If you look at in the dictionary read (reading) (Verb) means :

  1. interpret something that is written or printed as,  read the advertisement, Have you read Salman Rushdie?
  2. look at, interpret, and say out loud something that is written or printed as, The King will read the proclamation at noon

and many other meaning depends on the context of the sentences. For the student reading is used to increase students’ knowledge and understanding text in genre

  1. Idioms beginning with read:
    read someone like an open book  "to discern someone's thoughts or feelings"
    read a lecture  “Issue a reprimand, as in Dad read us a lecture after the teacher phoned and complained.”
  2. read between the lines “Perceive or detect a hidden meaning, as in They say that everything's fine, but reading between the lines I suspect they have some marital problems.”
  3. read into “Find an additional hidden or unintended meaning in something that is said or written, as in What I read into that speech on foreign policy is that the Vice President plans to run for President.”
  4. read out of “Expel from a group by proclamation, as in After he was convicted for embezzling their funds, the members read him out of the investment club.
  5. read someone's mind  “Discern what someone is thinking or feeling, as in He often finished her sentences for her, almost as though he could read her mind.”
  6. read up ” Study or learn by reading, as in I don't know much about childhood illnesses, but I can always read up on them.”

Here I give you some passages  to read: 

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