Truth Always Wins

Truth Always Wins

Param Sant Param Dayal  Faqir Chand  Ji Maharaj

This book entitled Satyameva Jayate is a book of its own type that covers almost every detail this golden maxim "Truth Always Wins." His holiness Param Sant Param Dayal Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj delivered a series of discourses Satyameva-Jayate on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi (April 1974). This book is the compilation of these very discourses. By the grace of my Master, I was lucky enough to listen to all these discourses in person at Manavta Mandir Hoshiarpur. I beseeched my compassionate guide to approve the idea of giving these sermons the form of a book in English, so that the frank, bold and lofty ideas of His Holiness might reach the millions, who are badly in need of the sagacious, profound and practical words of His Holiness. My humble request was accepted my His Holiness. 

The Saint of Manavta has defined Truth in this book. H.H. has dwelt of the subject, how Truth is victorious. The whole book revolves around this axis. In seven chapters of this book His Holiness has exposed the false Gurudom of today and has warned the ignorant devotees to be on their guard. The key to happiness in mundane as well as in supra-mundane life is also disclosed. This is not merely a treatise in the hackneyed phraseology of our ancient books, but a guide based on concrete and practical human experiences that His Holiness has experienced in his life of 87 years. H.H. admits in all humility that He got the true knowledge from Satsangis whom he addresses as true "Sat Guru" who lead him from illusion to reality. H.H. stresses on the purification of mind, thoughts and intentions. For a happy life one must live on fair and honest earnings. Without it one cannot think of joy or bliss in life. This book is full of solutions and suggestions for an ideal happy family life and spiritual life.  For those who have enjoyed the worldly life and have enough experience, the way to ultimate truth is explained in very simple words. The unintelligible mystery of life which is beyond the scope of the intellect is also unfolded for the aspirants. The role of a realized Guru in worldly and spiritual life is elaborated in very lucid and precise words. Indispensable characteristics for a real follower are also covered in the book. The pivotal point of the book is that none can escape from the reaction of his or her deeds. This is the "Satyameva Jayate."

The book is replete with a highly practical and sound philosophy of life. Perhaps it is for the first time in the history of mankind that a true saint of the time has raised a voice against the exploitation by the present Gurus in the name of religion. I hope that the learned readers of this book will appreciate the frankness and boldness of His Holiness and will give him due credit for opening the secret doors of spirituality of one and all in the world of stresses and strains.  The topic regarding the illusive nature of this world has also been covered in these sermons in detail. The way to understand this truth and to liberate oneself from this phantasmagoria is also explained without any reservations.

Bhagat Ram Kamal Department of History, Govt. College Bilaspur (H.P.)

Dated August 18, 1974



Chapter One: Truth Always Wins

One the basis of my personal experiences and observations, I am expressing my views on the golden maxim "Only the Truth Wins" for the benefit of the common man. I do not claim that whatever I say is final. I have followed the path of Truth in order to reach a destination, a destination without any end.

