jazzy mixed music

The new compositions on Babak-o-Doestan’s most recent album ‘Restless’ bring together an exotic mix of jazz, fado, Turkish, Balkan and Iranian musical styles.

Longing and melancholy, passion and tension, buoyancy and enthusiasm - all are important elements of this ensemble’s presence and unique sound. Oriental melodies shimmer through the jazz harmonies, built into typical Turkish and Iranian time measures. The lyrics originate from Iranian poets both old and contemporary, including the singer/guitarist Babak Amiri himself. 
What’s unique about this group is the instrumentation - Spanish guitar, daf, cajón, cello, bass guitar and piano - and the way the musicians form a creative unity on stage. A Babak-o-Doestan performance is an experience of foreign and yet familiar sounding music styles and improvisations. It’s music that embraces you with warmth, played by musicians who know how to get the most out of their instruments. That’s why a reviewer of the new album recently advised readers: Buy, borrow or steal it - or put it on your wish list for Christmas!

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