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We welcome contributions to Vector

Letters and articles are welcome on any topic of interest to Vector readers. These need not be limited to Vector themes, nor must they be supportive of the APLs.

Please send your articles, letters and ideas to the editor@vector.org.uk.

Articles should be accompanied by as much visual material as possible. (B&W or colour images are welcome.) Unless otherwise specified, each item will be considered for publication as a personal statement by the author.

The Editor accepts no responsibility for the contents of Sustaining Members’ news, or advertising.


Vector is published quarterly, at the ends of March, June, September and December.

The Editor should see a draft of your article before the middle of the quarter.

Articles are posted online as soon as they have been prepared. Authors approve an online proof before an article is posted on the website, and a PDF ‘camera-readyʼ proof before an article goes to press.


Copyrights of articles in Vector remain with their authors.

Except where indicated, articles from Vector may be freely reprinted, with appropriate acknowledgements.

If you wish your article to be excepted from this policy, please indicate this when submitting it, so that it can be marked accordingly.

If you republish an item from Vector, please inform the Editor.


The article “My Article for Vector” describes how to prepare and submit an article to Vector, and also serves as a model, should you wish to do so in XHTML.