The most important thing that is required in Practical Life is how to attain contentment, peace and bliss while living. I have spent my whole life in this very search. Now at this age of 87 I am expressing my own experiences.  I do not quote scriptures. I explain my personal experiences of physical, mental and spiritual realms in simple language. What is that truth by which we can attain happiness, prosperity, solace, courage and peaceful living? Man is constituted of three things: body, mind, and soul. Body represents gross nature, mind subtle nature, and soul the causal nature. Human mind is most restive and it never remains calm. It constantly originates multifarious thoughts causing joy and sorrow. The entire creation both "Maya" (mental creation) and "Chhaya" (physical creation) is in fact the creation of the human mind. Until one does go beyond the mental regions, one cannot attain freedom from the duality of good or bad, sin or virtue, joy or sorrow, happiness or grief.  Now the question is how to attain mental tranquility? In my view the company of a realized man who has himself won over his mind is indispensable. His company and his words can work wonder for you provided you have faith in him. From his company you can to a great extent free yourself from wrong notions, bad thoughts and destructive impressions. As your practical life is a by-product of your mental creations, the purity of thought and mind is the first and foremost necessity for a happy and blissful living. I may make it very clear here, that until a man realizes the truth and attains true knowledge; he may enjoy temporary Anand [Supreme Bliss] from Sat Sang. But such a man is likely to face a miserable downfall due to his destructive thinking and uncontrolled mind. So the second truth is the purity of thought and mind to attain the Supreme State of Bliss. 
If Sat Sang (company of the realized man) gives only temporal Anand and not the Supreme Anand, and if there is a likelihood of one's downfall at any stage, what is the solution to attain mental purity, true knowledge and the supreme Bliss? I think its solution is inward practice (Sadhana). One should practice Sadhana and attain that state where thoughts or cravings originate. That state is known as the place of Bindoo (Zero) of Om, a state of thoughtlessness, "Mahasunna" or the Tenth Door. Even at this stage, mind generates evil or good thoughts. But here man can subdue his mind, if he so desires. So at the mental state, the application of the maxim "only truth wins" is the complete surrender of mind to the Guru and to follow his dictates with strong determination. The word of the Guru merges the mind of a true aspirant into the ocean of thoughtlessness. It is correct that all religious books such as The Bhagvat Gita, The Ramayna, The Adi Granth, The Bible and The Quran have laid down principles to attain this state for mankind. But they are not applicable to all every individual. Every individual has his own nature according to his previous deeds, his present circumstances and external influences on his mind. So keeping in view this Truth, only a living Guru is the Supreme arbiter who knows what particular path would be useful and beneficial to a particular individual for making his life happy and blissful.

Only the Guru knows what a particular thought a particular man should entertain in his mind after having the experience of thoughtlessness (Nirvikalapa). By attaining this stage, the aspirant's mind becomes tranquil. And if he practices Sadhana without any aim, he is likely to fall and commit blunders due to external influences of his surroundings. Sadhana is not an end in itself. It is a mean to attain ultimate peace, solace, Bliss and the knowledge of the "Self." Those who do not undertake Sadhana with an aim of self-realization face a miserable downfall sooner or later. He who meditates on the center of "Om" must make further efforts to attain this state of thoughtlessness. In worldly life, too, if parents are wise, they must be obeyed for gaining happiness in this world. And for undertaking Sadhana of mental regions obedience to the Guru is most essential.

It is not advisable for every individual to follow the same path. To make the mind, its stages and its creations favorable, the greatest essential Truth is the Sat Sang of a realized man, love for him, faith in him and above all, obedience to his words. His guidance for attaining the state of thoughtlessness must be followed with determination, devotion and with regular Sadhana (Practice).Entertain noble, virtuous and positive thoughts as initiated by the Guru. I had a keen desire to know the truth. Data Dayal Ji (Faqir Chand's Guru) led me through practical Sadhana in order to make me realize the Truth. Today, by His Grace and due to my own experiences and experiences of the Satsangis I have been able to realize that "truth always wins.


