Baba's Words About the Benefit of Reciting His Prayers

"Soon after finishing this work, Baba would come to the main hall, where Eruch would recite the Parvardigar and Repentance prayers...Baba remarked, 'My participation in these prayers has great significance and by it the prayers are being invested with added power, which people will feel when reciting them and be benefited.'" [The same perhaps holds true for Baba's "Beloved God Prayer": "Beloved God, help us all to love you more and more, and more and more, and still yet more, until we become worthy of union with you; and help us all to hold fast to Baba's daaman until the very end."] Bhau Kalchuri in Lord Meher, Vol. 20, 2001, p. 6588.

"The Master's Prayer has substantial force and meaning. That is why I have given it to the world." Baba in Lord Meher, online edition, p. 4580.