Latest Online Library Additions

The Life Circulars of Avatar Meher Baba, which were issued by Baba's secretary Adi K. Irani from 1952-68

Ramjoo's Diaries, which Baba directed His mandali member Ramjoo Abdulla to keep during the 1920s

Lord Meher, the 20 volume biography of Baba written by His mandali member Bhau Kalchuri

All issues of the Meher Baba Journal, which Baba had published from 1938-45

The Samdhi - Star of Infinity, which are Bal Natu's reflections on the importance of Baba's Samadhi

The Beloved is All in All, a collection of 93 poems written by Baba's mandali member Francis Brabazon

Tanri Konuşur, a Turkish translation of God Speaks, Baba's treatise on the theme of creation

Il Tutto e il Nulla, an Italian translation of The Everything and the Nothing, the collection of 65 short messages given by Baba

Das Buch des Herzens (The Book of the Heart), a German anthology derived mostly from the book Meher Baba on Love

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