New Books" under "Baba Books."

5.6.2018 A link to Darwin Shaw's book Effort and Grace: Open Secrets in Meher Baba's Discourses was added to "Digital Texts" under "Baba Books." 

25.9.2017 A link to 170 personal stories of people's experiences of Baba was added to "Blogs" under "Newsletters and Blogs."

29.7.2017 A link to source manuscripts for Tiffin Lectures, a book comprised of discourses Baba gave at Meherabad in 1926-7, was added to "Digital Texts" under "Baba Books."

22.6.2017 A link to 30 artifacts on Beloved Archives' renovated website was added in the "General" section.

10.6.2017 A link to Meher Radio, which has songs in Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, and English, was added to "Recordings" under "Music." Click on "Shows" towards the top of the page to access the songs.

18.5.2017 A link to The Alphabet Board, 277 pages of Baba quotations organized alphabetically, was added to "Baba Quotations." 

2.5.2017 A link to Meher Gazette, an Indian magazine that was started in the 1920s, was added to "Baba Magazines." 

12.4.2017 A link to a page with recordings and translations of six artis or devotional songs to Baba was added to "Recordings" under "Baba Music."

3.3.2017 Links for the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Archives new database and section on the Trust website with dozens of books and pamphlets were added to "Digital Texts" under "Baba Books."

3.1.2017 A recording of Prayers and Artis from Baba's Samadhi was added to "Information" under "Meherabad and Meherazad." 

16.8.2016 Information about authors of Baba literature was added to "Information" under "Baba Books."

6.8.2016 A link to a daily live audio webcast of Baba's prayers recited at His Samadhi was added to "Information" under "Meherabad and Meherazad."

6.8.2016 Divya Vani, an English language magazine from India that was started in the 1960s, was added to "Baba Magazines."

29.6.2016 Beloved Archives' books Meditations for a New Humanity and Teachings: Discourses of Meher Baba were added to "New Books" under "Baba Books."

29.6.2016 Meherana Messenger, media from the spiritual retreat in California, was added to "Newsletters" in "Baba Newsletters and Blogs," which was moved from "Miscellaneous" to its own section. The premier issue features information about Baba's New Life.

27.6.2016 The page "Baba's Words About the Benefit of Reciting His Prayers" was added to "Baba Quotations." 

27.6.2016 The page "Baba's Statements About His Words", in which Baba describes the enormous spiritual gift He gives through His words, was added to "Digital Texts."

23.6.2016 An old Sheriar Books catalog, which lists many Baba books, cds, tapes, and videos that were for sale at Sheriar Books, was added to "Bookstores" under "Baba Books." Some products may now be unavailable.

21.6.2016 The website for New Humanity Books, which has over a hundred mystical poetry books for sale, was added to "Poetry - Books" under "Baba Arts."

10.6.2016 The page New Additions to the Meher Baba Trust's Online Library was added after the link for Avatar Meher Baba Trust's Online Library in "Digital Texts" under "Baba Books."