Chapter Two

  It was at a tender age that a keen desire developed in me to know, who am I? Who is my Master? Where does He live? What is my source of life? This desire for the Truth left me the Hallowed Feet of Hazur Data Dayal Jim through a vision. Neither I did know Hazur Data Ji nor did I go to his Holy Feet. He led me through a practical life, keeping in view of my love and devotion. Data Dayal Ji had asked me to change the teachings before leaving this physical frame. I am doing this work in obedience to Hazur Data Dayal Ji. 
I do not know whether what I say is correct or not, nor do I know how to change the mode of teachings. But I have no selfish end to achieve. My intentions are pure. I do not want people to worship me. I wish that they may know the Truth and how it always wins. 
Generally, soul is considered to be important and immortal. I do not denounce this concept. But this is what I have understood about soul and about its Truth. I explain without making any claims of finality. At the initial stages of my research, I had no distinctive knowledge of happiness of soul and happiness of mind. I used to consider mental happiness (ecstasy) as the happiness (ecstasy) of soul. There is no doubt that this mental happiness that I enjoyed was of very sublime regions of mind. The manifestation of my forms at different parts of the country and abroad, to different persons at different times, fulfillment of their various needs and desires by my manifestations, convinced me that whatever manifestations I have been enjoying within (i.e., the holy forms of Hazur Data Dayal Ji), were not the reality, but creations of my faith and mind. It was all shadow ("Chhaya Purush"). It is neither the work of soul, not is it the soul. The realization made me go up far beyond the web of mental thought and creations.  From good company (Sat Sang) people understand sitting in or participation in a religious gathering as you are sitting now. O, my brethren, this not that Satsang which Data Dayal ji referred to. This is a stage for beginners only. The true Satsang is the realization of the Truth within you. Your physical body, mind and soul are not the Truth because they are transitory. ‘You’ see the light within; ‘You’ listen to the sound (Shabad); within ‘You’ is the Truth. Have company of your own "Self." But mind, until you meditate on my form or on any other holy form, you cannot achieve the company of your "Self," because you are not free from phantasmagoria. However, meditation on any holy form has its own importance and advantages. By doing so, you will gain happiness and contentment in your worldly life provided you have this conviction that ideal is the Supreme Lord. If you aspire for liberation, you shall have to attune your "Self" to the Eternal sound within. You shall have to undertake the journey upward from within.  Maya (illusion) is our intellect and its creation of thoughts, longings, and cravings. Shadow is materialism of your desire. For example, one man desires to have Darshana (a vision, a glimpse) of Baba Faqir Ji. His desire for Darshana is Maya and the form of Baba Faqir Ji that he sees in vision or otherwise is Saya (Shadow). Satsangis and their experiences have helped me to realize this Truth.  Right from my childhood I had determined to speak the Truth. I am expressing my views on the golden maxim "Satyameya Jayate" according to my own experiences. I understand that whatever I say, the worldly people do not need it, because they do not aspire for the ultimate aim of this life. They cannot achieve it as they are very much engrossed in the web of delusion.   A very important factor of my success in this research is that I did not face any problem with my source of honest livelihood. You must be self-dependent and self-sufficient. You must have bare necessities of life honestly earned. Guru is only a guide, a source of inspiration. None can lead you to ultimate destination with a miracle. Bread for your belly is the first and foremost necessity without which you cannot think anything else. But unfortunately, today the people are not contented with bread alone. They are dominated by ever increasing avarice and selfishness. I have propounded the thought "Be-man" so that mankind may live in peace and prosperity. They may learn the principle of live and let live, help the poor and the destitute, and they may live an honest and true life of man.

He whose earnings are not honest cannot achieve this supreme Truth. He who is honest and sincere, nature helps him. I am being helped from time to time and I do not face any problem, and that is the secret of my success. When you have an earnest source of livelihood, take care of your conduct and health.

When I was at Sunam railway station as a station master, I made an experiment to see what happens to man after death. I sat and entered into trance. When I descended from the state of ecstasy, my heart was rapidly palpitating. I got up and went to a nearby shop to purchase some grapes. The fruit seller had just put a bunch of grapes in his balance, when I fell unconscious. After some time, when I regained consciousness, my parents were carrying me home and I was feeling giddy. I requested them not to carry me home in that condition because my children and wife would weep. My parents thus sat under a Neem tree where I again entered into trance. I saw within three stages, i.e., of darkness, light and the vision of Hazur Data Dayal Ji.  I do not know how long I remained in this stage. But when I regained consciousness, it was 5 P.M.

