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Ian Clark Ian Clark archivist From 1973 to 1983 worked as a research scientist at IBM Peterlee Scientific Centre and IBM Hursley Human Factors Laboratory. Principal Lecturer and Reader in Computer Studies at Sunderland University. Played major role in developing APL-based commercial products: APLomb, Adaytum Planning and Cognos Consolidation.

Jake Jacob Jake Jacob editor-in-chief and webmaster

Kai Jaeger Kai Jaeger production manager
Stephen Taylor Stephen Taylor webmaster – his first APL project modelled logistics for the 1975 British Everest South-West Face Expedition, described in his appendix to Chris Bonington’s Everest the Hard Way. He has lived and worked in Australia, Britain, Denmark, Korea, Switzerland and the United States. He now lives in London. 

Beau Webber Beau Webber editor Since shortly after the founding of the University of Kent, Dr Webber has been a member of the NMR group in the Physics Laboratory. He was a founder member of the Physics Lab’s Condensed Matter Group and is still closely associated with its successor, the Functional Materials Group, in the now Department of Physical Sciences, as an Honorary Research Fellow. He is also a Senior Research Associate at Heriot-Watt University, in the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, working with two groups, the Centre for Gas Hydrate Research, and the Behaviour and Modeling of Faults/Fractures/Fluids Systems project. Dr Webber also directs a small nano-science and nano-metrology company, Lab-Tools Ltd. Home page at the University of Kent