The civil surgeon was sitting on a chair by my side. My private doctor was standing, my father was fanning me and two persons were massaging my feet. Civil Surgeon very politely enquired of me, "Pandit Ji! What has happened?" I replied that I wanted to see what happens after death. What did I experience? "Silence in the beginning and silence in the end."  If you are convinced that this world is merely an illusion, you need not even undertake Sadhana (discipline). Live a happy and contented life, believing that there is an Absolute Supreme Power. There is vibration in the Supreme Power which produces life. This life plays its role in different forms and ends. This is the Truth. Understanding and realization of this Truth is known as Jeevanmukta state ["Living at His will" state]. But this state cannot be easily attained, because we are very much dominated by worldly desires and cravings. To those who are too much with the world, Sadhana does not prove very useful. 
Therefore, Sadhana is not for everybody. Such people must have maximum Sat Sang, so that their Samskars (impressions or suggestions of the mind) be changed. Those who have no desire, or who have developed dispassion for the worldly life must undertake Sadhana.  I gained this experience during the lifetime of Hazur Data Dayal Ji in 1919. But I did not speak this Truth so long as Hazur Data Dayal Ji was alive, because I know that if Truth was spoken about the manifestations of God, goddess or any holy form, people would stop making donations to Dham (Center) of Hazur Data Dayal Ji. However, when Hazur Data Dayal Ji Himself deputed me for this work, I have spoken without any reservations. 
Nothing from without comes to guide you or to manifest within you. It is the law of radiation, your faith and belief that works. The living Guru makes you realize these stages in his Satsang.

People think that I am against Gurudom. No, I do not denounce it. The radiations of the Guru influence the deserving aspirants. Importance of the Guru is unquestioned. But Guru should himself be self-realized. The present Gurus of different centers have their own part to play for the betterment of humanity. But those who simply work for their name and fame cannot speak the Truth to their followers. They are a big pious fraud. They themselves are the victims of this illusionary world. Their followers may possible gain something in life due to their faith and belief, and may attain liberation as well. But these selfish Gurus cannot attain it, because they do not follow the dictum "Truth Always Wins."


Chapter Three

Yesterday a thought flashed through my mind about the "Real Truth" in this world. In this world duality prevails. Truth and falsehood both play their role. If we accept this worldly truth and falsehood as the Real Truth or Real Falsehood, then observations and experiences prove that many times speaking of truth has proved very harmful whereas by speaking falsehood or telling lies, people have gained and enjoyed all mental pleasures. Those who speak truth are looked down upon and they are made to suffer. So I have come to the conclusion that neither this is the real truth or the real falsehood. The scriptures and the religious people stress so that others should not be hurt. But on the other side, if you speak the truth it does hurt others. This observation and the practical life, compels you to find out the real truth.  What is "Satyam" or the truth in this world? Whatever you do in the state of your waking, you must reap its fruit. But if you tell a lie to the life of an innocent man, it is not a sin for you because your intentions are pure and unselfish.

I, being a Faqir, think where is the goodness and virtue in this world? I have come to this conclusion after a long research that sentiments and feelings of other should never be hurt for selfish pleasures. If any young boy intentionally troubles any lady, girl or his parents and relatives, it is not an act of virtue. It is not "Satyamev Jayate."  Data Dayal Ji had asked me to do this work for the redemption of the world. What more can I do except speak the truth? Nowadays, except for a few, everybody is adopting corrupt methods to achieve his or her selfish end. Nobody bothers about the loss and harm done to others. Government servants do not perform their duties sincerely. The shopkeepers charge higher prices for less weight and for adulterated things. Every day there are strikes by Government servants, doctors or teachers or railway men. Do you think that all this is "Satyamev Jayate"? No, therefore humanity would definitely face calamities and troubles. Often, I think, what can I do for the mankind and my country? I cannot change the situation through a miracle. I impart true "Nama" and true knowledge. I show you the right path for having a happy and contented life; if you do not follow it, it is not my fault. Nobody can save you from the reaction of your good and bad deeds. I am explaining the truth in very simple words because I am cautious
about the miserable bed of the saints of past. Sant Kabir, Tulsi Dass, Paltoo Sahib and Paramhansa all were the great saints, but they still had miserable ends. It proves that they suffered due their own deeds. Then "Satyameva Jayate" is that you should not adopt deceitful, hypocritical and insincere methods towards others for your own self. Be sincere to yourself; you are responsible for your pains and pleasures. Anybody may be Sadhu, Sant, Param Sant, Puir and incarnations of God, and is sure to reap the benefits of his deeds. This is the truth. Guru is not the name of the Physical body but of the truth knowledge, Vivek (power to discriminate). In this illusive world, "Satyameva Jayate" is to remain virtuous in your word, thought and deed. As this is not an easy path, saints have propounded the method of Surat Shabad Yoga for those who desire to tread this way. You can save yourself from good or evil deeds by attuning your Surat to the Eternal Sound within. Now the question arises, is there any scientific proof to prove that he who follows the path of Surat Shabad Yoga is emancipated from the reactions of good or bad deeds? So far, there is no positive answer, but mere hypothetical theories are accepted. What would happen if you see light and listen to the Eternal Sound at the time of death? The sound (Shabad) would manifest only when your "Self" is above mind, when your self has merged in the state of thoughtlessness. Or say Shabad will only manifest when your self is detached from body, mind and Soul. When Surat crosses the barriers of this trinity, it merges in its original form, it source, and this stands emancipated from the effects of any deed. This argument appears very convincing to the intellect, but practical experience can be had only after death. You come to worship me, prostrate before me, make salutations to me and make offerings to me. All this will not help you attain liberation. You may feel some pleasures out of this devotion of ignorance. But you will be redeemed only if you follow what I say and if you practice it in your life with strong determination. I have not propounded any new philosophy. I am repeating what the earlier saints have already said, but my method is different. I have no reservations. Understand the Truth from sat sang, and make your life.  I am a family man and I know how difficult the family life is. It is just walking on the edge of the sword. Always have a watch over your mind. Before going to your bed, think over what evil thoughts you entertained during daytime and make efforts to mend such thoughts in the future. This is not a process of one day. Everybody is bound to suffer or enjoy according to his previous Sanskara's and deeds. Why should I make claims that I am a saint of the time when I do not manifest anywhere? Why should I tell a lie? Had I not spoken this truth, I would have collected huge wealth. But why; and what for? If you think that my cause has any worth for mankind, you may help the Mandir according to your capacity, position, or will.  I never say that you should disown your Gurus. I do not say that you should not offer anything to your Gurus. This world stands on the principle of give and take. Whatever you give, you get, this is the law of nature. Whom so ever you believe as you guru, consider Him the Supreme Being. Keep your intentions pure. I worldly life too, if somebody kills someone unintentionally, he is acquitted by the court of law. Do follow the path of inward Sadhana. Life is most precious. Do your best to realize your Real Abode from where you have come down to this earth under the effects of your own past deeds. 


Chapter 4

  Before advising others I ask my own self, "O Faqir, for what have you created this web?" I was emotional in my early life. I had a keen desire to have communion with God or to attain liberation and Eternal peace. His Will or my deeds and Samskara took me to the hallowed feet of Hazur Data Dayal Ji. He most compassionately initiated me to Santmat and directed me to follow certain principles.  I have spent my life to become a Faqir. Hazus Data Dayal Ji told me in a general Sat Sang at Sunam, "Faqir! Time shall change, religious thinking shall change, people would not like even my way of teaching, so you should change teachings before leaving your physical frame." But His Holiness did not tell me how to change the teachings. I invite your attention to the experiences on the basis of which I have modified the teachings. You sleep and enter the state of dreams. You become furious in your dream and you beat somebody. In such a state, your body and hands move as if you are actually beating somebody. Many people walk in their sleep. You enjoy sex with a lady in your dream, and your semen gets discharged. Now you think it over. Actually there was none whom you were beating in your dream nor was there any lady, but simply your thoughts and Samskars caused the movements in your body which resulted in the discharge. This is the most important point to be understood. If your unknown Samskaras and unintentional thoughts can have this much effect on your body, what would be the result of your intentional and voluntary thoughts?  You have come here from far off places. I do feel my responsibility towards you. The afflicted people come to me. I have all sympathies for them. I cannot remove your sorrows and grief with any miracle. None can do it. All these so-called miracle-makers are big cheaters. It is not a miracle of any Guru, but your faith that works. An ailing man came to see me and requested me, "Baba Ji! Either treat me or kill me." He implored me again and again. In order to console him so that he might not trouble me again, I said, "You shall die within seven days." He believed it as final saying and died
on the sixth day. Everywhere it is your belief and faith that work. I did not know that he would die in seven days, nor did I say this to him intentionally. But he believed that whatever Baba Ji had said was final and thus he died. As you think so you become. 
I am a Faqir. I proclaim the Truth in the world. Learn to live a happy life and lovable life. If you nourish the thoughts of ill- will against each other in your family and carry on cold war, it will positively bring destruction to your family. Guru's duty is to tell you the truth and show you the right path. You are yourself responsible for your redemption by living a practical life. No other power shall help you in any way. If your mind is too restive and it originates evil thoughts, you must live in the company of such a person who is self-realized. Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji had asked me to carry on this work of Sat Sang fearlessly. If I do not speak the truth and try to attract you for my name, fame, and wealth, what will you gain? You will become cheaters because I too am a cheater. If I do not tell you the truth, my Samskaras shall pass on to you. My radiations shall influence you and you will become selfish and cheaters. First of all, try to procreate noble children and then give them virtuous Samskaras. Make your family life as happy as possible. Do not fight for wealth and property. Always remember that man's fate is just like a small container. You may fill it from any source of water it will carry the same quantity of water. It will be neither less nor more. Why to make hue and cry? Live a contented life. Whatever you desire to get first, give to others. If you want wealth, then help the destitute with wealth. If you want respect and honor, show the same to others. This is the law of this illusive world where the principle of give and take works.


Chapter 5

While looking at the miserable plight of mankind, I had decided to speak on Satyamev Jayate (Truth Always Wins) or on those principles by following which we can lead a peaceful and happy life in the present circumstances. Grief-stricken people come to me. Couples with strained relations and complaints against each other come for my blessings. Some are widows and others are widowers. Childless people want children. Those who have issues are troubled by them. Many are destitute. Here the wicked are rewarded whereas the noble and virtuous are punished. Under such circumstances, what is that principle which can bring peace to the suffering of humanity? Many great saints have been in this world. They too have suffered in their old age, though they have spent their life in Sumiran, Dhyan or Bhajan. A child of one year suffers from some disease, becomes an invalid and suffers throughout his life. Why? What is his sin? One has to accept that it is all the result of one's own deeds. If you do not believe in the philosophy of Karma (deeds) then you have to agree that the creator of this world is relentless. Let us see the cause of these sorrows and agonies. There is only one solution to our sorrows, and that is to remain grateful to Him and live with patience. Live at His will. Do not sit idle. Make your efforts. But when your efforts are exhausted, you cannot do anything. You will have to surrender to His will. 
Being a truthful man I think what help I can render to anybody? Today a doctor told me, "Baba Ji, I was a heart patient, but with your Parsad (Grace) I am now quite well." Many sterile women say that they have been blessed with children with my Parsad. But my own daughter who has been married for the last 18 years, and whom I have given Parsad many a time, still remains issueless. Now decide, what is the truth? Had there been any miraculous power in my Parsad, my daughter too would have been blessed with a child. Whatever you get, it si either your fault or your fate or it is your deed or belief. This is Satyamev Jayate. Do your duty sincerely. If you face any trouble then have patience. The reaction of certain actions has to be reaped. Your prayers and salutations would not save you from the result of their reaction. You may worship god and serve the Guru for years, you cannot avoid death. Saints resign to His will because they have this realization that whatever happens is either the result of our deeds or His will. I have sympathies for the afflicted. If a person has achievements to his credit it is due to his own faith. But he, in his ignorance, gives all the credit to me and my Parsad. I am none to give anything. It is either your own actions or your own faith. So Satyamev Jayate is to live with patience anbd contentment. You must do your best. But if you fail to acheive this aim, do no weep or curse yourself. Live at His will.


Chapter 6

Whatever we think while in awakened state makes our life. This is the secret; this is the mystery that I am unfolding to you. His Holineess Data Dayal Ji (Hazur Data Dayal Ji, Faqir Chand's guru) deputed me this duty, so that I may understand this mystery. If you remained attached to the body of your Guru or to his manifested form, you cannot free yourself from the cycle of transmigration. I have very solid proofs in this regard. My father was very short tempered and he had little control on his tongue. My mother was a very devoted lady and she used to say, "I pray not to be born as a woman again." I knew her feelings. Before she died she said, "I wish both my sons be blessed with two sons each." I wrote a letter to my brother [Rai Sahib Surinder Nath] that mother shall take birth in his home as his son [Shivinder] who has a great attachment with me and Rai Sahib. Similarly, my late daughter, Prem Piari, remembered her husband before her death and then named Sarla Devi with her last breath. Sarla Devi is a daughter of my close friend. When my friend came to me for condolence, I predicted that Prem Piari would be born to Sarla Devi as her daughter and that she will not enjoy happiness at hands of her husband. Why did I say so? For, I knew the life of my late daughter. Her married life was most unhappy. Her mother-in-law always mistreated her and ultimately she poisoned Prem Piari. According to my readings, Sarla Devi was blessed with a daughter. She was married at a young age. Her husband died as per my readings after ten years, leaving her as widow. These are my experiences. On the basis of my experiences I say that solution to all our worldly afflictions is beyond the mental realms. Go even beyond the state of thoughtlessness. Spirituality begins from thoughtlessness or the state of Mahasunna. I am indebted to those who consider me as Guru. They helped me to go beyond the mental realms. Now my Sadhana is of the Surat and not of the mind. But you cannot reach this stage so easily because you have the desires for name, fame, and wealth. Therefore, the teachings of the saints are not for the public in general. Do you think that the present method for initiation adopted by the Gurus is for the well-being of mankind? Not the least. These Gurus are doing this all for their own name, fame, and centers. This method of initiation would ruin those who get it because they are not aware of the thoughts of their subconscious mind. They do not know thepower and the secret of their thoughts. O man, your own mind itself is your guru and the follower. Understand this secret from the Sat Sang of the realized man. Entertain noble and constructive thoughts and make your life. None can help you. Even a saint who dwells in light and sound cannot do anything for you. I dwell in light and sound, but I cannot do anything for you. After a long struggle, I have reached the stage of complete surrender to Him. It is all your faith. Try to be practical in your life. I know it is a very difficult task. Oscillation of your mind is the greatest hurdle. Even at this age of 87, my mind at times thinks things which I do not like. I wrote three registered letters to a Mahatma about my dreams and requested him to let me know if he too had similar dreams. But he did not reply at all. I know all these Mahatmas and Gurus do have good and bad dreams; good and evil thoughts do occur in their minds but they never disclose. Be a watchman of your mind. Move on slowly and never feel discouraged. When soap is applied to dirty clothes, they appear dirtier but later get clean. Let all the dirt of your mind be cleaned with the broom of Sadhana. Let your enthusiasm be calmed. Follow the advice of a true Guru who wishes to see you happy and who tells you how to live a happy life. He is not a Guru who is interested in the expansion of his center or increasing his following. My form has been manifesting to Sant Tara Chand. I told him many times that it is not me that manifests in him. But he did not believe me. Now when his form has manifested in his followers, he understood the reality. Many of the present Gurus admit that they are not aware of manifestations seen by their followers, but they do not speak it publicly. All manifestations are the creations of your faith and mind. Have faith in one and entertain always noble thoughts, and your life shall automatically become happy.


Chapter 7

He who thinks himself different from Guru is in duality. Therefore, I lay stress time and again on this fact that if you remain attached to the physical existence of any Guru, you shall not get liberation.

Our mind is within and our thoughts are also within. The questioner within is the disciple, and he who answers within is the Guru. When the questioner gets satisfactory answers to all his queries, he becomes silent. When your mind does not have any more questions or when your mind has no desire to know anything, it becomes silent. This state of silence is known as the union of Guru and Disciple. Adoption of truth is not the worship of Baba Faqir Ji or his manifested form. The truth is your own "self." I am emancipated from duality and thus I want to see you emancipated. I wish that you could understand the truth and save yourself from the exploitation of Mahatmas and so-called Gurus. Be grateful to a true preceptor. One who forgets the good done to him is a thankless being. I am not ungrateful. I have gained this knowledge from you and now in return I serve you with my sermons and money. You enjoy an inexpressible bliss by merging in your own form. There is always brightness shining on the face of the saints. They can speak about the inner feelings of the visitors to them. I do not know what the other saints gained by merging in their real form. But I know my experience. When I dwell in my own "Self," I enjoy the feelings of fearlessness, happiness, peace and ecstasy. Man becomes peaceful after gaining the true knowledge of self. This is the truth. I have heard the agents of religious centers visit the householders and compel them to part with1/10th of their hard-earned money for the Guru. I proclaim, I am saint of the time. Beware your donations would not liberate you. Those who understand my words and adopt them in their lives are my disciple. This life is a bubble of consciousness. This bubble is the creation of His will and it will vanish at Hiswill. I am nothing, but still, I am everything. I have been a son, a brother, a husband, and father, but I do not ensnare myself in this world of attachments. This is the essence of all the religions, but none tries to understand it. What is to happen must happen, so why make hue and cry? Saints live in the state of forgetfulness. For me, the spontaneous form is that I am a bubble of consciousness. I do not claim that I am a God. He who claims himself as Brahma is not a practical man. He may be intelligent and well-read. If someone is really Brahma, let him do some good to the suffering humanity, or at least save himself from sorrows and pain. None can do it. All harvest the fruit of deeds. I am not a hypocrite. I have done my duty as an honest disciple. If I also face some unbearable disease in my life, I shall say, "O man, do not live an honest life." If you are to suffer even after living an honest and virtuous life, then why be noble and virtuous? But I understand, you cannot avoid the fruit of your previous deeds.


Excerpt One

I know that the Guru is one's Supreme Ideal. However, many innocent women simply follow the bad example of Gurus who manipulate them. They touch the feet of Gurus who (in turn) exploit them (sexually). A woman Guru at least will not exploit their chastity. Once, I was giving a discourse in a village near Hoshiarpur. I was speaking on "Ashta Padi" and I noticed one gentleman and a lady weeping. When the discourse ended that gentleman came to me and said "Baba Ji, I was weeping over my own deeds." I asked about his deeds. He narrated his story in these words, "Baba Ji, I used to sit by the side of a Guru and sing hymns. Foolish ladies used to bow at my feet as well as those of the Guru's. . . I have deprived many young girls of their chastity." O my dear daughters, sisters, and mothers, I am very careful (and concerned) about you. Never go to any Sadhu to touch his feet. Do not touch his feet; do not touch their feet even if God Himself comes in the form of a man. My wife never touched the feet of my own Guru, Huzur Data Dayal (Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal), whom I worshipped believing Him to be God Incarnate. She used to bow to him from a distance. Then I asked that lady why she was weeping in Satsang. She had scars on her hands and neck. I asked what had happened to her. She said, "My husband hurts me with a knife." I asked, "Why?" "Because I go to Beas to attend Satsang," she replied. "Why do you go there without the permission of your husband?" I asked her. She replied, "Baba Ji [this could mean either Sawan Singh or Charan Singh--the context is not clear] calls me." Then I asked her whether she receives any letters from Baba Ji. She said, "No, Baba Ji appears within and directs me to attend Satsang at Beas. My husband does not allow me to go, and thus I go stealthily. When I return, he injures me with a knife." I told her that she should have written to her Baba Ji and asked if he invites her to attend his Satsang." All this is due to sheer ignorance. Many families have been ruined due to such ignorance. You offer all your earnings to such Gurus whose forms you yourself visualize within you. Many visions are simply the manifestation of your own mind.